June 4, 2023

Unsure as to why I waited this long to document this… But here it is.

Don’t some of you know i’ve been on an antidepressant for a little over a year almost 2 years at march of 2017 that drug is called cymbalta generic name duloxetine and at first i was prescribed 60 milligrams to help with my nerve pain in the pain associated with being a female sometimes people women i have ovarian cysts things like that so bear with me i try to get

Through this china’s caused so many problems in my life i started my journey of tapering off in the january of this year i honestly didn’t know what to expect i was tired of being dependent on a pill every day of my life and once i left my marriage is the negative environment i was in i realized that i didn’t need to be on this drug i wasn’t depressed until i got

With my now ex-husband so i began to taper off i cannot even begin to express how dangerous this drug is sure you may feel fine for a few weeks or even a few months sometimes it takes years before people even begin to experience the that i have and many other people have they only recommend you to taper start tapering slowly i recommended 2.5 to 5% at a time and

You hold that taper for 10 to 21 days before you continue on with your next tape what i’ve been doing but along with that comes the unsuspecting a side effects of withdrawal it changes everything it changes how you think how you process there’s days that i don’t even remember i can’t even tell you really this last year spit was so crazy and i know it’s because of

This drug and it’s eating me alive and i’ve been putting off doing this video until now i can’t i can’t continue to live my life knowing that maybe i could’ve out someone or maybe my experience of sharing will prevent someone from taking this stupid drug i’ve i’ve experienced vicodin withdrawal before it’s nowhere near this bed do we feel like you’re dying for a

Week or two this makes you feel like you’re dying every day still sometimes you just wake up and muscle cramps tension headaches migraines chronic migraine almost every day since i’ve been on this taper but you can’t go cold turkey either because it could be deadly and gonna kill you so here you are stuck having to live with this until you’re finally off a name

I’m almost there i have a projected three to four months left but this stuff it sticks with you for a long time a lot of the times i don’t make sense my brain just zaps it’s foggy i don’t remember a lot of short term and long term there are some times i can’t sleep okay a few hours of sleep and this kid my mind won’t shut off it feels like i’m constantly pacing

But that makes sense my brain feels like it’s pacing back and forth the only thing that’s helped call me calm the migraines in the pain that have fill every day from this drug tapering off the only thing that helps it’s marijuana it’s the only thing that stops all of it hey we’re so close we’re so close i just hope people in america wakes out of were live it’s

Too late because there have already been so many people that have died from pharmaceuticals more people have died from prescription drugs and heroin and cocaine and meth like that’s a problem and it’s a ass backwards problem here in america it needs to stop i just most i talked about doctor when i first started tapering back the end of january this year and

He just looked at me and laughed like no you’ll be fine just take it every other day and then stop it after two weeks you can’t do that without potentially putting you at risk or already having serotonin syndrome basically brain toxicity and total collapse of your nervous system well i woke up this morning and felt okay to took my men took a nap cuz the headache

Was just starting it woke up it woke up muscle grants all over my body i forget feeling like it’s going to explode and an immense amount of panic and nervousness and anxiety that i could i can’t describe to you other than you see me trying to get do this video and there’s anything i hope this achieves it’s just it’s just for documentation and it’s taken me a few

Months to get comfortable enough to where i just don’t give a to be in front of a camera i’m telling you about this suppose people say they’ll understand or they’ll pull sorry for he but most of them don’t understand cuz they haven’t taken this all i can say is if you are depressed and you think taking it bill is going to make it better it won’t i

Transcribed from video
Tapering off of Cymbalta(Duloxetine)… This is my story. By Justine Pomroy