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Medical professionals have read it what’s the most obvious case of faking it you’ve witnessed i commonly have young kids who really want glasses because some of their friends have them they’ll come in acting like they can barely see the big e on the chart i changed some lenses in front of their eyes give them a little encouragement that they can see better and they

Can magically read 2020 with little to no prescription they’re not big fans when i tell them they don’t really need glasses my friend did the opposite her school offered eye exams and she’d make sure to be at the back of the line and just recite from memory the letters the other kids had said she was afraid her parents would be mad if they knew she needed glasses

We have a patient at our primary care clinic who claims to be blind he always comes in with sunglasses and a white cane we were always suspicious though something definitely seemed off one day someone followed him out of the building he walked through our nearly empty parking lot and down the street a little ways to a car parked out of view of the clinic he folded up

His cane got into the driver’s seat merged into traffic and drove away called to a bar for a seizure waitress says she delivered his bill and he suddenly went to the floor having a seizure look over at him and he’s laying there flopping his arms and legs around as he looks us right in the eye and screams over and over i’m having a seizure we tell him to stand up so

We can take him to the ambulance he does and starts walking to the door we tell him to hold up gotta pay your bill first man was he mad at us waitress tells us he does this all the time well not today he still took a ride to the hospital though the hospital has good egg salad sandwiches not quite the same thing but in the er a woman came claiming she was in labor

And got on her way to l d l d sent her back saying she was faking it and needed to go to the psych ward quick physical exam showed that was false because the baby was crowning sent her back to l d and from what we heard baby was delivered in the hall on the way there my mom had a patient who said she had passed kidney stones at home and needed painkillers the lady

Actually brought in the kidney stones as proof patients don’t usually do this and the stones were way bigger than people can pass on their own my mom sent them to the lab and they came back as geological origin aka crazy lady picked up small stones from outside to try and get meds i can see some first year calling urology like guys you’re not going to believe this

This lady has volcanic kidney stones veterinarian here for something different performed a cruciate repair on a miniature poodle and of course the dog limped post-op came in for radiographs a month later to confirm healing looked great but dog was still limping two months later the owner was furious that the surgery was a waste of a thousand dollars threatened to

Sue but on examination and re-radiographing the leg i couldn’t find a thing wrong on a hunch i asked the owner to leave the dog with me for additional tests that would be of no cost to her so she went shopping for an hour during that time i set up a video camera to record the dog in the kennel run the moment the dog didn’t hear the owner or the car anymore boom all

Four legs working like a charm dog running around perfectly normal called the owner and asked her to return after half an hour set the camera to record again and the moment the dog heard the familiar car returning the limp came back as well i had a fun few minutes explaining to the owner that the dog was faking the sore leg for attention god the usual oh no my fur

Baby schnookie wookums wouldn’t do such a thing so i showed her the footage clearly showing her dog running around fine as well as showing what happened when her car returned instructed her to ignore the dog while it was limping limp magically went away after a week of not getting attention for it i had a woman come into triage and labor and delivery we ruled her

Out for breaking her water she was mad that she wasn’t going to get induced and be delivered so after i left the room she flooded the bed the floor and herself with tap water literally gallons and gallons of water it was leaking out from under the door so much water it was like that scene in cone heads she said it was her water breaking again quickly ruled her out

And told her she needed to go home she subsequently peed the bed before leaving when i wanted to be a physical therapist i volunteered at one of my local clinics we had a lady who claimed she was in excruciating pain she couldn’t walk more than five feet without literally screaming in pain in the clinic she couldn’t even move her toes without yelling profanities

She kept talking about how her meds ran out and needed more she also started talking about how her whole family thought she was an addict but she swore she wasn’t i started feeling for her a little she seemed nice and she was going through some mess but then once the doctor walked out of the room her and i got to talking about music i told her my uncle was in a

Bluegrass band and she mentioned how much she loved bluegrass she loved it so much that the prior weekend her and her husband spent 14 hours at a festival she was tired was carrying chairs around and dancing and they were traveling to go to another one the day after her appointment when i asked her if she had any pain during the festival she said oh none at all

It was a fantastic weekend and then realized she gave herself up and got real quiet when they told me they were allergic to tylenol acetaminophen but vicodin works really well for them my mom had a frequent flyer at the emergency room she worked at this lady was constantly in unimaginable pain over everything she got a splinter in her finger and that constituted

A 10 on the pain scale and she needed painkillers to deal with it she was a known drug abuser as well she had been caught stealing needles and shoving them up under her huge sweaty boobs the only reason my mom found out was because she came back in to place the ekg pads and to do so she had to lift her boob up to place the pad when she did the needles rolled out

From that point on they had to have a member of security watching her anytime a nurse or doctor left the room she also had a massive arrest record and there were times the cops would bring her to the er instead of an ambulance not a medical professional but worked security in an er once had a guy come in announced that he was going to have a seizure then laid

Down slowly uncomfortably in the floor and didn’t start seizing until he was sure everyone was looking at him then when the nurse who knew he was obviously faking said they were going to have to run a tube down his throat he was suddenly fine surprising number of people try to fake being unconscious but there’s a simple test for that pick up their hand and drop it

