June 9, 2023

How Prozac has improved my life, and why I am going to stop taking it.

Okay hi everyone if i were to give a update on fluoxetine how it’s going for me because i haven’t done a video in a while and um people have been asking how it’s going so like i thought i would just talk about somehow if i do a video i talk about the positives and the negatives of of fluoxetine for me like how it’s affected me so far in good and bad ways and i’ve

Recently reduced my dose i was taking i think 40 milligrams like two tablets a day and i’ve recently gone back to taking one and it’s with a view to try and tape off and end up not taking them anymore because i was getting some problems with it which i’ll talk about em later on this video but it’s i also want to say it’s kind of like it it’s it was a bit of a heavy

Heart i’m giving it up if you if that makes sense because i feel like i feel like him it had really really good benefits for me and you know i’m kind of sorry to have to give it up really so i’ll talk about some of the positives applauded seen and how it’s helped like i think i think basically it’s it just it in a lot of ways it’s made me into a better person which

Is kind of weird to say but i like i think that’s true with the with the anxiety why i’ve noticed like what i didn’t know its beforehand but why i’ve noticed since taking the fluoxetine and as the anxieties gone away is how much it sort of affected everything in might like day-to-day interactions just as much as like just little things of walking down the street

You know like my walk my body language the way i interacted with people my tone of voice all these things it’s just my like approach to life like you know going outside like i used to have to sit around in the house for about half an hour sort of psyching myself up just to go walk up to the shops or something like that and now it’s like that’s just gone i can just

Go out and you know a dump i’m got he’s like irrational anxieties anymore like just like talking to people a lot lot less irritable a lot karma a lot happier i work in a retail and i’ve noticed that my my my work like my m what’s the word for it my job performance has improved immeasurably as a result one is like i’m not really bothered about like sales like you

Know i push in sales on people i’m not one of these like pushy salespeople or anything but like it just like naturally like my like him you know like sales for like how many people you get to sign up for like a loyalty card or whatever um you know like i said i’m not pushy person with them i don’t really care people sign up from or not but just naturally like

For me having like a more open you know more sort of inviting body language and happier and they’re looking looking people in the eyes when they’re talking to me and smiling and all these things which i didn’t really notice you know i haven’t made made a conscious effort to change but it’s just naturally from having this anxiety go away it’s just it’s that’s how

It’s like improved me as a person and yeah and like like i say my performance of work has gone up like i’m just stuff like you know like then my energy levels at work like know how fast it would take me to get a job done and my confidence as well in like sort of like if a customer asked me for us if we’ve got something in and say oh no we haven’t sorry you know

I worked in the same place for a seven years i i pretty much know where it is it’s just like i know i noticed since taking it that my way of answering questions from people as has changed like i used to say uh i don’t think so like oh no i don’t think we’ve got a and i’ve gone ask someone else cuz i’d i’d feel like him anxious that i wasn’t i was giving mike a

Wrong answer or something where’s now i just feel confident cause like i do know it and it’s just like you know i haven’t got like irrational anxieties controlling my methods yeah so like a lot of ways like that in my job but also how that translates into just everyday just interacting with people just being happier and more like you know just being able to like

Talk to people random people and you know just i think stuff like that will improve your quality of life and if i hadn’t taken the fluoxetine i wouldn’t have seen that side of myself really i wouldn’t have known that that was how the the anxiety was and depression was affected and affected my personality and you know my interactions like i wouldn’t have got that

Different perspective unless i’d taken the pills well so i think of all the benefits cuz you know and i think i’ve told about one of her videos you know just just like my mood elevated and you know i’m not getting knocking like randomly annoyed by stupid little petty things and sleeping was better i can’t remember what else you know but then i want to talk about

The negatives the ones that the reason why i’ve started decided to start tapering off and eventually stop taking it because i did start to encounter a few problems with it and they they were okay at first the side effects but they started getting a stronger and more more sort of alarming the worst one was the tiredness which i’ve talked about on other videos where

I said ice it’s not too bad like it would just come and go i could deal with it well the tiredness just sort of got worse and worse and worse sometimes it go away for a few weeks but then like it come back eventually it was just like i was just sleeping for like ten hours a day i’m waking up getting up for a few hours if i wasn’t in work i just end up walking

Around house for a bit and then lying on the sofa and falling asleep again for several hours one night two hours it might maybe so it was like twelve hours of sleep a day and if anytime i was like in a car or just sat down you know i could go for a meal at my mother-in-law’s house and i’d have my dinner and i just said dad i’d like fall asleep instantly and just

Just randomly just fall asleep just like like like a light bulbs gone off and i’m just just asleep and if i was in work and like up on my feet it didn’t really affect me that much but yeah when i was whenever i stopped i just fell asleep and it was getting really bad like i was getting so tired it was like affecting me it was like negatively impact in my life more

