February 1, 2023

The BIGGEST Doping Scandals In Olympic Games HISTORY..

Athletes using dope to get a competitive edge in sports is nothing new eating and training right can only get you so far and at the olympic games the biggest competition in the world there have been too many cases of athletes using drugs to get ahead of their other competitors that’s why in this video we’re going to talk about some of the biggest dope scandals

In the olympics first off we’ve got sunyang in the tokyo olympics the chinese swimmer sun yang was involved in the most well-known case of using trimethicidine to cheat in sports in 2014 sun was banned for three months because it used the stimulant china’s anti-doping agency made the decision public only after the ban was over this was a controversial choice then

In 2018 the three-time olympic champion wouldn’t let anti-doping officials leave his house with a sample of his blood apparently he told someone in his group to smash the casing of a blood vial with a hammer so that it couldn’t be used for testing he yikes he couldn’t take part in the tokyo olympics so he couldn’t defend his 200 meter freestyle olympic title up

Next ben johnson in the 1988 olympics you might have vaguely heard of this one ben johnson a canadian sprinter was at the center of what’s probably the most famous drug incident in olympic history it ruined the 100 meter dash which is one of the most popular events at the summer games the athletes seemed to win the race at the solo olympics in world record time

But he came back positive for an anabolic steroid and lost his gold medal if that wasn’t bad enough already it went to carl lewis an american who was also in the race nothing sucks as much as having your medal go to your competition the head of the international olympic committee at the time juan antonio somerang said that the punishments given to johnson and

Others showed that we have won the battle against doping moving on to louisa galiulina in 2012 louisa galiolina was a gymnast from uzbekistan in 2012 she was going to go to the summer olympics in london for the second time sadly that opportunity never came she was temporarily banned from the games after she tested positive for furosemide that’s a diuretic that’s

Supposed to be a masking agent or a weight loss supplement she tried defending herself by saying that she didn’t know she taken the substance and that her mother had given her heart medicine a month before that’s because furosemites also used to treat heart failure or high blood pressure but because of the ban she wasn’t able to compete in an artistic gymnastics

Event when her backup sample also came back positive a few days later she was kicked out of the olympic village and given a two-year ban followed by marion jones in 2000 in 2003 there was an investigation into the bay area lab which apparently sold steroids to a bunch of famous athletes that’s where the rumor started that american sprinter marion jones used drugs

To improve her performance but it wasn’t until 2007 that jones said she’d used the clear that the designer steroid she admitted that she’d started using the steroid just a few weeks before the sydney olympics in 2000 jones gave back the five medals she won at those games that included gold medals in the 100 meter 200 meter and 4400 meter relay races jones had also

Won bronze medals in the long jump and the 4 by 100 meter relay she was also banned from racing for two years and all of her race results after after september 1st 2000 were erased luckily though based on the rules in place at the time of the competition the court of arbitration for a sport decided in 2010 that jones’s relay teammates could keep their medals now

For the entire russian federation in case you didn’t know russian athletes have been accused of doping at many olympic games recent evidence of widespread and persistent doping schemes made these accusations even stronger that included the news that russia used a sample swapping system to protect athletes who cheated in order to win more medals at the 2014 winter

Olympics in sochi that’s why the international olympic committee did a little research of their own and decided these athletes needed to be vetted more thoroughly but the organization let the governing bodies of each sport decide which athletes were eligible cnn said that 271 of the 389 russian athletes who were cleared were able to compete at the 2016 summer

Olympics in brazil then the whole russian federation wasn’t allowed to compete at the rio paralympics by the international paralympic committee let’s learn more about nicholas backstrom in 2014 nicholas backstrom a swedish hockey player didn’t play in the gold medal game at the 2014 winter olympics in sochi because he tested positive for pseudoephedrine sweden

Really didn’t like that the suspension was announced just a few hours before the game officials from the olympics eventually found out that he hadn’t taken a banned substance to try to get ahead in a race a team doctor told the hockey player to take medicine and the player wrote in the paperwork that he did he got a medal and a warning from the world anti-doping

Agency after that it wasn’t much of a consolation that a short-handed swedish team lost 3-0 to canada and got second place not to mention andrea radican also in 2000 looks like this was a big year for dope scandals in the olympics andrea radican a gymnast from romania tested positive for pseudoephedrine and was disqualified from the all-around gymnastics event at

The 2000 summer olympics in sydney she was also stripped of the gold medal she had won the international olympic committee banned the drug which is a stimulant that’s found in medicines like sudafed international gymnastics federation on the other hand didn’t ban it she was 16 when she got pseudoephedrine from a team doctor in cold medicine the doctor was then

Banned from the next two olympic games radicon had won gold in the team event and silver in the vault before after those events she was tested and found to be clean so she was able to keep the medals of course she tried to get her all-around gymnastics gold medal back in 2015 by talking to the president of the international olympic committee thomas bach sadly the

Result wasn’t changed next lance armstrong also in 2000 lance armstrong an american cyclist who beat cancer and won his first tour de france in 1999 became an instant symbol of strength as his fame grew so did the profile of livestrong the charity he started to help people with cancer but armstrong’s seven tour de france titles from 1999 to 2005 were taken away in

2012. this happened after years of suspicion led to the discovery of a complex doping scheme within armstrong’s usps team based on this evidence the international olympic committee took away the bronze medal armstrong one at the 2000 summer olympics in sydney australia for the men’s road time trial soon after that in a short interview with oprah winfrey armstrong

Said for the first time in public that he was guilty npr said that he didn’t give the medal back for another eight months and he can’t really blame him either like it’s the olympics come on coming up rick demont all the way back in 1972. the month wasn’t as lucky when he was 16 and won a gold medal for the u.s in the 400 meter freestyle at the 1972 munich olympics

At the time he was the youngest olympic champion ever in this event he wanted to win more gold but his hopes were crushed when he tested positive for ephedrine which was in his asthma medicine which he had told team usa doctors about before the olympics because the team didn’t tell the international olympic committee damont lost his medal and was the youngest

Athlete ever to be punished for doping even though it wasn’t his fault thankfully though in 1973 he got himself together for a short time and went on to win a world title in belgrade he set a world record in the 400 meter and beat brad cooper of australia who’d been given his gold medal from the munich olympics finally ross robagliati in 1998 every gold medal at

The olympic ethics has its ups and downs usually the excitement peaks when the winner is announced and the podium is filled but ross revagliati’s story isn’t like most olympic tales he was born in 1971 in the city of vancouver british columbia at age 15 he started snowboarding and he won the canadian and u.s in 1990 there were amateur snowboard championships in

1991 he went pro and won the mount baker banked slalom then he won a gold medal in giant slalom at the nagato winter olympics in 1998. after that he tested positive for marijuana and a number of olympic boards voted to take the medal away from him cannabis wasn’t on the international olympic committee’s list of banned substances at the time and it’s not usually

Thought of as a drug that helps athletes do better thankfully he quickly won his case at the court of arbitration for sport and got to keep his medal ibagliadi is now the face of a company that makes science from marijuana dispensaries that’s a wrap for this video which scandal was the worst let us know in the comments below make sure to give this video a thumbs

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