December 8, 2022

This medication does work in clearing up the flare up of acne. Nevertheless, it does have some negative side effects, so do your research.

Hello guys welcome back to my youtube channel my name is barbara miranda i’m here to talk today about a medication that i’m on that my doctor put me on to clear my acne um it actually works i’ve been on it less than a year and it was a medication that she prescribed to help me to balance my hormone because my acne was hormonal due to hormones so she gave

Me this medication and um i would take it at nighttime it’s one tablet daily at night time and like i said i saw the results of it i saw that my skin was clearing up um the marks weren’t as dark as they were i didn’t get the pimples blowing up every day or every three days um not even during my cycle time i wouldn’t see a pimple pop up but one of the thing

About this medication is that the doctor has to check your levels to make sure that your kidney is running properly and all that stuff that they do when they check your levels and i found out that part of taking this medication is that it affects your potassium that it kind of raised up my potassium the medication so the medication that i’m talking about is

Called sperum here it is it’s called spirono lacton i think i’m pronouncing it right some people pronounce it as per um so it’s basically a medication i’ll insert a picture up there so you guys can see it so it’s basically a medication that helps you to regulate your hormones and that’s what helps your acne not to flare up because your hormones is kind of

Balanced but the thing that happened was that my potassium went up due to the fact that i was on a medication so my cons my my advice to anyone taking this medication is make sure you do your research i did do my research but i didn’t do a torah research i did go on youtube and i did um do some google search on medication but at that time i didn’t know what

It was that i was supposed to be looking for so i didn’t look for certain things because i didn’t know what i was supposed to be looking for i didn’t know that i was supposed to be checking my potassium reading about my potassium because i didn’t know about the fact that it was gonna spike my potassium anyway so my lab came back and my potassium is up so now um

After medication my doctor took me off the medication and i have to go redo the test to see if my levels come back down it should come back down because now i’m off the medication but one of the things that if i knew what i know now i would have really watched the food that i ate in addition to taking this medication because um a lot of the food that i like

Like avocado has a high content of um potassium and i know that the required amount that you’re supposed to eat is half of avocado but these avocado here in the u.s are so small they’re like the size of a lemon i could sit there and eat two avocados i knew that my potassium was gonna go up by eating that food or certain food because since i’m not um i’m not a

Meat eater right now as much as i used to and i’m watching my meat and trying to eat mostly vegetables and um trying to reduce my carbs in which i try to eat good carbs but with that the fact that i would not eat the meat i would substitute it with the avocado so i could find myself eating avocado twice or three times a week or sometimes even four times a week

So i could see where my potassium spiked in addition to the medication because the medication does hold back your potassium so like i said if i if i knew that i would have held back the potassium so my this is the whole point of this whole video just do your research now that you know that you’re supposed to watch your potassium level um try to cut back on

Food that are high in potassium because you don’t want that when you do the labs that your potassium um come back high so do your research because i don’t know what else um test work was done what does they look for in the tests um but i know one of the things they did look for was my potassium level so just do your research on the medication it does work but

Like everything else there’s side effects to everything thank god it’s not something drastic or something that is too terrible it’s something that i could control it’s something that i could get back to the level it’s supposed to be so um just do your research just do research that’s all i can say just do research all right guys check out my other videos um

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