March 28, 2023

I got some interesting results back from my blood work recently, which I’m keen to share as well as talking about what that means for my hormone regiment moving forward as well as other life updates.

Hey little guy you’re cute hey guys what is up it is your girl ayla bell and honestly i have a sneaking suspicion that i’m in the first symptoms of covet honestly it’s been fine for the past two years two and a half years of this being out in the world at this point um and yeah i’ve had a lot of scares in the past but i have yet to ever have it so this might

Possibly be the first time we’ll see what happens with it now mainly the reason why i am talking here today is because i got my updates back from my doctor so last time i talked with you guys i had left off at the point that i have been off a spyro for nine months probably more like a year at this point we did this on a whim knowing that there were some examples

Out in the world of people who had high enough estrogen levels through injections that they were able to go off of a testosterone blocker of any kind because the body will naturally suppress whatever hormone is not most dominant it wants to equal like create an equilibrium for itself and that happened to be the case with me so successfully we got the blood work

Back and it shows that i actually don’t need spiral or sopratorone anymore my estrogen levels are high enough that my testosterone just is not coming back which is kind of cool um i’d rather not be putting more stuff into my body than i need but at the same time it’s a bit weird um and they’re having to take a look at it just because their estrogen levels are

Still quite high like way way high so i do my injections once a week you’re supposed to do it like the day before you take your injection or the day that you would take your injection before you take the injection so that you can see what your levels are like at the lowest i did the day before now i did it like friday morning whereas i usually inject saturday

Night it means that my levels should be way lower than they were but they did come back pretty high so the doctors are now reviewing it whether it’s something to be concerned about now in terms of concern it would be a long-term concern if they continue staying so high and ultimately it just puts my liver kidneys at risk and increases the chances of me getting

Something like a blood clot if if it is a concern what they’ll probably end up just doing is saying okay lower the dosage or don’t take it quite as often the doctor will obviously give me advice on anything to do that way so i am patiently waiting for feedback that way but for the time being i seem to be pretty good i’m just ecstatic that i don’t need to take

Spyro anymore and that the doctors don’t see any cause for concern about it it being a detriment on my health at least as long as we can make sure that the estrogen levels are okay sorry i haven’t put up a video in the meantime i’ve been trying to film a video talking about mental health but when i started trying to film it the first time i was in the midst of

Having a panic attack and my ability to kind of tell a story or or explain what’s going on with me in any clear communicative way was almost unbearable and rather than talk about the emotions i was going through i ultimately just started telling my life’s tale of how how my mental health journey has looked like i think it would be nice to talk about my mental

Health journey in time but ultimately there’s a lot to it there’s a lot to unpack um there’s a lot that in today’s day and age might require uh trigger warnings and stuff like that and there’s some of it that maybe i haven’t properly processed or worked on effectively anyways um i would hate to tell some of the scenarios i’ve been through in a sensationalized

Way that more glorifies or promotes some of what i’ve gone through rather than tells it accurately but i guess that’s the difficulty of bias and processing stuff and i either way i’m learning to be content with my journey but i don’t know if i can share all of it at this point in time in a way that is beneficial for others to hear most of it probably but i do

Hope in time hopefully not too much longer i can get some sort of video out talking about mental health because it’s something that’s important to me it’s something that i think needs to be talked about i might try and stay low for a week or so uh one because if i have covid uh i don’t want to be passing it on two if i do have coved it will give me just enough

Time to get kind of cleared up out of it hopefully that um i’ll be safe and okay for my birthday which is quickly coming up and i’ve got some exciting things going on uh just looking forward to seeing friends uh i’m going to my first ever cradle of filth concert which honestly might not be super exciting for a lot of people but um i’ve been a big cradle of full

Fan ever since high school so to see them for the first time now is just going to be absolutely wild and yeah i’ve got some other outings and things planned um and hopefully just getting myself set up in the country just a little more um figuring out where i’m gonna finally station myself where i’m finally gonna live here in canada cause classic gemini and in

The height of gemini season i am trying to figure out where where i might settle and of course it’s one extreme or the other um so just trying to figure it all out and trying to think of what’s going to be like most lucrative for me the focus on what will financially set me up the best for the future so we’ll see what happens there um other than that i tried

Out some a new makeup look i don’t know how i really feel about it and to be honest the lighting is a little intense out here yeah it really does not look great in this camera oh well hey little guy sorry i’m just getting distracted with the wildlife out here the beautiful thing about staying with my dad is i get to see all these awesome little critters uh we

Got hummingbirds and chipmunks and bees all in the foliage here behind me it is absolutely unreal it’s a part of what makes it difficult trying to figure out where i want to live though because a part of me wants to be like a photographer out in the bush just like day in day out like in in nature taking photos of all of this stuff videos of whatever i can

Um and then who knows where you know that could lead in time or i move to the city and you know i might have something a little more lucrative there but the the city really closes you off from nature can close me off from my heart and um i feel like the place that feeds your ego more than it does your soul so i’m trying to choose the balance right now between

Uh ego and soul and everyone who says oh well cut your ego out you know kill your ego off ego death is supreme now man you can go through as many ego deaths as you want you need ego it’s a part of how you have confidence it’s a part of like why you can go to a job and be like i know what i’m worth and i’m not gonna settle for less uh ego also helps you with

Saying like setting boundaries with like unhealthy people and saying like i will not stand or stand for or allow toxic behavior or crap in my life anyhow i think that’s enough of me just feeling about whatever um i will talk to you all soon or shortly or whatever you know what i’m getting at and uh yeah thank you for tuning in and whoever pays attention to

This and keeps up with me i appreciate it and hope to bring this channel back to life

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The End of Spironolactone!? Another HRT and life Update By Ayla Belle