March 28, 2023

How I’m feeling now the side effects have worn off.

Hi everyone after i do mmm antidepressant dairy update video whatever the hell i’m calling these things called prozac fluoxetine i think i won date 20 now i could be wrong i think that’s what i figured out is day 20 i think anyway i’ve got to say i’m not making these videos to give anyone a device or to encourage anyone to do anything you know taking these things

So don’t take this as like encouragement but you know from my own personal experience i’m feeling like a million times better now and i definitely think this stuff is working wonders for me i just i feel like um like a weights just been lifted off me i’ve got all this like energy that i didn’t have before i think maybe the depression just made everything like

Twice as hard you know like just some energy and i just didn’t have any energy to do anything like the housework or anything like i was just really getting very lazy and then very shut-in and now also the anxiety is kind of gone and like going out in public some reason i was fine i always find a work which is like a very busy shop and because i was at work i can

You are kind of in my ruts there but going out in like into town and things always kind of give me like quite bad anxiety and now that kind of goes away and i can sometimes feel it come on a little bit but it can of it’s like i can overcome it or just kind of like it comes on and goes away like the field life’s like panic feeling and i still get a little bit of

Depression especially like when i first wake up in the morning it’s like just before i take my tablet again because i take it like 11 o’clock when i first wake up if i tell you how they always feel good like that maybe these tablets aren’t working anymore but then i said about about half an hour us to taking another one and i start to feel alright again i’m not

Feeling like we’re there in it like that it took about two weeks for it to balance out i’m not really feeling any leg i’m not feeling like out with it or spaced out or we’re doing it and on it i feel like fairly normal and i just feel like i like the absence of the depressed feeling the most that lasts like what i’m feeling so it’s kind of made me think maybe i

Should start getting my life back on track now it’s kind of maybe i should try and get a full-time job i’m only working like two days a week minimum wage and not really a way to live my life but i wasn’t having really is giving more perspective on things like that as well i think so i’ll keep updated maybe this won’t really want lasts forever maybe maybe it’d be

Less effective as time goes on i don’t know but so far it’s i’ve really found it to be a great help for me and yeah hopefully it continues like this because yeah to the first two weeks were a bit up and down but after that honestly i felt like a million times better and then yeah okay there we go there’s a quick update for you thanks for watching shout out to jj

Who kept asking me to do an update video there you go

Transcribed from video
The Antidepressant Diaries – Day 20 (Fluoxetine/Prozac 20mg) By Channel Fadge