June 4, 2023

Cholecalciferol, which you may know as Vitamin D3 may not be what you think it is.

Right here again with forbidden knowledge that info as an alternative health care practitioner i get a little tired sometimes of all these new wonder products that come on the market their purport to be able to cure everything that ails you everything we’ve seen these things they become fads and they come and go generally sell them stick around and they but if they’re

Not proven to be safe or effective folks even as an alternative practitioner i gotta say you’ve got to take this all with a grain of salt as examples some of the fads we’ve seen come along here in the last 10 years or so coral calcium oil silver iodine and all for all that pap time period also vitamin d now vitamin d timeout is not even a vitamin technically so

That’s not the scope of this video go do some research on that but anyway that being said moving on vitamin d is a scope of this program today we have things that we add to our products vitamin d2 vitamin d3 the fda allows us to call vitamins but the art we already know that because the dydy is not a vitamin but more to the point none of these chemically produced

Products these man-made produce products that we put into our our supplements are natural at all anyway let me give you an example vitamin c let’s say and there’s probably other videos on youtube on this let’s say this piece of paper is the entire complex of vitamin c from here to here okay and we take something called ascorbic acid ascorbic acid is maybe just this

Much of that entire vitamin c complex there’s ascorbic acid you might take another ascorbate or whatever it’s not the whole vitamin c complex so you might take this vitamin c for a while get some results a little bit and then all sudden nothing happens and you actually you’re starting to damage your cell because you’re only taking this one chemical called ascorbic

Acid for instance which is not vitamin c so it your body is going to start rejecting that because you’re not getting the entire vitamin c complex with all the cofactors you only getting a small portion of it so you’re not doing yourself any good by taking these chemicals that are called vitamins and let’s say okay for instance animals develop their own vitamin c

Internally but we humans develop our own vitamin d internally from the sun right that’s the way we get our vitamin d but no there’s these all these doctors and gurus and everything you’re coming out and yes some doctors that are coming out and promoting the benefits of taking these extreme amounts of vitamin d3 which is called cholecalciferol the spelling is down

Below here cholecalciferol this is what we’re gonna be talking about which is vitamin d3 now the other super calcifer all which is called agro calcifer all is vitamin d2 identified by the fda as vitamin d2 so eggroll kalsa four’ all is vitamin d2 derived from mushrooms and cholecalciferol is vitamin d3 derived from sheep’s wool actually but the one you’re going to

Find mostly in all your products is going to be the cholecalciferol which is going to say t 3 that’s the one you’re going to find in more abundance than the eggroll cows overall but we’re going to be talking about just about cholecalciferol today now we had a client months that was actually having big troubles vomiting nausea headaches every day and morning when

She got up and couldn’t figure out was wrong it’s eventually the husband said well could be something you’re taking and so that she decided to stop taking everything she was taking in supplements and it went away well they do some further indication to find out what it was that was causing her but she might have been allergic to or what’s sensitive to and it turns

Out after various experimentation with different products that it was products they had cholecalciferol in it for vitamin d3 as you call it so maybe she was more susceptible than others maybe she was allergic to it in any case there is some people they have reactions to it and there’s if you look there’s a lot of other reactions that can happen too and some of

Them deadly but let’s take an example because i’m getting somewhere here and i haven’t i’m taking a little while to do it i’m trying to build this up a little bit we generally know something called whorfin or coumadin you might call these that’s a prescription drug that we can take forth in the blood and this is generally recognized these days is as a rat poison

It’s a blood thinner coumadin weren’t worthen right and okay now what about cholecalciferol well my research has found it is a hundred percent absolutely a rodent killer yes i’m pro to you right now actually a road and killer kills mice kill rats in one feeding it mobilizes calcium from the bones of the mice and they die in one feeding well let’s talk about some

Products here i got i got some sheets printed out here showing some of these products one is called these are made both made by bell laboratories out of madison wisconsin quintics mouse seed quintic smell seed seed bait controlled house mice okay stick around this is gonna get more interesting here’s one called tare add three bucks and there’s the title of that

One tare add three blocks and look up the little neat little thing they did tara d 3 blocks yes the ingredient in kills mice is the d3 and let me explain before i show you close-ups of this and you did look this up yourself because i could be lying to you like everybody else lies to the there’s in these types of poisons you go to the store and you buy something

