June 4, 2023

Talking about how things are going so far. Plus my experience of drinking alcohol on Prozac

All right everyone um i do another update on the floor fluoxetine whoever is called and i think on date 10 or 11 now and it’s been going okay actually um but i wanted to do an update today because this is really after about four or five days i started to feel okay as i’d feel kind of good on on the floor aqsa teamed and but today is like it just it was like i hadn’t

Taken it all like ass i started to feel really depressed again today and so i don’t know whether that’s i’m still adjusting to it or what but i do an update video just because it was different today it was like so i getting like a migraine last night and then i woke up this morning i thought about anyway yeah anyway after buff so i’m my head’s good sky after about

Five days i start to feel good i got really tired i kept getting really tired and stuff and then sleeping loads just rundle in the middle a day and then i started to feel alright and then i actually started to feel how it takes away the anxiety because i was going out for like hospital appointments and things and it was actually amazing just being able to sit on

A bus on my own and not feel like i was looking around at everyone around me and stressed cuz people around me it was just nice to just sit just completely calm and be able to read the book and and i’m just generally feeling happy for the first time in years like you know happiness without that sort of cloud over me and then i felt a bit high as well but i don’t

Know whether i actually was feeling a bit high or whether it was just the absence of the depressing feeling and the anxiety that made me feel higher that i’m not sure you know like when you rare when there’s like a noise or something in the background like like a ticking clock and you get so used to hearing it and then when it stops something like it’s like this

Something happened or something different it’s like that you know you get so used to feeding the depression that when it goes away you feel high but it might not be you might just be feeling normal for once anyway i was feeling good for i’m all of a sudden today it just got a migraine last night and then i woke up today and it was just it was just like goes back

To day two or three you know i just been i just really like my mood was up and down all day and i was getting too sleepy i ended up sleeping again in the middle of the day just like my head feel like there’s pressure inside it like i’m on like hot like em hot medicine as well so ever it could be that like my eyeballs sting and there’s like pressure in my head that

Could be that but i’m thinking i needs to the prozac and i tried drinking on it as well the other day and and i went out a friend’s wedding and then it was alright i had a few drinks but then after a few i starting to feel really bad like i don’t know i just started to feel a bit ill and queasy in a big strange like like i shouldn’t be drinking so i stopped drinking

And then i got um like a massive migraine later on in the night and then i think i would have had a better time if i just stayed sober to be honest and because i usually drink at parties just because i get such bad anxiety but i wasn’t really feeling the anxiety before i started drinking anyway so maybe i should not drink anyway yeah up till then it was going good

Like i was cleaning the positive benefit of it and thinking this is might actually do the trick but i don’t know maybe it’s only like day 10 or 11 so i think hopefully it’s just you know fluctuations and it’s still you know i’m still getting used to ever so hopefully today another weird thing i’ve noticed since taking it and this has happened every single night

And it’s not really a bad thing or anything like this it’s just a weird thing is it whenever i like it whenever i wake up from sleeping at night like in the morning whenever i wake up it’s never like it gradually just waking up it’s always like like my eyes just burst open it’s like you know any something like shocked awake by something it’s like that every single

Time i wake up it’s like it’s like i’m suddenly shocked awake really suddenly and it’s so weird because it’s happened every night since i started taking it i don’t know what that what that is but there’s no more gradually waking up it’s like i just fall asleep and when it’s time to wake up i just like frank i’m awake likes all of a sudden click i’m awake it’s weird

I don’t know if anyone else has ever had that but i am it’s just what noise doesn’t happen i sleep in the day so much that’s more of a kind of normal sleep but when i’ve had like a proper night’s sleep in the morning when i wake up it is just like click i’m awaking so weird and yeah i don’t know it but it’s been going ok over than that the last few days have been

Good maybe it’s because i drank alcohol maybe that’s why it’s suddenly not working out feeling like it’s not working but i like i say i hope is just adjusting i am i don’t know how to do any drinking videos from now on because and then i’ll call seem to not mix that well with it so i’m out to think of something else to do in our videos and yeah alright so all people

Taken anyway and then yeah i’ll do for now thanks for watching

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The Antidepressant Diaries – Day 10 (Fluoxetine/Prozac 20mg) By Channel Fadge