March 24, 2023

Hello mr. andrews how are you i’m well how are you good well i’m here today to talk about one of the medications your doctor ordered for you it’s a new medication so i’m just gonna explain a little bit about it so your doctor put you on a medication called lisinopril and this medicine is for your blood pressure you have high blood pressure and high blood pressures

Is really anything over 140 over 90 okay and so to control that to bring it down we are going to give you this medication okay it comes in different doses but your doctors put you on the 10 milligram one okay and this medication is to be taken once a day now one thing to keep in mind is the first time that you take this medication you’re going to want to do it

In the evening because it tends to make people feel a little bit dizzy so for that first dose take it in the evening now after taking it for the first time you can choose what time you want to take it each day morning evening but just keep in mind that you want to pick a time on where you won’t forget so that you can kind of get in a regular pattern of taking

It because it’s very important to take this at the same time each day okay now if you forget to take a dose if it’s maybe you take it normally in the morning and you forget that morning it’s okay to take it later in the day however if you miss a day dose then the following day after the missed day don’t double up okay that’s not good so you want to avoid taking

Two doses at the same time to make up for a miss dose so the missed day just forget about it you’re gonna want to take the dose for that following day okay does that make sense yeah okay now concerning other medications you’re always gonna want to check with your doctor or pharmacist even about other medications you might be taking with the lisinopril because

Medicines sometimes can interact and so you just want to check in with them okay now your doctor did specify that you shouldn’t take salt substitutes because these salt substitutes don’t work well with the lisinopril which is your medication they cause a change in your potassium levels in your body and so we want to avoid that so you’re going to want to avoid all

Salt substitutes and a salt substitute is basically a fake form of salt now some common side effects here that you’ll want to you know just be aware of i’ll give you the top three one is feelings of lightheadedness or dizziness and if that does happen it’s completely normal you’ll just want to kind of slow down so maybe lie down or sit down and just wait a few

Moments and then sit up or then rise just give yourself a little bit of extra time okay we don’t want you fallen or anything then there’s feelings of sickness so and perhaps nausea vomiting even diarrhea and like this you’ll just want to keep to a more simpler diet so avoid spicy foods that gonna make you feel worse and then lastly some people experience a dry

Cough on this medication and if this happens it’s not life-threatening but you just want to talk to your doctor because there might be a medication that would be better for you okay now lastly and this is one of the most important parts signs of when to call your doctor so if you experience any difficulty breathing or difficulty swallowing or if you notice swelling

Of your face or hands that’s signs of an allergic reaction and so you’re going to want to notify your health care provider right away and also if you notice any skin rash that is also a sign i’m going to call your provider okay and then lastly you’re just going to want to check in with your doctor regularly to monitor your blood pressure to make sure that your

Medication is effective for you and that the doctor can change it if he has to okay so making sure you’re going in for those regular appointments with him do you have any questions for me no okay now i understand that we’ve covered quite a bit of information today so i just want to make sure that i was clear and the information that i gave you so if you don’t mind

Can we review some of the information we talked about okay so um give me a recap of what you know about your new medication lisinopril yeah so it’s less in apparel and you know it’s 10 milligrams and i take one tablet a day you know with with some water and i’m taking it for high blood pressure which is usually like 140 over 90 is what you consider very good and

Say you mentioned when’s it take it and how frequently and what about if you miss a dose yeah so yeah i need to take it you know before the first time i take i need to take it before i go to bed because i might feel a little bit lightheaded but i need to take morning or evening every other day if i miss a dose i don’t double up the next day like i just i leave it

Be if i just take it later to normal during the day that’s okay to you as long as i take it exactly and what food or item in your diet will you be avoided i need to avoid like spicy foods for because one of the side effects is i can get sick or nausea hey my stomach very good and the other two yeah lightheadedness / dizziness and if i get that way i needed to

Actually just like sit down or lie down for like a minute and then the other one was a dry cough that might form from the medicine right and what would you do in that case probably notify should say notify my doctor because they might have something else for me very good one thing i will mention is the salt substitutes you know you want to avoid those because of

The high potassium right yes so very good hmm and then can you recall any of the signs of when you should call your doctor swelling of any kind let’s see here if i’m having difficulty breathing if i have difficulty swallowing and then if i have like any type of like skin rashes call the doctor very good yes well we’ve reviewed this information i’m gonna give you

This to take with you just as a reminder of certain things we’ve covered okay thank you

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Teach Back of Lisinopril Medication By Tonie Jo Andrews