March 28, 2023

Nobody is talking about this… Aspirin as an anti cancer drug.

Your poop should be a bit darker it’ll look blackish and that means you’re bleeding a lot internally nobody is talking about cancer no one has ever talked about aspirin and cancer except meat nobody has ever told you about it and it is the most anti-cancer drug so all the supplements you buy are less effective than aspirin aspirin is it one of those drugs that

Every bodybuilder or anybody who cares about their health needs to be taking i take 82 milligrams of aspirin per day when we do the mass blasts and we put on 30 pounds of muscle in 30 days we always use aspirin but uh does everybody else need to be taking aspirin do bodybuilders in general benefit more from aspirin and what about the aspirin side effects like people

Worry about blood getting too thin and bleeding yeah so let’s talk about that first of all you can get bleeding from fish oil and bleeding is not the end of your life but people seem to think that the bleeding issue is like you take an aspirin and you bleed out and you just die no it’s nothing like that if you start to bleed you’ll get ulcers and you’ll have extra

Bleeding you’ll notice it i mean there are some ways to notice i’ve taken a lot of aspirin i’ve never like pooped blood or peed blood i don’t know what where’s the bleeding happening so that’s what it happens your poop should be a bit darker it’ll look blackish and that means you’re bleeding a lot internally okay it’s not that common and when it is common it isn’t

Deadly what people don’t know because i’ve been talking about aspirin a little bit recently um actually let’s talk about two things first of all a lot of people since i’ve been talking about aspirin tell me hey aspirin was shown not to be that useful for you no it was sure not to be that useful for cardiovascular disease as a total not for cancer nobody is talking

About cancer no one has ever talked about aspirin and cancer except me so when i’m talking about aspirin i’m talking about aspirin’s relation as a anti-cancer drug not as a cardiovascular drug the second thing as i said the side effects people think that you’re just gonna bleed out and die no no it’s it’s much slower than that and you can stop it if it does happen

But but why would we mention aspirin because aspirin is the strongest anti-cancer drug you can get over the counter in the world it is so powerful it reduces colorectal cancer rates by 50 percent a lot of other diseases by that’s one type of cancer what about what about other about about five or six types of cancer that are commonly uh encountered by people are

Reduced by over 40 percent incidence it’s a massive reduction what’s the mechanism that might aspirin help with cancer by reducing the actual inflammation and damage that occurs in the body that then damages cells that those cells then replicate so it’s it’s coming from the actual cause like reducing actual damage to the cells that could mutate them i should make

A comprehensive video one day about this whether it’s a literature review but you can be safe to say if you want guys to learn about this go on search cancer and aspirin and you will be shocked you will be actually surprised why has nobody ever told me about this nobody has ever told you about it and it is the most anti cancer drug so all the

Supplements you buy are less effective than aspirin so when i was researching aspirin dosages in great detail a long time ago i found that the the side effects go up significantly after 82 milligrams it’s like 82 milligrams seemed like the perfect dosage because after that the side effects go up and the benefits don’t go up very much so so like you could get

More benefits from 300 milligrams with the benefits increase is small but the side effects increase is very large 20 is completely right actually the higher dosed aspirin does very poorly actually sometimes for very few cancers it’ll actually do the reverse high dose aspirin can actually make the constant sentence worse but low dose aspirin the baby aspirin the

82 milligrams or 81 is always anti-cancer and not only that interestingly the anti-cancer effect increases the longer you’re on the medication not only within a year or two but within five years seven years such that for certain cancers the most anti-cancer effect you have is after you take a baby aspirin every single day for seven years so it’s not something you

Need to cycle off not at all exactly yeah exactly so this is something nobody’s ever talked about before if you’re scared of cancer this is a drug you can get over the counter that is maybe the most potent anti-cancer drug you can get well you know my approach is i love to take all this different chemistry to make myself stronger and perform better and the problem

Is that some of this chemistry has some side effects but if i can take something as simple as a little bit of aspirin to mitigate some of the side effects of the other things that i take then i get all the benefits of all the wonderful chemistry that i’m using while mitigating the side effects it would be ridiculous not to enhance myself with chemistry this is true

This is true using aspirin as a no-brainer for sure b12 friends of freedom pioneers human evolution and thank you for subscribing foreign

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The Most Anti Cancer Drug | @Leo and Longevity By Tony Huge Censored