February 7, 2023

-Laura Ashmore

Today i’ll be talking about the use of molestation to treat osteoarthritis and cats the cons of osteoarthritis is often unknown that the in stage disease is the same a decrease in protocol i can content in articular cartilage leads to chondromalacia degeneration of cartilage and death of condor sites this degeneration activates macrophages which will secrete

Interleukin 1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha this will then promote the secretion of prostaglandins which will induce inflammation and pain as well as inhibit proteoglycans synthesis which will lead to a cycle of degeneration meloxicam is an oxy can in the class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs its mechanism of action is to selectively inhibit cox-2 this

Inhibits the production of prostaglandins from arachidonic acid at sites of inflammation while having minimal effect on cox and the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract that’s reducing the risk of adverse effects inhibiting production of prostaglandins will reduce the induction of inflammation and pain there are many decent studies showing the efficacy of long-term

Treatment of osteoarthritis and cats with malec secam i will go over two of them briefly the first one is an experimental study in which eight healthy cats were each given a different dose of lexicon for four days including two kits that were given to placebo then synovitis was experimentally induced into one of their stifle joints the efficacy of lexicons analgesic

Properties were assessed up objectively and subjectively here’s an illustration of one of the objective measures contact pressure as you can see from the graph the cats that were given the placebo were most reluctant to put weight on the affected limb while cats treated what moxa can we’re willing to put more pressure on the limb the strengths of this study was

That it was an experimental study so the researchers have more control which meant less possibility for confounding variables and they use objective measures the biggest weakness of this was that there was a risk of bias because two of the authors were employees of boehringer ingelheim the manufacturer of medicham molex again the study was also funded by them as

Is most of the available published literature on lexicon the second study is a prospective clinical trial in which there were two groups of cats with osteoarthritis one group was treated with malec scam daily and the other group is treated with glucosamine chondroitin daily owner assessed mobility scores showed that lexicon is effective in improving mobility and

Activity levels in cats with arthritis while glucosamine had no significant effect the strengths of this study was that it was double blinded randomized placebo-controlled and there were no conflicts of interest no connection to bohringer ingelheim the weaknesses of the study was that there were low patient numbers and there was a lack of objective scoring it is

Worth mentioning that long-term use of mexican and cats in the united states is off label use only as there have been some incidences of renal failure and death however the evidence has primarily been anecdotal since then many studies have been published showing the safety of long-term use of mexicali cats and long-term use and katz is registered in many countries

Including australia new zealand the uk in europe with few adverse reactions reported however there is still a risk the best bets can do is to assess the risk and to try to minimize it by taking the appropriate measures such as using the lowest effective dose and regular monitoring thank you

Transcribed from video
The use of meloxicam to treat osteoarthritis in cats By Laura Ashmore