January 26, 2023

With my group we will talk about the chemistry of your summit and i will start with the introduction part pursuamide is part of classes as diuretic slope or water bill and this type of classes is helped to get ride of excess fluid out of the body and fuels the mind is drug that help and used to trade fluid retination edema in people with heart failure liver diseases

Or kidney disorder and used and used also to treat high blood pressure hypertension and it has many dosage form it comes as tablet and solution and also as injection and also it has many it has many doses it has ranged from 20 to 80 milligram and usually taken in the early of the morning and its chemical formula c12 h11 c1 into o5s and as many drug it has benzene

Range and hydrocyclic compound oxal or furin and its brand name lysex i will continue the part that my friends were talking about our table today is pierce minds and i specifically were talking about the side effect uh or adverse effect or side effects of fertilize and the drug drug interactions of fierce minds before we start we should know we have an example or

Drag brand name for first of mind is the essex classics my specific topic today is like emerging side effects and drug interactions the most common side effect of virtual minds is urination theorists weaknesses and diseases that are the most common side effects when we will talk about the drug interactions of heroes minds i will mention inshallah the most common

Because we have so much or a lot of drug drug interactions of his mind so i will mention the most common is amino glycosidic antibiotics aspirin lithium non-steroidal antioxidant drugs cyclocyclocyclosporine phenotene antibiotics health medications laxatives and series that like i mentioned that are the most common drug drug interactions of ferasamites and we

And we have a lot of direct drug interactions i mentioned here and shall my friends will they will continue talking about the sinuses metabolism and then in the end they will talk about the conclusion and in the end thank you for listening and enjoy my name is muhammad today inshallah i will talk about the synthesis of field symmetry the starting material we

Have in order to synthesize synthesize of plc mite is two for dichlorobenzoic acid twofold dichlorobenzoic acid reacts with chlor clause sulfuric acid followed by the actin ammonia to form two for dicological dichloro5 sulfur white benzoic acid and finally dicolor 2 for dichloro 5 sulfur my benzoic acid they act with fulfill i mean embed in business of sodium

Bicarbonate to form our vertex which is fields here might thank you for listening salam alaikum my name is salum al-assami today we’ll talk about the mechanism of actions there are five type of theoretic according the area firosomide diuretic inhibitions water reabsorptions in nephron by blocking the sodium potassium chloride co-transporter in thick ascending

Limb of lobe of hannah this is achieved through competitive inhibitions if the chloride bindings it on the core transporter does a brief hinting the transport of of sodium from lumen of lobe of hennel into the vasolateral interstitium the lumen become more hypertonic while the interstitium becomes less hypertonic which in turn diminishes the osomatic gradient

For water reabsorption throughout the nephron because the thick ascending glam responsible for 25 percentage of sodium reabsorptions in the nephron furosemide is very buoyant and diuretic this picture explains the metabolic pathway of ferrosomite firstly we have a three rod for drug intake oral intake interference injections or intermuscular injection after

Absorptions the mainly metabolic across in the liver then executions by the kidney in conclusion fuel zamite is used to trade fluid retention by inhibiting electrolyte reabsorption like sodium chloride and potassium from the kidney and enhancing the extraction the metabolism of furosemides occurs mainly in the kidney and the liver and it has many side effects

Like headache diseases diarrhea and constipation at the end we hope that we have covered all the information related to forsamite and we also hope that you have benefited and enjoyed what we have provided to you and thank you very much

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The chemistry of furosemide -group 6 presentation By Abdullah gh