March 28, 2023


Hey guys welcome back to my channel i hope you’re enjoying this day in today’s episode i’m just going to be talking to you about a statin that i was put on a few months ago that really didn’t do very well with my body and so we are going to be discussing that and i’m not really even going to be doing an intro today because there’s really no point in it so i’m

Just going to get right into it so about three or four months ago i have been struggling with some cholesterol issues cholesterol levels not being where they should be and i went for my annual physical and my doctor was looking at my numbers and saying hey you’ve been really creeping up and you you know have you been maintaining your diet and this and that and i

Did try you know guys i do try i did have a little bench you know here and there with the holidays going but you know you look at these numbers and he said well you know maybe we should try you on some sort of medication to take down some of that cholesterol and at that point i was kind of i hate going on medication i’m not a medical you know medication person i

Hate popping pills aside from you know vitamins or something i certainly hate to feel the crunch of being on a maintenance drug for the rest of my life so it wasn’t something that i was oh just jumping for joy that he was going to prescribe me i did almost like a personal failure on my part that i had not done enough to get my cholesterol levels where they need

To be and so this doctor was telling me hey you failed basically and now we got to put you on medication but i was open to trying it because they were on a very high level i think there were like 267 my cholesterol was up there 267 and so it was getting to the point where yes something needed to be done right so he put me on this medication called crestor that’s

The i guess the popular name for it it’s the the pharmacy name is and i’m reading it down here because i can’t pronounce it roast of the statin so it’s spelled are osu va s t atin and i’ll put it you know down here below somewhere you know i’ll run it so you guys see it and he put me on a very low dosage five milligrams and so i started taking that and lo and

Behold i did not initially have any reactions like no headaches i wasn’t tired i wasn’t feeling anything out of the ordinary and in fact i was telling my husband hey you know this is not now this is actually pretty good you know i’m taking it every day nothing’s happening and i was told to come back a month later to do my blood test to see if it was helping my

Cholesterol or not which i did i went back and they took you know the little out of here a couple of tubes and they tested and lo and behold my numbers went down from like a 267 to a 188 which was really really good i mean i was like wow this is awesome i did try to change up my diet a little bit i am a big cheese aficionado as they say i love cheese and i tried

Not to eat a lot of cheese and i tried to eat kind of make sure i was eating lower saturated fat so i wasn’t i was trying my best in other words to along with the satin to eat better so i think in combination that you know that those two things kind of work together and went back for my follow up doctor said hey how are you feeling everything good numbers are

Coming down i said yeah this is this was good you know four weeks into it i was feeling great and i said yeah let’s you know another 30 day supply let’s go for it because he only gave me 30 days initially for the prescription to try just to make sure everything’s okay so we ended up for another thirty days and i started taking the next month worth and about two

Two or three weeks into it i started noticing that i was having some lower back pain just some ate just a dull pain not like oh my god i pulled my back you know how you you wrench her back not nothing too severe like that just like you know when you sit in a chair the whole day and your back kind of stiff that kind of a feeling just a stiff type of back and took

Advil took tylenol i put it down – oh i’ve been maybe i’ve been working too hard or bending over or doing something and i said okay i’m just going to you know take advil or tylenol and i’ll go away got a little better you know for a few hours maybe when i used to take it in the morning let’s say i would take tylenol in the morning it would be okay for about four

Hours 3-4 hours not great and then by the end of the day it would become the same it would it would go back to being the same and i noticed late late at night it would get a little bit better then i would take my next morning’s crestor and within an hour – the dull backache would come back and i it took a while for me to put two and two together i was like i was

Really really trying not to go there and say oh it’s because of the crest or because of the christ or i was saying no it’s because of this or because of that or i’ve been you know walking too much or bending too much or maybe out in the yard i don’t know but it just was not going away and this lasted into the third month of taking crestor so i upped for another

Month and one day i just it was just awful and i started realizing hey this is just not going away so i emailed my doctor and i said hey just fyi i’ve been having this lower back pain this chronic lower nagging back pain and i could it be the crest or on i don’t know i don’t want to point fingers but i don’t know you know and i started also looking online and

Googling crestor and side-effects and things like that and it did come up that certain people would have some sort of lower back pain not not pretending to kidney issues or anything like that but but lower back pain so i didn’t email him you know how you can go on those now they have those medical portals you know physicians never call you anymore let’s face it

You can’t get a live person to talk to you but they’re always online so you can kind of email them and you know or get in touch with their physician’s assistant you know to get some information so he did email me back pretty pretty quickly i would say like the next day and he said yeah come on in for an evaluation because it could be the crest door so i’m like

Oh crap you know what do i do if it is you know i mean this was working great my numbers are great you know what are you going to do so i did go back and they did a blood workup and it showed that my liver enzymes were elevated not substantially but enough where they something was going on it was being elevated and he said yeah i don’t you know i’m like these

Numbers so let’s get off the crestor and stay off of it for a couple of weeks and then we’re going to reevaluate your blood blood workup to see that the liver enzymes are coming down and then we’ll go from there so i’ve waited you know i waited about two weeks and i went back had my my read blood evaluation and my liver enzymes are back to normal all my lipid

Panels are right smack dab right in the normal range and you know i don’t know what to say you know at this point i’m like ah so he you know he asked me said well what do you want to do do you want to come back or you know do want to take a break or what and i honestly told him that i’m going to take a break right now from statins and i’m going to see if you know

Checking saturated fats out of my diet taking down not having a lot of cheese i’ve been on a diet now with my fitness pal that i’m going to talk to you guys about and and with my fitbit i’ve got on here to try to maintain my weight i’ve lost about five five six pounds now so i’m going to try my best to see in the next few months maybe six months and see how it’s

Going and i’m going to try my best to stay off of the statins if i can now if i can i might try another one but i’m really i’m really scared guys now i’m done shy because you know what’s another statin going to do so this one does backaches what’s another one going to do is something else going to go wrong you know i’m going to have kidney failure am i going to

Have some other issues am i going to have our itis come off of it or what i mean there’s so many side effects that i read on on these things and i’m just really scared guys to to do anything so i just wanted to put it out there if anyone else has had any issues with crest or with robo statin like i said i had the lowest lowest milligram which is like five maybe

There is a lower one maybe it is a two milligram but definitely a very low very very low dosage of five milligrams and it’s still you know did not act really nice to me so wanted to pass that along to you guys and leave me your comments below if you’ve had any issues with it and take care and have a wonderful day blessings to everybody thank you for subscribing

Make sure to subscribe and hit that little notification bell at the bottom of the panel there next to subscriber so that you’re notified when a new video of mine comes up and i wish you a blessed day stay tuned for more very soon bye bye

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The CONS of Crestor for Lowering My Cholesterol – WHAT MY DOCTOR DIDN'T TELL ME! By Life According to Maria