March 28, 2023

Sooooo .. if you read the uses of this birth control … thennnnnnn you see that it makes your vaginal fluid thicker … soooooo you know what that meanssss!! #DrownInIt #Tsunami !!! 🤪💃🏾

Hi dolls welcome back to my channel and thanks for tuning in now if you have been following me for a while then you have definitely seen the video where i talked about how i gained 50 pounds on the next one on freaking implant birth control oh my gosh like when i tell you it was so crazy like it had my emotions everywhere i was depressed i gained weight like

Like that like i’m literally triggered right now like if you have not watched a video go definitely watch that video and then come back to this one because this one we are talking about an update so after taking out my next one on implant i decided to take a break and see if i could lose any weight just not being on birth control and of course that didn’t happen

So i was like wow well let me get my ass back on birth control so i don’t get preggos and i was like okay well i don’t want to do anything anymore i don’t want to iud i don’t want to do like the little cup ring i don’t want to do the patch i was like you know what let me be a big girl and get on the birth control because the only reason i didn’t want to go with

Birth control is because ugh i gotta take it every day and i just hated that on the day i’ll probably forget but you know what after being on this pill for like at least a year and a half i have not missed a day baby okay because i don’t play games i’m not trying to get no pregnant are you kidding me no so i decided to get on the pill now i told my doctor that

I had issues with my other birth controls and she was like okay girl let me give you some low dose type of birth control that won’t have such a big effect on you okay beth first she subscribed me ashleena ashlina and it was a 90-day pill so you have your period um at the end of every 90 days now mind you that sometimes because you’re on your birth control you

May have your period or spotting throughout those 90 days but once you start getting on a more routine and you start doing the packs for more than one time your part your your period will start to regulate now of course it’s birth control fasting can change etc it affects everyone differently so she gave me a 90 day birth control ashlina and i loved it i didn’t

Have any issues with it at all i took it every single day all i would do is i would set a timer on my phone for like 12 00 noon or like 1 p.m where i know i’m up and i know i won’t forget like don’t make the mistake of taking it at like 6 p.m or like 7 pm when you’re like probably either doing something or like just not in the mind of thinking about taking your

Birth control just take it in the middle of the day or like in the morning like usually when you get up so timing sometimes i don’t take it right at 12 but however if you take it within three hours period of your you know scheduled time then you’ll be fine because you know with the birth control pill you’re supposed to take it at the same time every single day

So i think we don’t actually not i went to go get um a refill and at my pharmacy they actually didn’t have the ashley the brand but they had kind of like the same thing but a different brand so let’s get into kind of a little bit more i’m gonna show you guys what this exactly looks like so these are what the pills look like they indicate you know monday tuesday

Was a thursday and they also go by weeks and they also actually remind you to do your breast exam that you should be doing that i don’t i’ve been forgetting to do as you can see i just literally started the next pack and so you get one two and then you get oops three so now at the end of your 90 days you’re actually taking a week of blue pills that will actually

Kick-start your period because it doesn’t have any of the active ingredients in these so you’ll have your periods scheduled on this week i absolutely love that it comes in this little like box i think it’s so cute and so easy to carry around this is my second time actually taking at mathia like my second pack the first pack when i took this actually i did have

Some issues for the first week i did feel nauseous um that is a very common side effect of taking and starting new birth control so i did feel nauseous um but besides that like it was no issues i don’t have any random cramping etc etc um actually at the end of my pack of my 90 day pack for this one when i first took it week 9 week 10 i started to like spot and

Kind of have like a period for like a week and a half straight and then after that it stopped but then like literally a week after that it was time for me to have my schedule period and i did have my special period so being that i’ve been on ashlina for a few packs and then now starting my second pack for acmethia i still do have various spottings um it’s not

Inconvenient at all because i’m not cramping i’m not in pain i don’t feel mood swings etc i just i’m just spotting a little bit you know what i mean so overall do i enjoy this birth control yes i absolutely love this birth control i haven’t had any issues with it except for just the random spotting and then the nausea when i first took this specific brand um but

Besides that girl i recommend this i have not been getting any weight actually i’ve been losing weight because i’ve been dieting and working out if you haven’t seen that video go check it out but so i haven’t been getting weight i haven’t had any headaches i haven’t had any like depression i haven’t had like any you know i haven’t had any of the big issues that

They say you have with birth control so yes i recommend this at mithia and i also recommend the ashlina um it’s great it’s 90 days um and you just don’t forget you can’t forget to take this girl don’t forget okay don’t don’t because if you forget we might if you forget we might have more scorpio babies in the world like let’s not do that let’s not take the chance

Okay okay so yes i definitely recommend this birth control if you have any questions about this birth control please of course comment down below and ask me any questions i will answer them to the best of my ability as a user i’m not a doctor or anything so keep that in mind but yeah thank you guys so much for watching and i hope you enjoyed this video i’ll catch you in the next one

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The BEST Birth Control with Minimal Side Effects and GREAT Benefits *wink* | Update 50lb Weight Gain By Azzalea