January 27, 2023

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new here welcome my name is jason livier and on my channel you can expect videos on beauty fashion fitness and my lifestyle so guys please remember to like this video and to subscribe to my channel and ring the bell notification so you can be notified whenever i upload a new video also you can follow me on instagram

If you want to keep updated with everything that i am up to because i do post more often on instagram so guys today we are going to be talking about the female periods and different things that are available on the market to stop the periods or just anything of this sort so if you do not like talking about the female periods if it disgusts you then please do

Not watch this video because probably you would not enjoy like talking about it but if you do enjoy talking about the female periods and different things that are available on the market to stop the female periods then let’s just get into this video so guys for all of you guys who stay tuned every week for my video you would know that i recently came back from

Dalaman turkey and i had such an amazing time so i hope you guys enjoy my vlog that i did prepare on my trip i did get a lot of feedback from my friends and my family and they said that they did enjoy the video even though i had my recording was so awful and i was like so embarrassed about it so thank you guys so much for the support on that as well so to get

Into it um for my holiday um my partner and i did book my holiday around when my period was due to come and i was like so annoyed because most of the time like when we are booking a holiday is either my period is due to come or my period actually comes on the holiday because my body is shocked because of the climate change or something of this sort like something

Is always going on with my periods and it just disgusts me when we booked the holiday it was around the time that my period was due to come so i’ve always been hearing that there are like different polls that you can take in order to stop your period so i was like then i went on google and i start researching different things that i can do in order to stop my

Periods so then i bounce upon this pill called norrish stream i would write the name down on the screen because i’m not too sure if i’m pronouncing it properly so i saw the pill and i saw that it stops your period and you have to take it three days before your period but i was actually two days before my period is due so i was like i’m not too sure if this is

Gonna work so eventually i just like said okay i’m gonna check in the pharmacy because it says that you don’t need a prescription or anything to get this pill so eventually i went into the pharmacy it’s when i reached to the pharmacy the pharmacist closed and the lady was like you just missed it it closed like five minutes ago so again i went back on the high

Street running again trying to find your next pharmacy open then i phoned the next pharmacy and when i eventually reached it they were like unfortunately we can’t give you this pill because your gp need to give you a prescription i was like what but i read online that you don’t need a prescription for this and he was like no you need a prescription for these

Pills and i was like really and he was like yes unfortunately i would not be able to give you these pills guys this was like the worst time ever so i eventually said okay let me try to call my gp and see if they can prescribe the pulse from me tomorrow and hopefully my periods don’t come so i called my gp and they were like um unfortunately we can’t do this over

The phone you would have to request the prescription via the clinic app so since coronavirus my gp has an app that they use that you have to go on that app if you need like to request a prescription or anything of the sort so i push i so i went onto the app and i requested the prescription so i was like okay i don’t know if i’m gonna get it in time so now my

Entire holiday is ruined because if my periods come and when i’m on holiday guys it’s like if i’m in like a photo shoot or if i’m on the catwalk you know i was going to be wearing the cutest swimsuit like i’m sure you guys can see from my instagram so so eventually i was like okay i’m gonna go back home and just wait until tomorrow and see if my gp reply to

My prescription in time for my holiday so eventually while on my way back home there was a pharmacy that i didn’t check so i was like okay let me go to that pharmacy and see if they have the pills when i went to the pharmacy they actually had the pills so i was like yes i am so happy that you guys have this purpose because i’ve been running up and down the high

Street trying to find these pills so the lady was like yes they have it and she was like explaining everything to me about it she was like you know this pill can cause like blood clotting and those different things and you have to take it three days before your periods if you don’t take it three days before your period she kind of confirmed that it’s gonna work so

I was like yeah okay that’s fine that’s fine that’s fine and then she was like you need to fill out a phone before um she gave me the pills so i had to fill out a form which was basically like a health check after me if i have like different health issues or anything like that once you fill out the form then um the pharmacist will check over the form to make sure

Everything is okay and then you can purchase the pill from them my review on these pills so first of all you have to take as i said you have to take the pills three days before your period is due and you also um if you are if you do decide to take these pills you have to take triples a day and i think she had only gave me the pills for like one week or something

Like that is in the box i can’t remember how much but yeah so you have to take it three days before and you have to take it three times a day so i was like what three times a day i have to take this pill and she was like yes if you stop take the pill your period is gonna come right away so i was like okay that’s fine i’m gonna take it and it cost me like 12

