February 1, 2023

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Excess carbohydrates obviously can affect insulin obviously affect insulin resistance we know this is the case right but we don’t always realize how important these other things are when it comes down to insulin resistance in this case alcohol it does something that’s very interesting and it triggers what is called a late phase insulin response i’m going to explain

Mechanistically how this works and also i’m going to share some data with you so you understand because it really is a big driver maybe this whole visceral fat problem that we have maybe a lot of the type 2 diabetes issues we have a lot of it might come back down to alcohol being not a root cause but definitely adding insult to injury foreign market it’s a thrive

Market online membership-based grocery store but i wanted to mention hot water and i’m not even paid by hot water i just wanted to mention it because i’ve tried it out hot water is an alternative for alcohol it’s still made from hops but it has 5 htp and it has some other components in it that make it a little bit more like a nootropic so if you want something that

Serves a similar purpose as far as feeling a little bit of just i don’t know relaxed and a little bit of that feeling without the alcohol i definitely do recommend them i just think genuinely it is a really good product and i know that you can get them through thrive market at a pretty darn good price but if you use that thrive market link down below you’ll save 30

Off your entire grocery order so whether you get hot water or not you can use 30 off your entire grocery order and again you know you may consider it contrived you may not but the bottom line is that if you’re dealing with alcohol issues that might not be a bad solution so i put that link down below i want to open up with a study that was published in diabetologia

And what it did did was it took a look at healthy people versus diabetic people and it had them go through 30 minutes of being what is called euglycemic so they made sure everyone was at the same blood sugar level of about 80 milligrams per deciliter so everyone was equal okay and then what they did is they had them consume alcohol or a placebo what they wanted

To see was well what happened as far as hypoglycemia was concerned okay so what they did is they waited until everyone was at about 45 milligrams per deciliter so they let their blood sugar get low whether they had alcohol or not here’s the kicker only 13 percent of the people that had alcohol knew that they were hypoglycemic that is sketchy right okay 73 of the

People that did not have alcohol that had a placebo knew they were hypoglycemic now what does this have to do with body composition what does this have to do with insulin resistance i’m getting there first of all the point is that alcohol made them hypoglycemic excess amounts of alcohol do make you hypoglycemic but the scary part is that when you have alcohol you

Don’t realize you’re hypoglycemic so your cues are just completely out of whack alcohol induces what is called a late phase insulin response which means it triggers the pancreas to produce insulin in a very delayed random sort of fashion and it does this because it redistributes blood flow so you never notice like when you drink you get really red-faced right well

That’s because you have weird redistributions of blood flow okay and i say weird because there’s a lot of different things maybe it’s not weird but there’s a lot of different places that blood is sort of redistributed the pancreas is one of those and it redistributes blood from the exocrine region to the endocrine so the outside of pancreas into the inside and that

Actually triggers this blood flow to the pancreatic beta cells that triggers a delayed insulin response even if people didn’t eat so that can trigger blood sugar to drop that’s why people go hypoglycemic if they drink too much it’s pretty weird right now what does this have to do with insulin resistance exactly well anytime we’re having random spikes in insulin

It’s not exactly good any additional spikes that are unnatural are not good so i want you to envision this for a second you just had a high carbohydrate meal and your body is doing what it’s supposed to do it increases insulin to bring glucose down and glucose into the cell and there you go right problem solved okay well if you’re trying to lose weight during the

Period in which insulin is elevated you’re probably not losing much weight because insulin is what is called anti-lipolytic meaning it stops hormone sensitive lipase it stops these uh stop slight policies it stops fat mobilization and this is makes perfect sense you’re going into feeding mode why would you be burning at the same time you just fed yourself right so

Anyway that’s neither here nor there the point is that once you get to this insulin spike and comes back down now imagine you had another insulin spike that was a late phase response you’re basically bombarding your cells with more insulin and insulin resistance is like a white noise thing right it’s like a fan you have a fan going all the time and eventually you

Get used to the fan so your cells get so used to blood sugar so used to insulin they just kind of ignore it well the more that you add white noise the longer you’re exposed to it the more your body ignores it the best way to sort of kind of reduce this ignoring or white noise is to turn off the fan every now and then and it’ll improve your sensitivity so if i had

Fan running and i turn the fan off and then i turn the fan back on you’ll probably hear the fan on but if i left the fan on for four hours eventually you’d tune it out so the more that we are secreting insulin the problem the bigger the problem we have one of the things that i’ve talked about in other videos is the combination of insulin and cortisol cortisol only

Becomes a problem when it’s in the presence of insulin really or if it’s chronically elevated and out of whack so cortisol obviously is a stress response but it’s also a very pro fat burning so it helps you burn fat except when it’s combined with insulin cortisol alongside insulin is a problem that’s why eating when you’re stressed out is extra bad right cortisol plus

Insulin is definitely a problem well there’s some studies that have demonstrated now large studies with 2600 men and 900 women plus that have found that for every unit of alcohol consumed there’s a three percent increase in cortisol spikes and that doesn’t just last acutely that’s a chronic thing that just regulates cortisol so now you have insulin plus cortisol which

Leads to potentially visceral fat atoposity so gaining fat in the visceral region pot belly kind of thing obviously is not good for insulin resistance because cortisol and that whole adrenocorticotropin kind of response there all has to do with insulin resistance as well so what is the solution here and i guess the basic solution is probably should cut out alcohol

And i hate to put it like that or at least dramatically limit it because you do find that a lot of times when those things are out of the equation the problems start to kind of go away for people that are leaning on it for so long anyway i thought that i’d do a service by explaining this because people need to understand the mechanisms and the physiology as always i’ll see you tomorrow

Transcribed from video
The 2nd Worst Cause of Insulin Resistance (& Visceral Fat) By Thomas DeLauer