March 28, 2023

Hello i have an appointment for 12 o’clock for emily farrow perfect and i’ll get you checked in and take you back to roommate okay perfect okay follow me okay here’s roommate the nurse i’ll be in to get some information just a little bit okay okay okay come in hi hello there i’m jordan i’ll be your nurse taking care of you can you tell me your name and date

Of birth emily farrow01501 thank you so i see that you’ve been gaining some weight oh yes a lot wait okay how about how many pounds nine pounds nine pounds in what amount of time nine days this can’t be happening i got a bikini shoe coming up but we’re gonna take care of that okay oh good have you ever had this weight of this amount of weight gain before no

Never never hey do you mind hopping on the scale and we’ll double check that weight okay 290 pounds oh what do you tweet yourself about 280. all right go ahead and have a seat okay are you feeling any pain right now i’m uncomfortable uncomfortable okay well i’m gonna do a quick set of vital signs okay and check your blood pressure is that okay if i do this

Wow 175 over 101. oh wow that’s awesome have you had high blood pressure in the past apparently they diagnosed me with something called hypertension oh okay yeah and you know what that is no but 170 is that’s a good one that’s worth it for you have you what’s the highest that you’ve ever seen oh you know like 190 180s oh okay well even though it is lower for

You it’s still pretty high okay are you treating it with any medications um ginger ale okay anything else any actual pharmaceutical ginger and some herbs like ginger ginger okay okay i’m gonna listen to your lungs and your heart all right perfect listen to your lungs now take a deep breath one more okay now just breathe normally and listen to your heart

Okay so it does sound like you got a lot going on in your lungs is it hard for you to breathe it sounds like it’s hard for you to breathe okay i’m just gonna check oh my gosh see those hands swollen that is how long have they been swollen like this like nine ten days something like have they ever swelled up like this oh no okay you don’t think i could be a

Hand model with this do you you know you would set a trend maybe be different yeah okay can you hold up your arm and look yours i’m just gonna check your pulses and your feet too or they ever been swollen like this before okay just gonna check the pulses really fast okay do you have anything else that you feel like i should know any significant medical history

Besides your heart failure i don’t think so what’s your diet looking like oh my diet’s the best okay tell me about mcdonald’s every single day cannot go without it mcdonald’s for breakfast gotta have it okay gotta have a big mac with it too oh for breakfast yes oh delicious okay lunch at least four bags of chips salt and vinegar salt and mint chips big bags big

Like costco family size okay and then dinner i have like at least two pounds of ham some baked beans and i kind of like to cut back and be a little healthy so i’ll throw in some popsicles okay for dessert uh yes dessert everything everything um i love pop okay pop is the best how much pop do you drink a date oh about about eight eight cups of pop every day like

The big cups from maverick cake cups do you drink anything else besides pot no that i hate water hate the way it tastes tastes like nothing hate it like pop okay no water well i’m gonna go get the doctor okay and discuss what we’ve talked about and tell her exactly what’s going on okay then she’ll come visit you okay great all right oh yes hi what do we got we

Have patient in room 8. her name is emily she is 21 years old and she is here for extreme amount of weight gain okay we weighed her this morning and she is at 290 pounds goodness she said she gained nine pounds over nine days and she’s never had this amount of weight gain so fast before i don’t think anyone has goodness okay she has a history of right-sided heart

Failure she is super swollen she has three plus pink edema bounding pulses wheezing lungs and she’s very hypertensive i got 175 over 101. and she said that that’s low for her oh okay and she does not take anything for hypertension except for ginger and ginger ale all right hey her diet is mcdonald’s in the morning with a big mac lunches chips salt and vinegar

Three big bags from costco dinner two pounds of ham baked beans and then about eight cups of soda the big cup for maverick yes no water all right how is this girl standing i better go take a look i’ll be out of here in no time 2 000 years later what up doc emily it’s dr prego how are you great good good so looking at your chart here there is definitely more

Of you to love than last time i saw you oh yeah well tell me what’s going on oh man i used to be a little bit skinnier than this i weighed about 280. i have a bikini shoe coming up so this is not looking good for that oh yeah um now i’m like at 290 like in the last nine days or so yes i look a little more puffier than usual is it noticeable um what a great

Question you know no i don’t care no yeah don’t worry sweetie just good you’re fine i’m sure no one will notice um i’m a little uncomfortable i’m a little like you know just not feeling like my usual self well i see you have quite the diet almost the stomach of still there oh best diet ever yeah well why don’t we go ahead and look at your legs it sounded like

They uh we’re a little different than normally what they are oh oh goodness honey yeah i’d i’d see we’re uh holding on to some water there oh yeah something like that oh yeah all right well we definitely uh have some hidden edema is what we’re calling it so when i push on you my finger it just sinks right in there what all you know probably everything kind

Of a hot mess today yeah so you’ve got too much fluid in your body yeah interesting yeah and so i was looking at your history and you’ve got heart failure and blood high blood pressure so i think what we need to do today to try to get this under control especially for that shoot you got coming up and yeah hopefully we can get that under control we’re going to

Get you something called furosemide okay also a lasik oh hopefully it will uh take care of that does that come in a jello shot form oh i i’ll have to look into that have you heard anything nurse about changes with that i haven’t but people get pretty creative oh yeah okay maybe call pick me up or something see if they can give you a little extra yeah that would