Pounds for these pills so i was like okay the price is alright it’s all right so guys when i went on holiday and i was taking this pill first of all i started feeling like nausea i started feeling like really sick like if i wanted to puke and like i had zero hormones literally zero hormones like my boyfriend can do like anything and like i literally was not

Turned on i was not feeling for sex at all was not feeling fit at all my boyfriend was like why did you take this pills why did you take this plus for it to like mess up our holiday ruin our holiday and i was like i don’t know i wanted to wear my swimsuit i wanted to look cute and i wanted to take my photos and if i didn’t take the pill then my period would have

Come eventually like during the holiday like my partner and i like we tried to like do something and it was like down there was like not turned on in any way it was like not getting wet or anything like that it was just like i was like a robot every day i was just like out in my cute little swimsuits and my partner is looking at me and he’s like he can’t get

Anything because these pills just block my hormones and i don’t feel for anything i don’t know like people who actually take birth control if they experience anything like this but like i’ve never taken birth control or i’ve never done anything to stop my periods so i always have like a normal cycle every single month and like when we try to do something it was

Like down there was like so dry and also like it had a scent just a really weird scent i was like why does it smell so like weird but not weird in a good way it went in an awful way because i don’t know like because obviously like if you stop your periods like everything is just going to be backed up inside so i don’t know like why it had that scent and it was

Just like i was like that was probably like the worst sex i’ve ever had because it was that bad eventually like we stopped because it wasn’t it wasn’t going good at all um my partner he was not enjoying it at all he was like this was like the worst sex i’ve ever had yeah he’s ever had so i was like okay it’s because of the pills obviously i don’t pay for sex

If we do try it’s like the worst ever like what can we do so basically we had an amazing holiday but we had an amazing holiday without like having sex because i took these pills and it upped my system and i wasn’t in any way feeling like sexual but i was like looking really cute in my swimsuits and everything so if you guys are deciding to take this pill just

Know that you are not gonna feel for any sex at all your hormones is gonna be like muted basically and like after my holiday when i stopped take the pills like my period came probably a day after so when we came back from holiday and i stopped take the pills like the next day i was kind of like feeling sexual like if i wanted sex and after that the next day was

When my periods came and my periods came like really kind of like heavy and lumpy it was so awful and it was also very painful because obviously like my periods had stopped for a time period and as well like my period last like over seven days and it was like a lot of clots like a lot of blood clotting so it was not nice at all and i don’t know how my period is

Gonna for the next cycle i don’t know how my period is gonna be if it’s gonna be like a normal flow or if it’s gonna be like the same kind of like clotting like i have no idea if you have ever taken these pills please let me know in the comments below and how was your experience because i don’t know if it’s because it’s my first time ever stopping my periods that’s

The reason why i had such an awful experience but i don’t know like if you’ve taken it please let me know in the comments like how was your experience taking um these pills would i recommend these pills i would say no because i mean if you want to stop your periods in some kind of way to go on a holiday or something like that and you are okay with feeling a bit

Nausea and a bit sick and you are okay with not having like any kind of like sexual feeling in any way then okay you can try the pills if you want to but if like you want like a normal cycle and you don’t want like any issue with your periods i would say don’t take these pills because these pills you up honestly like because my normal period my period is like it

Wasn’t normal and i don’t know if like when it comes again if it is gonna be normal at all i just i just don’t know so guys yeah that was my stress on my holiday with taking these pills and like online it did say that all you are gonna feel nausea um you’re sometimes gonna feel sick in those things but it didn’t say anything whereas like your hormones is blocked

And it didn’t also say anything that you would have kind of like get like a scent down there so yeah that was it so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and stay tuned for my next video next week because it is kind of going to be like a talking video as well because i did ask on my instagram um this week i did ask my followers like what are the assumptions about

Me so if you guys want to take part in um assumptions assumptions about me please follow me on instagram and look at my story and you can also write whatever assumptions that you may have of me so it can come across in my video next week so after doing those assumption videos i am going to get back into like doing more makeup and fashion stuff for you guys um

I haven’t kind of like introduced fitness to um my channel as yet but soon that would be coming just keep tuned and keep patient every week you guys are gonna be getting a video okay so guys thank you so much for joining me on this video and i hope you guys enjoyed this video and always always always remember to support my channel with love

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