March 28, 2023


One person on prednisone said i wish i’d known that when the doctor said it could cause weight gain she wasn’t kidding this is me i too gained weight i had a big fat belly round face prednisone did that to me and i asked thousands of people on prednisone what they wish they’d known before they took prednisone and the number one thing they wish they’d known was

That prednisone causes weight gain and not just weight gain but weight gain some people don’t get it but 70 of people do and the higher the dose the higher the pounds here’s what other people said about the weight gain from prednisone that i’d gain about 80 pounds i’d get diabetes i’d have high blood pressure i’d be miserable until i came off the meds which also

Takes a lifetime to try and come off once you’re on another person called it horrible weight gain another person referred to as the absurd weight gain another said the huge weight gain finally this person said that i would hate every minute of it but it would most likely save my life and two all the crap that goes along with it the apple gut the insomnia the mad

Weight gain moon swings mood swings moon face anxiety is all just temporary everything goes back to normal and that’s true mostly things do go back to normal there are a few irreversible prednisone side effects and here’s a video about them but mostly there is hope this person wished she’d known that most things go back to normal that the fat does redistribute

Your face no longer is shaped like a moon your belly fat moves back to where it’s supposed to go in your arms and your legs where they’re supposed to have that padding but the weight doesn’t just disappear you do have to lose it you have to do what you can while you’re on prednisone to prevent the weight gain that it doesn’t just magically disappear when you’re

Off of it so while you’re on it eat responsibly cut out all the refined sugars just do yourself a favor right now if it’s got fake sugar if it’s got if it was something your great-great-grandmother would not have eaten just don’t eat it that’s the best way you can prevent the prednisone weight gain i have other tips check out this whole weight gain series of

Videos i’ve got for you to help you learn on how it happens why it happens and what you can do about it i took prednisone and i gained the weight and i lost the weight and it was so hard looking at myself in the mirror and being like who is this person with a round face and a round belly i don’t i don’t recognize her who is she i felt like mulan when she says

Who is that girl i see staring straight back at me that’s how i felt on prednisone like move on but everything came back to normal but the important thing is this last person what she said that my body would be forever changed and that for me the side effects aren’t worth it so the number one thing to know before you take prednisone is that it you’ve got to know

Whether the side effects are worth it for you is it going to save your life like it saved mine is it going to make it so you can actually get out of bed you’re going gonna make it so you can breathe function if so maybe the side effects are worth it but now you know the 10 ways the 10 things that people wanted to know wish they’d known before taking prednisone

I’m dr megan your protozoan pharmacist and i suffered these side effects too but i found ways to cope if you haven’t seen the rest of the videos in this series i suggest you check him out i’ve created 10 videos all about what people wish they’d known and this is what i wish i’d had let me grab it this is what i wish i’d had while taking prednisone but nobody

Created anything like this i googled prednisone vitamin i googled what i need while i’m on prednisone nobody had any answers so i came up with the answer i discovered the 10 nutrients that you need and i put them in these bottles with the best ingredients and it not only helps you sleep restfully at night with this bedtime neutronized zone but the ingredients in

Both of them help you to keep a stable blood sugar and when you have a stable blood sugar it helps you so you’re not so hungry when you’re not so hungry you don’t gain as much weight i had one person who said she lost a pound a day i don’t know how she did that but while she was taking this that’s what happened to her so there is hope there is help and if you

Go to you can get some hope you can start feeling like yourself again you can actually see yourself in the mirror the person you remember signing off as dr megan your prednisone pharmacist you

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