Be nice yeah so let me go which pharmacy do you use oh let’s see um i think it’s the walgreens walgreens here in town walgreens here in town okay well i’m gonna go write you up some scripts oh perfect see you about this because this medicine is for um to help with that blood pressure and um we definitely get for heart failure too so okay so i’ll leave you in

The nurse’s great hands i’m gonna go write you up some stuff and i’ll be back okay i’m gonna educate you okay oh perfect so you’ve never taken any diuretic before uh in the past no okay so diuretic it’ll help like the doctor said with your fluid all this fluid retention okay that’ll help your blood pressure and then just the functioning of your heart okay because

Your heart sounded pretty weak when i listened to it and it’s also going to clear that fluid out of your lungs oh okay okay not just your your feet and your hands so you’ll be able to breathe better and not be so wheezy okay gotcha okay so like every medicine there are some side effects and i have trusty google here we’re gonna go over some of them okay perfect

Because there are side effects doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have them all okay the main thing is just your body adjusting to it and getting that fluid off okay so you might feel a little tired a little fatigued as the water is coming off yeah okay and with that you’re gonna be peeing a lot a lot okay all right but you gotta pee should i wear a diaper

No no no sometimes i have accidents during that’s okay well during the night but i think if you have access to a toilet you use the toilet use the toilet all right so like i said before just that tiredness peeing a lot you might get some pain some body aches and especially in your lower extremities and your hands okay just that’s just the water the water we’re

Relieving from your system okay okay it’s just that’s the process of it you might just your hands and feet might get a little achy because there’s so much water in here okay yeah look at that okay the last thing you might get a fever all right a fever a fever yep again just kind of your body’s response to all of this all this stuff going on for you okay okay

Okay you also one more your poop might be black oh okay not very pretty don’t worry about it okay that’s normal that’s normal with lasix okay the only time that you should ever come to the doctor with your poop is if there’s blood in it okay so you’re telling me i’m gonna black things out yes oh you might it’s a possibility now if there’s a little bit of blood

I come to the doctor yes just a little bit okay okay okay so you take ginger oh yeah ginger you can’t take ginger with this medication okay it’s contraindicated all right oh where’s my ginger okay oh here it is let me just take the rest of these okay all right i want you to cut back on the pot okay and i want you to replace it with water like eight liters

Maybe six maybe six yeah what about seven we can do seven okay that’s fine that’s a compromise i like that idea and you say you don’t like water right it’s like okay do you know there’s flavorings for it right you can get little crystal like packets a little flavoring they have pretty good flavors they might have a ginger flavor do they have mountain dew flavor

You know what they might they might okay they might check on amazon everything okay exercise how much exercise do you do zero i hate walking i do not what about every two days go for a walk around the block oh around the block around the maybe to your mailbox and back mailbox i could do okay let’s start with the mailbox let’s get walking okay and then as this

Fluid lifts from your body and excretes out it’ll be easier for you to do it okay okay so you won’t feel as tired um shortness of breath anything like that as the fluid comes off okay interesting all right no more mcdonald’s oh no can do nurse i am leaving it there oh my heart a heart attack cold blue cochlea crash cart coming in gosh we’re so short staffed

Here am i the only one hey get some oxygen going for ya okay initiating cpr okay emily how are you feeling i’m feeling good now i feel like my heart had like needed that relapse almost well yeah so we checked your lab levels after we got you after i revived you because no one works around here your opponent’s level’s super super high okay appears you had a

Heart attack all right you know why no mcdonald’s mcdonald mcdonald’s okay especially with your heart failure okay we can’t have you doing that because i won’t be here 24 7 around in your life trying to resuscitate you okay i guess you’re right okay all right so the doctor should be here to prescribe you that lasix perfect okay and then we’ll go over when you

Take it and how much it is okay awesome but you’re feeling good i am your heart strong i have never been better honestly let’s not let that happen again okay all right we’re ready to get you out of here yes so i’ve got two prescriptions for you the ferocion that we talked about okay the bathroom will love you yes and because you’re gonna pee so much you’re gonna

Get rid of all the good stuff in your body so i’m going to give you a supplement of potassium okay okay and um we talked about the no ginger no she took them all earlier so we’re done we’re done okay yeah that was your last i might have a few in my cabinet at home i’m gonna take a few of those no no no no no no no go so um to increase your potassium as well we

Can have bananas potatoes oranges spinach and raw carrots no big mac big mac does not have potassium no no i don’t think it has anything even if you get tomato on the big mac oh yeah we need to see you back in two weeks oh um but we need you to come back in here okay i’ll see what i can do on that possibly all right well i’ll leave this here done my part and

She’ll finish up with you perfect so everything looks good besides your triponin but we got you some imagine your heart seems to be working fine now okay oh good okay so your lasix your potassium no ginger no mcdonald’s healthy foods do you think you can do that yes you can i’m going to take that as a yes okay i can do anything i am inevitable you are free to go

Man perfect anything else we can do for you no okay you gotta take my goldfish for a walk okay that’s fine yeah do that need some air okay out of that tank right suffocating right right okay okay it’s time to take my first night that feels good 2 000 years later ah yeah that’s a lot of peace i’m back for my two-week appointment and i’m cleared for my bikini shoot

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The truth about Furosemide By Erin Shelton