January 26, 2023

This is my full review of Adderall. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments.

Guys i am the official adhd t-shirt the back of my board safe uh and i’m here to give you a review about adderall as you may know i am a teacher who happened to have uh adhd and i work with kids who have adhd all the way from pre-k to 12th grade um i’m i’m a behavioralist and and on top of all those things i’m a life coach now particularly for adults that have

Adhd so it’s pretty cool and pretty awesome but i know you came here for the review for adderall so let’s get into it so right now i am taking a drug adderall which which increased the dopamine in your brain if you want to know more about adderall there’s plenty of other videos i’m going to get into what it does to me now remember i am i am a life coach i am an

Educator i am not a medical professional do not take this as medical advice this is my particular experience with it so one thing that adderall does is that um compared to a nonstimulant like zotero which i have taken is that um i am focused so i am focused i am not necessarily i would people like to say it calms you down i say i will more say it chills you out

Then calms you down like what it does for me is that at any given moment i can have 50 million thoughts right racing through my brain and with those 50 million thoughtfully through my brain i don’t know which one to quite focus on when i am taking adderall i can focus on what i need to get done so i feel very motivated to get what i need to get done and done for

Instance if i need first i said it was going to be a edit but i had to do one i want to tell you to like and subscribe thank you to um let’s say i need to do a video instead of me thinking about all the other little things i’m really focusing on getting that video done taking notes making sure the message is good um another thing it does is one of the other side

Effects of it is that right now i have been drinking all day but my throat is still dry and you will have cotton mouth that is just a side effect of it get used to it you will be drinking all day long now one thing that it used to do but it doesn’t do anymore is that it suppressed um your appetite it right now that’s what it does for me it’s like i can eat if i

Want to but if i don’t want to i don’t necessarily have to eat so it’s like an in-between thing that goes on um another thing is that and here’s the deal it’s what people say i am not sure if it’s a side effect of the adderall or if it’s just us like we know people with adhd we have we have sleeping issues so it could cause sleeping issues right um you feel you

You may feel tired but you’re gonna have a hard time actually going to sleep and i have notes here to make sure oh okay wow now one thing i do notice that it’s different than when i was a tara is that i clinch my my jaw or like yeah i clinch my jaw like i feel it’s like always time like and i don’t notice i’m just like ah you know so i don’t know that’s so that

Was a side effect that i don’t remember having before so i’m going to talk to my psychiatrist and see what can we do about that another one is that uh it can increase it i don’t feel increasing my anxiety but i know it can do that what i do feel an increase in is my annoyance um i feel like people are just more annoying like i’m just gonna be real with y’all

They’re just more annoying um they you know i’m while i’m focused on one thing the thing i need to get done they want to interrupt me and talk to me and things like that and so maybe the adderall doesn’t make me more anti-social per se because i do love talking to people still but it really makes um certain things more annoying like if you make like a simple

Mistake i am more annoyed now here’s the deal it does help me with my impulse control which you know what i don’t say things in my mind that much anyway but if you’re one of my friends my family member i am more likely to say things on my mind and i will say with this i am like i won’t say it but my friends are telling me that they can hear the aggravation in

My voice like i seem to be aggravated so that’s one thing also i don’t know if this is a side effect of the adderall or just being like a half a happier person um i’m a pretty happy person in general but because we do know depression is the number one core morbid when it comes down to having adhd but i do appear to be just less emotional that’s okay yeah there

You go we know one of the side effects of adult adhd is that you have emotional deregulation so you know i teach self-regulation skills and all that but i feel more emotionally regulated that’s a good way to put it i feel very more control of my emotions my happy emotion my sad emotion i feel more control on you know in my emotions um oh and yes the focus so with

With a non-stimulant the focus is kind of like with adderall the focus is more like focus i like it you want to get it done um and one thing i really do love about it i’m trying to understand where people say it calms like you down like like it doesn’t necessarily calm me down per se like as you can tell i have a lot of energy but i can engage better with

People like i i have more impulse control like a lot of time when people are talking you want to say something you want to go but with adderall i do feel like i want to hear what they have to say like i’m listening i’m i’m intentional and i can go i could stop for a minute i can go hey here’s the deal i’m completely focused on them my brain is not in like a whole

Different way it’s like a whole different area and it’s focused on what they have to say so i think that’s just really cool let’s see any other note oh okay another one cool off medicine we are forgetful and late period you know you know it’s a side effect of it or medicine i can remember appointments like they are they are in my head but they’re not racing in my

Head it’s like i can remember like all day i’m just thinking about okay i have a doctor’s appointment at three i got alarm set i do my typical things for me to remember but the fact that i even thought about that doctor’s appointment at three it’s pretty cool like get out of here so remember appointments remembering appointments focusing and whatever else i just

Said i don’t remember oh and one other thing you can do is that you can prioritize things like things that needs to get done gets done and you’re not sitting there focusing on something totally completely different and not completing another thing you can do one thing we do we know we are incredible procrastinators you will start something you start it not only

