June 1, 2023

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Ooooh …. this thumbnail is sooo good … ooh, yeah .. i was in canada to report about the legalization of cannabis and to film some videos with adam from the channel psychedsubstance we filmed several videos… a few for his channels a few for mine… because of some private circumstances we may release some of the videos a little later also called vyvanse, but since

That doesn´t sound so sexy… i probably just called it “expensive speed in the title…… jupp as you may already guess from the name this substance works simular to normal speed lisdexamphetamin is exaggeratedly expensive while normal speed on the on the black market almost costs 400 euro per gram and that although at and that even though you need less speed for a

Regular intoxication lisdexamphetamine is a pro drug… in the body it gets split into lysin and that means if you recalculate the price per gram to the substance is even more expensive than 400 euros per gram especially if you have no perscription. but how do you get a perscription? something that adam and i have been diagnosed with… normally the doctor prescribes the

Drug, if a patient doesn´t respond well to ritalin is it worth the price? let me tell you about my expirience with the drug! until the first effects are noticeable at least one hour passed if you take lisdexamphetamin orally it can take up to three hours for the full effects to kick in my motivationfor filming as many cool videos as possible was huge on this day we also

Filmed a vr video for adams channel and the software that is responsible for capturing the vr footage kept making problems but i had so much fun with trying to solve these issues the effects weren´t subtle at all like they were with modafinil… i will try to do the rest of the subtitles later! please comment if you can´t speak german and you are interested in english

Subtitles, so that i know how big the demand is! from here on the subtites will be the automatic ones i had some real secrets reinking could be so drexler if we take psychedelics and i can not take my shoes off because i’m so hard on tripping … camera on he does his youtube but i say everything through my head maybe i’m just not coming and you know the stairs where you

Even the comments if you also one of worst league top player since to that’s why i can have logical thinking only very slowly, but then it is at 70 and now he’s at 107 he was of course was to be expected normal way he said he has it people often experience it certain time for a good mood euphoria worried me changed mistakes made me that hard excited who remembers exactly

That krass! i’ve never seen you so angry since you arrived! performance bertels are coming in the future also the appetite and because i longer nothing had eaten this rage would suppress it anyway almost but all drugs add to the hunger feeling so what i mean to say that really fun drugs are stronger than would you say that the drug also increases your self-confidence?

Many people make risky decisions on this threat … for example, they also take other drugs. tremendous increase in risk-taking although i am almost never carton about suite and nitrous oxide and mine after us trip is a shot of the have drugs at hand let the fingers that can make you too dangerous are taking the drug so regularly against his adhs i asked him if he was

Has the drug caused you any long-term side effects? but apart from that … actually, i’ve always been a bit crazy … aah the only real side effect is that the drug is a little less effective … and meanwhile i take them 4 times a week to be able to work properly … so i know for sure that i do not want to take this substance forever … … but pretty much the only

Side effect i have of the substance is that i’ve built a tolerance. maybe i became a bit forgetful by the substance … yes …. i think i became a bit forgetful about her … yes, that’s another side effect that has created this substance … but mainly when the effect of the substance wears off, the forgetfulness comes … you are probably one of the few people who

Is more forgetful than i xd yes … earlier i was not so forgetful … so those are the two side effects that the dr0ge have caused me … weight loss psychiatric disorders cardiovascular diseases and i do not know where i am everything i am wanted to say who the drug will probably never again you can take it more soon but you also have an open 1 3000 you have to subscribe to this channel

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