Than the benefits i was getting from the tablets another thing i was getting was um which i’m still kind of got was like kind of nervous tick i don’t really know how to explain it it’s like him it’s like a sudden jolt like that like i’ve become like i just be sat there that like lincoln and i was getting about 20 times a day i’d be sat there and as an ego like

Jolt like all my muscles or tense up and it was a kind of femme i don’t know it it’s kind of it was starting to worry me like you felt like a bad side effect from the tablets and i thought this isn’t right well i’m going to nip this in the bud i don’t want to end up with like a yeah i imagine as a lot of people with tourette’s get like it tensing it seemed to be

Like like i’d be thinking of something which was like would give me momentary anxiety but like i’d like tense up and i block out of my mind but unconsciously and that like my body would suddenly tense and it was gone and then i don’t know it just feels wrong it’s like it’s it’s almost if my body’s having a physical reaction to am blocking out all this anxiety i

You know the pills must be sort of blocking it somehow but it’s like my body’s fighting back somehow honestly it sounds weird it was in them i’ve gone back down to 20 milligrams and i’m still getting it a little bit but it seems to be going away and then yeah another thing was i was just getting like really sort of like every morning my walcorp i was getting like

Really depressive thoughts like um i don’t want to say like suicidal it wasn’t like you know no contemplating suicide or anything like that i’ve never i’ve never been that bad with depression and stuff but like to commit contemplate suicide but it was like thoughts of that nature were kind of intruded into my brain almost like every morning i’d wake up and i’d be

I’d have thoughts of like i really dark thoughts i don’t really know what where it was coming from you know it’s not like i’ve got anything any sort of extra stress at the moment it felt more like it was just it felt like an alien thought was sort of entering my mind and it was it was starting to worry me it feels like maybe these the way the tablets like how it’s

So blocks out a lot of stuff it sort of maybe it’s how it starts to seep out in other ways i don’t really know but i’m so like that dark thoughts weird twitching and sleeping problems also are grinding my teeth constantly like especially in my sleep just a grind in my teeth like come on i’m some kind of drug or something which i am but you know like i’m on some kind

Of a narcotic okay i’m petty min or something i don’t know um anyway that those those three symptoms we’re getting three or four symptoms were getting worse and worse and more and more concerning to me so i went to the doctor and just said look him you know these tablets are like and they’re really have helped me so much but like i really don’t want these simmonds

To get any worse i’m just i just need to nip it in the bud now cuz it’s it’s concerning to me so he said okay so i think i’ve been taking over about ten months now and then he said right yeah you don’t have to taper off and you can’t just stop taking them straight away but he said take go back down to one tablet and then see how it goes and then if you you know in

A couple of weeks i’m gonna go back to see you and see how i’m getting on a lot of those symptoms have gone away i’ve only been taking the 20 milligram for a few days now maybe four or five days and i see i feel like quite a lot better those a lot of those symptoms have gone away that i still get a little bit of a twitch now and then um but i’ve noticed like i’m

Getting more irritable i feel bit more sort of spiky and i don’t know it’s kind of it’s nice because i like i say i’ve had another perspective of how these negative things affect me and maybe now i can just sort of change them naturally without having to have to the tablets you know maybe i can just look at how i was on the tablets and hi i’m off them and make

Those changes so i’ll see how it goes maybe i’ll just stick to 20 milligrams a day if it goes alright but i think i’m probably gonna end up going off from completely i don’t like like i would want to say again like i say on all these videos the side effects hadn’t apposite effects up again are all just my personal take on it and you know i don’t want you to think

That that’s how it’s gonna affect you you know this isn’t meant to be any sort of advice for anyone it’s just a personal sort of diary in blog of how it’s been going for me and i am yeah there you go i just wanted to say that because yeah i don’t know i i was getting a bit worried about those side effects and yeah i probably all i want to say i’m gonna keep these

Short because i want to go on 20 minutes talking about tablets and things and just people ask me about them and i thought i’d do an update so i’ll keep on with this dose for a while and then maybe he started to come off and completely say i’ll see how it goes i was getting oh last night i couldn’t sleep and then when i did sleep i was getting like nightmares i

One time my wife like was shaking my arms and wake me up because i was like family i was like choking in my sleep and i was like like shaking around grabbin i like grabbed all of her and stuff and i was treating about it’s like weird goblin thing talking to me so i’m yeah i don’t know i’ve not really had any nightmares when i whilst i’ve been on there fluoxetine

Um 40 milligrams so i don’t know if it’s a some kind of side effect like withdrawal side effect but yeah i’m getting some like sleep of problems now because it’s changing my dose but there we go input or any experiences similar to mine let me know in the comments and thanks for watching

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The Positives and Negatives of Fluoxetine (The Antidepressant Diaries Day 288) By Channel Fadge