Will you start it you will finish it actually one thing i think i’m not sure if it’s a side effect or not it’s kind of weird is that um my notes almost feel just case you’re wondering is that it’s almost like you want to finish that task so much and if you don’t get it done it’s like in the back of my head of like okay don’t forget you have to make a video that’s

What you planned today make that video cool you didn’t do it yesterday make that video but because you have priorities to get done you understand what you need to get done first so you won’t spend all day making a video when you know you have homework to do now here’s the deal when it comes down to it it doesn’t necessarily change your personality for instance

Um if you really like this i i love reading about like random education stuff or um random stuff about eliza queen elizabeth ii so if i start down that tie rate of reading stuff like that i want to stay on that tirade but what what really happens is is that you don’t necessarily start down that rabbit hole you stay focused on what you need to focus on which is

Pretty cool that’s what else i got here oh another thing is that when i’m taking it i want to clean up clean clean clean it’s a little better now but i really want to clean another thing is that it almost makes you a little too organized and now i got to say that i don’t listen to my doctor when they say i take it every single day blah blah blah blah i take it

Sometimes i don’t take it i take it consistently then i may take a break from it because i personally don’t want to get addicted to it because we know stimulus have a case of being addictive to it um but when i first started taking it or started even starting back taking it it’s like i want to organize to a extreme for instance i and this is just me like it’s

Something that i always want to do off medicine i just never really do it but on medicine i want to organize my clothes by color it’s just something about organizing clothes by color i don’t know why just clothes that makes me feel like i i achieve something so you would go a ufc black clothes and white clothes and so you know just organizing cleaning is a big

Deal and another thing that i have you know is that washing dishes like i can’t stand dishes in the sink and so when i am taking it i really want to wash the dishes and i can focus on washing the dishes without like i could focus on washing the dishes without like um being distracted by other things at the same time like i want to get that done because a lot of

Times when you have adhd you have a lot of things to get done and they feel and you feel overwhelmed like you don’t want to do anything because there’s so much they’re doing you’re just like how can i possibly get all these things done but i can say with with um taking this medication i actually realized that you know here’s what i need to get done that’s that

Prioritization that’s that executive functioning kind of like in your brain that adderall does increase it helps with executive functioning which a lot of people with adhd you don’t have those executive functioning skills as well as the neurotypical brain so that’s what it helps you get done it helps you kind of give you that little push to really prioritize

Things and to get them done um yeah so yeah a lot of times i would say that there’s thoughts of racing in my brain what i have to get done i’m more focused which i and i and i feel more it’s like it’s like clarity right it’s like all these thoughts they’re like they’re going like this right in your brain right but instead of going like this in your brain now

They’re going like this like they now they’re prioritized now they know what to do right doesn’t mean you don’t have the thoughts but it means that they’re not erasing in your brain they’re not racing for your attention and your focus one thought is willing to be patient and let the other thought happen that’s a good way to put it i like that um and i really do

Feel that if you don’t have adhd you’re watching this video be aware of those who have adhd particularly kids be careful as a teacher i had kids that have adhd i mean the majority of my kids could the majority of my kids had adhd and was on medication because that’s the type of classroom that i taught and um being on it really made me very aware of how they feel

On them how their appetite is suppressed how it can change their personality if they’re not on the right dose um how maybe they can’t function if they’ve been on it for such a long time and you take them off it so make sure you really be aware of them and listen and listen to your child if they feel weird they feel like it’s weird they don’t want to take it go

To the psychiatrist go to them talk to them listen to your kid and make sure as an adult that you advocate for yourself you tell them how you feel you tell them you need more you need less work with your mental health professional advocate for yourself okay and while you’re on it make sure that you pick up techniques of what you can do better one thing i love

Right now and here’s an example right now like there’s a tv playing in my background and it had like a tv show that i like right i looked at it real quick and i went back down i focus on you right whereas without the medication i felt that i would have kept on looking up like i would have been like this but i’m prioritizing this right now though i can see the

Flashing screen over there so i notice it but i’m focused on this so i want to make aware of that i’m just organized i feel alert bringing out racing oh another thing which maybe is what they say about the calming factor is is that i don’t feel like i’m not i’m not i’m not as hyper like and we know it’s different than adult but i’m a pretty hyper adult i’m not

Ass hyper so you know so which means i don’t get excited about things that’s more of that emotional control uh so you know usually i get excited about things whatever i’m not as as excited like i’m excited i can feel the excitement and i’m happy for the person or i’m happy for myself but i’m not like oh my god and right now people like well you’re talking fast i

Naturally talk fast right i could slow down i’m talking fast i realize you out there with adhd we talk fast and i bring work a little bit faster so yeah and if you compare it to my last video you will see that i am extremely talking fast but i’m aware that i understand that so um that’s it bye oh yeah oh so i’m not gonna edit this video whatsoever i want you to

Know life may be tough but you are tougher have a great day superheroes bye first i said it was going to be a edit but i had to do one i want to tell you to like and subscribe thank you

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Teacher w/ADHD Reviews Adderall ( amphetamine-dextroamphetamine) By The Official ADHD Teacher