Onto their face if they smack their own face they’re unconscious if they move their hand to the side as it drops they’re conscious i just brush my finger across the eyelashes they will flinch their eyes if conscious pediatrician here so my patient was younger and i think influenced by mom this 13 year old kept getting admitted for complaints that never made sense

Lack of smell dizziness seizures that would happen while he was walking slash running heart felt hot etc every specialist under the sun had seen him and cleared him he had every test and imaging study you could think of there was a lot of social stuff going on and this was a hard family to discharge he’d get admitted we’d run 100 tests and as soon as we were about

To discharge him some new symptom would come up the worst thing was once after i’d already written the discharge orders and the nurse called to let me know the patient had gone blind i was grouchy that day and wasn’t having it i went in with a rolled up piece of paper i checked his pupils i used a snellen i went through the whole rigmarole then when i was talking

To his mother without looking i threw the paper at him hard and fast he yelped and dodged it i told mom that they were going home so this happened a few months ago on my psychiatry rotation in med school there was a patient at an inpatient psychiatric facility for suicidal ideation she constantly insisted that she had a mass on her breasts and demanded to be

Physically examined only by male doctors when the psychiatrist i was rotating under declined to perform a physical exam she asked me to do it during my daily patient interview i also declined physical exam but had a bit of a hunch to check her medical records it turned out she had an ultrasound done a week before that found only normal breast tissue without masses

However apparently this lady had frequented many doctor’s offices with various complaints of an unspecific nature and would usually focus on breasts or vaginal complaints when she visited male physicians offices we diagnosed her with fectitious disorder formerly known as munchausen syndrome and histrionic personality disorder it seems her goal was mostly attention

From medical professionals she had a lot of issues but we also had to be careful to make sure she wasn’t fishing for a lawsuit patients like her are why doctors document everything meticulously dude had severe and permanent back pain he was prescribed vicodin and he mysteriously ran out halfway through the month consistently obviously dude is taking extra right

He’s acting clueless and is beside himself when we tell him our suspicions through this entire time his wife is his biggest advocate even when he says i don’t really need it i’ll survive his wife is having none of it she is his biggest support ultimately we decide to take away the vicodin and his wife immediately thunders i need my freaking vicodin oh yours huh

She sold herself out i had a patient who was supposedly comatose but was giving a few mixed signs when it came to making a definitive judgment there’s a test called a drop arm test where you raise the patient’s arm over their head and drop it a non-comatose patient will move their arm on their own to avoid hitting themselves in the face but i had a different idea

With the nurse in the room i said okay our defining test if his arm stays straight up unassisted he is comatose i let go of his arm and it stayed totally upright the guy did himself in i told him shortly after that the gig was up and he had no medical reason to be admitted he was raising his hand for permission to come out of the coma duh my grandma used to work

With a lady at a hospital funny enough that would always say she got an on-the-job injury and needed to take a few weeks workmen’s comp a doctor there would somehow always give her a note and she would get a free week or two vacation come back for a month and do it again obviously milking the system one day her boss said okay but there’s nothing for you to do here

On light duty usually we’d send you home until you’re better but we’re going to have you come in until you’re better but there’s nothing for me to do she said he told her i know bring a magazine or something it’ll be a long day sitting in the break room she lasted two days and never pulled that stunt again when i was a labor nurse the emergency room set up a gal

Who said she was in labor she was a sturdier lady so it was hard to tell no prenatal care no fetal heart tones didn’t ultrasound she’d had a hysterectomy she and her partner insisted we were wrong because they prayed and knew they were having their miracle baby good luck with that ma’am no miracle baby here there was no womb at the inn we had a patient come in on a

Worker’s comp case with severe injuries to the chest he states that while working in a grocery store parking lot a female deer spots him from a distance and decides she wants him when she gets close to him she kicks him in the chest several times and then head butts his kneecaps in once he’s on the ground she stomps on his chest and head he wakes up several hours

Later and immediately comes to us not only was his story completely ridiculous but he didn’t have a single mark on his body no bruising no swelling no broken bones just nothing he raided the pain at a 10 out of 10 without a single scratch on his body needless to say he got his claim denied i am an x-ray tech and when i was a student these two people came in a man

Who was pushing a woman on a wheelchair with an ankle boot they both looked like junkies anyway they came in with a prescription for an ankle x-ray they ask if she has to take off the boot and i said yes because obviously it would superimpose on the anatomy she all of a sudden starts crying saying that it was too painful no tears the man said she broke her ankle

In three places some time ago and her ankle became curved when she takes the boot off okay dude ankle x-rays are easy take off your shoes and socks three views boom done but no says she cannot get on the exam table and she needs people to hold her ankle together we literally had four x-ray techs working this high profile case one to hold the digital cassette one

To hold her ankle in place one to hold the chair we had to put her ankle on and one to push the button to shoot we did this all while she was screaming in pain and she even said kill me please the funny thing all the x-rays showed no abnormal findings no old fractures no screws or plates of any past injuries literally a perfect intact ankle they wanted painkillers

For sure they looked like drug addicts and had a plan to get more so annoying please leave your story in the comments i would love to make a video on them in the future also don’t forget to like and subscribe

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