June 1, 2023

In this video, I talk about the dangers of being on the medication Clonazepam. The brand name is Klonopin. It belongs to the medication class called benzodiazepines, which are the second most abused medication in the United States.

Hey everybody its judy i’m back glad to be here glad you’re here and yeah so i want to talk to you a little bit about the evils of a medicine called clonazepam a brand name klonopin and i do realize there are some people who really need to take this medication for seizure disorders and things like that but if you don’t have to take it take it from me don’t take

It it is and if you are prescribed us by a doctor ask your doctor what are the alternatives if there is no alternative please make sure your doctor monitors you and test your blood for levels and all that sort of the thing that they should be doing with a a medicine yet you take pretty much any everyday anyway and make sure your family and friends are aware that

You’re taking it so they can watch you for symptoms symptoms that klonopin is not working for you in a positive way symptoms such as rage irritability insomnia just changes in personality so you’re gonna have to listen to this for a little bit as you know that i was prescribed clonazepam which is a benzodiazepine you know in the same family as reza pain and all

Those things that we can’t abandon valium xanax i was giving it to help with acute anxiety for a month and it was fine but it seemed to be helping with these leg cramps i was having so the neurologist took over the prescription and kept me on it kept me ahead for over two years turns out you really shouldn’t be on it that long unless as i said you have some sort of

Seizure disorder clonazepam in large my and you’re thinking well what’s a large amount i was up to two milligrams a day that is a large amount it can change your personality and not for the better it can make you very irritable it cause insomnia and cause rage all different things that you really don’t want to be as a human being around other people and the thing

Is that you can’t always tell when you are inside of yourself you can’t necessarily see how you are to other people it’s a little i was having these problems i could feel that i was different i could feel rage but i didn’t necessarily think about it being this clonazepam i give my husband all the credit in the world that he didn’t leave me i was really stretching

His patience thin i was stretching my own patience then i even said you know i wouldn’t want to be with myself normally i’m a pretty decent human being kind giving all that important the important things in life but yes my personality was changing not for the better and it was getting really really bad i said i wasn’t sleeping and i would have to take a bunch of

Benadryl and i was things little tiny thing was just like set me off and then i said i wasn’t happy with myself that’s the thing but i said it never occurred to me that i should stop taking this clonazepam i was being compliant i was listening to the neurologist says you don’t take the clonazepam so things got really bad and i yes i had a crisis i wish i didn’t

Have this situation but sometimes things i do believe things happen for a reason and this crisis happened and i ultimately turned out to be one of the best thing it could have happened to me at this point in time because i went off the clonazepam cold turkey i didn’t have any side effects which was very fortunate sometimes people go off of these medications and

They can have seizures even if they didn’t have seizures before all different withdrawal symptoms and i didn’t so i was very very fortunate and after third fourth day of being off totally the class pam it was it was amazing the world started open up i started to feel better was like that the flower you thought was dead started to come back to life and i see better

Now that’s tying my husband i said it’s now like i almost have wide-angle vision it’s so hard to explain before so i’m so i was not tunnel vision but things were closed in but now i really can see it’s amazing i i feel totally different i feel so much better i’m sleeping again and it’s just as i said if you’re put on this ask your doctor please monitor you ask if

There’s something else you can take clonazepam is not something to be taken lightly it is not something to be just taken every single day for an unknown period it chances are you will get messed up and it will be very difficult to get off unless you can manage to do it in an environment where you are supported you can wean off or dare i say i i shouldn’t give medical

Advice i’m not a doctor i couldn’t even play one on tv but as i said cold turkey was the best thing for me i think i could have weaned off but sometimes cold turkey is the best thing yeah i’m not a smoker i’m not a drinker i’m not a drug abuser i don’t really have an addictive personality but i don’t know this was the best thing for me so yes please take care of

Yourself please talk to your friends and family if you’re put on any sort of medication that’s in this family the the benzodiazepines which are actually the second most commonly abused medication in the united states there as i said you think oh your mother’s little helper and those types of things no you’ve got to be super super careful i can’t stress enough for

The people out there you gotta take care of yourself and you have to be an advocate for yourself and if you don’t think you can be an advocate for yourself make sure you have a trusted loved one who can advocate for you and you have to be able to take what people say you have to be able to understand what they’re saying if they’re saying you know your personality

Has really changed and you’re getting angry and listen to them take a long hard look and realize well maybe they’re telling me something and i have to make a change it’s all that’s what i wanted to say so i was away and yes things i had is there was a crisis and i had to make through you don’t get through this crisis and i did and i emerged a much better person i’m

Back to where i had been over two years ago feeling good looking better because i was looking pretty bad before my face was puffy and i i just wasn’t feeling very well but now i feel really good and i hope it remains and i know there’s ups and downs in everybody’s life so trying to be very mindful everything that’s going on and that’s what i stress for everybody

Out there be mindful you know pay attention make sure you’re you are reacting is not as i was which was very i was being very impulsive if you know you are buying things you don’t need that’s a sign of being impulsive if you are reacting without sinking that is a sign of being impulsive you want to be able to take things as they come be careful and measured in your

Responses because words once said cannot be taken back actions done cannot be taken back so it’s hard you really have to balance out your emotional brain and your rational brain and come up with something in the middle which is your you know your mindful brain if you want to put it that way so it takes time it takes things to think about but it yeah that’s where i

Am at this moment i wanted to share that with you and just again i cannot stress enough clonazepam yes that’s from my favorite year its tongue death i’m racing it movie let me know so that’s it for now i gotta go get my doggies they’re being groomed i can’t wait – they did not want to let go of me when i was there that something that’s never happened before i’ve

Never had milo ashley clinging on to me imagine a monkey in a windstorm on a tree he was not letting go and i was trying i was standing up trying to put him onto the ground he would not let go of me i think it was and a notice was just shaking and just vibrating i’ve never seen they didn’t want me to go because last time i left i didn’t come back for a while okay

Go like that so i can’t wait to see them all fluffy and i will show you what they look like next time i make a video every great rest of your day thank you for joining me leave a comment if you’d like hit the subscribe button share this important message with people i don’t think enough people know about the dangers um clonazepam if i can save one person from the

Agony of being on it then i will have done a good thing great this your day and i will talk to you all later my my

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The Dangers Of Clonazepam. By It’s Just Judy