January 26, 2023

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Hey guys today we’re gonna talk about potassium and i don’t know if you knew this but the prehistoric diet was very high in potassium currently an average male consumes about 3,000 milligrams potassium honestly i think it’s less than that but these are these are the numbers that i got women about a little more than 2000 milligrams of potassium okay per day the rda

For potassium is 4700 prehistorically and there’s limited data on this but the data that i found ranges between 7,000 and 15,000 milligrams of potassium that’s a lot of potassium our bodies need a lot of potassium for many reasons one is that each cell has a sodium potassium pump so it uses a lot of those minerals to create energy and move things around in the

Body prehistorically potassium was consumed through greens tubers and roots i’m gonna recommend stick with the greens and not do any type of potatoes but the body is very flexible with potassium if it has too much it gets rid of it if it doesn’t have enough it does retain it and also when you’re doing in a minute fasting you will conserve potassium and you won’t

Need as much okay fyi but the body does hold sodium so what’s even a little bit more important than the quantity of these minerals is the ratio of the minerals you need four times as much potassium to sodium an average person in america has a one to four ratio very light on the potassium very heavy on the sodium not even from the foods but from the refined carbs

That deplete potassium and then ahold sodium so when you do a high carb diet you’re holding a lot of sodium and you’re in you’re losing on a potassium so you have this severe imbalance so when your potassium deficient or you’re on a potassium deficiency i mean meaning that you’re not consuming enough vegetables you tend to get high blood pressure and a high pulse

Rate eventually kidney stones insulin resistance one way to improve insulin resistance is to increase your potassium when you have insulin resistance you can’t absorb potassium but taking more can improve insulin resistance but not having enough can throw off your blood sugars big-time not having enough potassium can increase your risk of stroke one big symptom is

Fatigue and low endurance you go to the gym you just don’t have that vitality can’t last that long also you increases your risk for cardiac hypertrophy what does that mean it means the heart actually enlarges when you take potassium and actually can go to the normal size that it needs the problem though when you go to your doctor and get your potassium assess is

They’re looking in the blood outside the cell well only 2% of your potassium reserves are outside the cell 98% are inside the cell that’s why they’re gonna miss it you have to do a special test which is intracellular potassium and the way people are deficient in potassium is they’re not consuming enough of the right foods okay so i’m going to show you in my book

This book okay i’m page 122 i listed a lot of vegetables okay so what you’re going to notice when you read this is that most of the foods on this list are so high in potassium and so low in sodium it’s not even the four to one ratio it’s probably like 12 to 1 okay but we do need some sea salt for sure especially when you’re doing in a bit of fasting and healthy

Ketosis but the point i’m trying to bring up is that when you do ketosis make sure you do it healthily and make sure you do foods that are high in potassium it just so happens though those foods are also high in magnesium the two top minerals that most people are deficient in now high sugar diets will deplete potassium refined carbohydrates will deplete potassium

And stress will do it too so this is why if you go through surgery for example they may give you some potassium in an iv before hand or during because the high levels of stress that occur under surgery can deplete your potassium levels interesting so anything with stress injury shock surgery you need more potassium if you don’t have enough in your reserve you can

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The Sodium-Potassium Ratio Should Be 4:1 – Dr. Berg On Potassium Deficiency Symptoms By Dr. Eric Berg DC