January 26, 2023

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Okay i’m probably going to have to make sure okay i’m gonna have to cut off her face or cover it up or whatever because i don’t this is not a dish trust and believe trust and believe this girl this young lady’s channel is 1800 times bigger than mine but um i was i watch a lot of her videos about like disappearances or murders and mysteries and stuff like that and i

Just happen to catch a comment about koneko and i was like well that’s kind of weird because this has absolutely nothing to do with kanika absolutely nothing and then i was mad because the person who made the comment spelled her name wrong if i said let me let this lie just read that a side effect of superior meat can cause fevers and increased body temperatures or

Prevent you from sweating so that might explain why she was in the freezer but the drug isn’t used recreationally because it doesn’t give you a high if anything the opposite so for the circumstances of the party it doesn’t really make sense and we also know that she didn’t take that drug because she doesn’t have seizures right so you know i got to lurk in i read

Some more cuz they asked her they asked a person you know what she do another what does she think about it you know what she do another video on it and she said i have not had time to sit down and use videos of the trash bag but i have seen the pictures that were released of kanika i’m glad she spelled the name right while i do honestly believe a lot of things

Could be explained i do think the private investigation needs to continue to me it is an obvious foul play that’s where i disagree however there are too many questionable things to totally ignore and rule out foul play altogether i agree with that statement but i totally disagree with it is an obvious foul play how can you honestly say it is an obvious foul play

When we see the trash bag on her nail the cuts and scrapes on her face and body her hair is unkempt but she did not walk into that building like that the floor is all dirty her shoe is out of her pants are unzipped her pocket is out etc etc etc so how is it that obvious foul play they were saying that the drug was found in her system not in her drink the drug was

Found in her system not her drink so i guess she’s trying to say it doesn’t necessarily mean her drink was tampered with with disappear mate the level was not high it was at a therapeutic level which is basically equivalent to the recommended dose of any over-the-counter medication there are different levels therapeutic which is usually the minimal dose in the

Doses or does not cause toxicity tea a concentration dose would be more than what is needed to provide the desired effects it is not a common street drug however when it is used in conjunction with alcohol so taking the same time you are drinking it enhances the effects of one or both the drug was to pierre mead and it treats on multiple things however known side

Effects are dizziness impaired judgement and overheating and alcohol only worsens those symptoms however she wasn’t prescribed that medication so she either got it from someone or someone did record it is used to basically enhance the effects of alcohol essentially okay here’s my thing i am not going to subscribe to the fact that she walked into that freezer i

Have never and i never will if we go with that that theory that she was hot and she walked into the freezer here’s a problem that i’m having that doesn’t explain all the obvious signs of foul play that i just licked that i just mentioned the a fer mentioned like that doesn’t explain explain i haven’t gone to the rosemont website recently so i don’t know if they

Even still have all the case files and photos and videos and stuff like that but i know they were still finding more shots of her or of the the teenagers and all that because it’s just it’s a lot of footage ah it’s a lot so i’m taking back when i said people are still putting up surveillance because we technically we haven’t seen at all that’s a lot of footage but

What we have seen is edited can i be real or not and people want to know people want to know what my motives are and what my purpose and intent for even for having ever talked about this case and it’s just to bring awareness to the fact that something can obviously be botched and yet people will here’s a problem i’m having i’m sure people will still say there’s no

Foul play i’m noticing the majority of people that say that are white people and that bothers me because i’m like um seriously anyone with eyes can see that that young lady was why was her tooth missing that was another thing obvious foul play she didn’t walk in there with a missing tooth like okay you can say and you can argue that she got all those cousin scrapes

Because she was trying to fight her way out of the freezer but why would she break her own tooth huh and was that two playing in the freezer with her i don’t recall seeing that i took for an elective some forensic investigation type classes in college and i remember we had like my crime scenes that we to go to when we had to collect evidence and we had to write

A reports and stuff like that we did a better job in that class then rosemont did on the actual scene and somebody pointed out we never saw a yellow tape they never secured i mean we’ve been through this ten times over we know that but this comment these comments really got to me because i was like okay well let me not think about tanika right now let me watch

Some different type of youtube videos and then bam some random you know i like seeing the fact that all races have come together and and and become outraged over this whole kanika case because that’s a beautiful thing and i ain’t gonna lie sometimes you need white people here you need white people are your team and help get some you know i’m saying get get i’ma

Tell you what don’t say right on me and i’ve always wanted to do a video on this but i never have now let me know what y’all think in the comments about this if y’all want me to do a video on and i’m not but i was like i really don’t want to do a video on it because that dude was creepy it was the white guy i was dragging around a little white girl about a risk

Oh the body language says the little girl didn’t really know him wasn’t comfortable and he was creepy and i’ve always wanted to do a video um you know but i was like yeah i’ve seen videos of him from other people but you know how you can just have a spirit of discernment something wasn’t right about old dude in that whole situation and i read that a lot of people

Come up missing every year of all races and we never ever ever hear anything about and we do you understand that those are families out there grieving y’all grieving and they never find out what happened today if i honestly believe that those people come up missing because of organ harvesting i really feel like organ harvesting is so much more prevalent than

We know and that’s why we have to be careful do not go anywhere alone it’s been people didn’t come amiss and they just want to go check the mailbox yeah i’m not saying be paranoid but i mean try to do things in a day time if possible cuz i’ve been checking my own self a lot more like don’t don’t don’t put yourself in a situation to come up missing you know don’t

I’ve been checking myself cuz after you know doing you know researching this stuff you know as a as a black female with our organs being very very valuable especially african-american do you research whatever and what are you i’m very valuable like a lot of people are valuable i told y’all our organs all of our organs are worth anywhere from five hundred thousand

To a million dollars on the black market right so while we’re walking around do you need to did lollygagger we have to be very men when i told you i almost got snatched at the big locks on my other channel that’s a great possibility that i was targeted you see what i’m saying for that very reason i don’t want y’all looking up on wikipedia disappearance of 26 year

Old tiffany moneygrab i don’t want you looking trying to find me in cigarette safe named drake but let me know which i think about this whole drug situation do you feel like she was drugged at was her drink drugs i know that girls and i’m about to eat his drink to that girl but it could have just been a regular drink also let me know what y’all think of the new

Footage of quita and jazzy and all of them don’t want up the and throwing up 666 and you know i’ll see and all that what is that about even jazzy when she was coming from the the jay jay money breeds funeral or on her way to one she kept throwing up hand signs some i think some people told me oh that’s gang-related again you would think at some point like i said

They will be done what i like it don’t take me lose four five six seven eight nine ten i don’t care if it’s four five six seven eight in the morning boy you’re better got me if you think if you lay on there ah it wouldn’t take me that long to know it’s time to leave and also i want to point this out i am not making light or joking about her uncle dying or anybody

Dying for that matter i don’t joke like that i made joke at some of the comments that are be that we left under my videos or anything like that but i do not joke about somebody’s death i just have a very i have a i laugh a lot and i joke a lot and i think that my role on youtube talking about this case and anything is too sometimes it’s very sad and sometimes it’s

Okay to smile and laugh especially when we can’t do nothing about it i know people say i only want to get this case reopened i don’t think it’s gonna happen so my purpose is to just make sure nobody else ends up in this situation that’s my purpose for making videos for those that i want to know shedding light on this situation and all these other cases so that we

Can try our best not to end up in the same situation i make the same mistakes right it’s your grad tiffany and draper you know it let me know what you think in the comments

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