To kill mice or poison something else there’s always going to be a list of an active ingredient and an inner ingredient inner ingredients in this case for this terror add three blacks and both of these are the same in fact they’re made by the same company and one is basically just a replacement for the other i’m not sure the quintonk smile scene is even still

Manufactured but now this is the tear on three blocks and there’s other companies that make similar products so i’m not picking on bell laboratories it’s a moscow they’re trying to solve a legitimate product to kill mice and that’s so there’s not no conspiracy here the what works like along with this the tear-out three-block we have the ingredients there’s two

General things ingredients active it means the active ingredients obviously or the part that actually kills the moss the inert ingredients in this case are canary seed millet things that a mouse would like to eat and this need both of these particular products that inner ingredients is actually at this level of ninety-nine point nine to five percent that’s the inert

Ingredients now there is an active ingredient there’s only one active ingredient and that is something called cholecalciferol and if you’ve already done the map you’ll know that it’s actually point zero seven five percent uh-huh less than one tenth of one percent is actually killing a mouse in this product and one feeding they say that the first bit active immediate

And another way goes his house written here which i’m going to show you now zero point zero seven five percent of course you don’t believe there it is you can go on their website you can go anywhere and look up this product you can go buy the product and look at it you can take the product and test it if you want the one and only active ingredient is cholecalciferol

Did i have it off screen there cholecalciferol point zero seven five percent the other ingredients again millet canary seed the balance of it so you can get mad at me if you like this is absolute proof the cholecalciferol what you call vitamin d3 is a mouse poison now that being said and i’m doing full disclosure here do your research you’ll find that okay yes indeed

We find that rodents are more susceptible to cholecalciferol poisoning than humans are there is also a human level we discussed one that shows showing signs of something happening the problem with this folks even if you’re taking small amounts that may not injure you now what does it do over time plus the fact if you go look on your shelves you probably hopefully

You’ve already run look that you’re finding it everywhere because there’s so many gurus that are talking about vitamin d3 you need more vitamin d3 more vitamin d3 know maybe you might need more vitamin d and you don’t get it from a bottle you get it from the sun but no they’re telling you to see how the sun so look at the labels you’re gonna find it everywhere and

Sometimes it’s not the lady was getting sick it wasn’t astronomical amounts either it was considered kind of normal levels um but if you start looking all the products and everything has a didion anymore i’m not everything but most things that have a multitude of listings of ingredients has cholecalciferol stuck in there because you’re demanding and after all it

They’re going to give you what the customer wants if you think you need more vitamin d3 they’re going to give you more vitamin d3 and maybe it’s to your demise but if you look at all the labels you gotta find everywhere and sometimes it’s not just 100 percent of daily recommended allowance is its thousands of percent above the recommended daily alarmist so and you

Start adding those together and suddenly you’ve got a severe overload of vitamin d3 potentially do some research on that again i’m just i am trying to demonstrate to you that not everything you hear and see in the alternative part is possibly legitimate there’s a balance you see don’t throw away everything that the allopathic medica munich community does because you

Think there’s some big conspiracy to kill us and and so you’re gonna throw away everything that they’ve done all the research that’s been done yeah there’s a lot of lies and there’s a lot of bad things about our allopathic medical system i don’t have our pharmaceutical model i don’t doubt that but on the other end the alternative side so everything that disagrees

With the the allopathic system or the pharmaceutical model is better everything the alternative side present is is suddenly a hundred percent good no there’s about so much stuff in the alternate side is good some of it’s not so you have to try to research this stuff because we’re being so deceived by all this from the good guys and the bad guys that depending on

Which side you’re on okay yeah as an alternative health care practice i might i’m probably the bad guy to all the alpaca community whereas the doctors of the bad guy to the alternative there’s about look at both sides don’t think that they’re all that the side you’re on is here on the alternatives i don’t assume that the allopathic side is lying to you every step

Along the way look at all the research oh there’s lots of research papers doctors generally don’t even read the research on the products they’re even recommending and so i’ve just shown you that and and i know if i said it before this mobilizes calcium from the bones so they fall apart my small part in one pt that’s what it does i mean do with osteoporosis or some

Other things going on i don’t know what i just presented to you is proof that cholecalciferol kills mice that’s what i’ve proven to you okay you’re going to start rutting i’m going to get so many trolls on this don’t start blasting me because i’m saying don’t take vitamin d i’m telling you take vitamin d from the sun but you might want to examine what’s wrong with

This picture with something called cholecalciferol is the one and only active ingredient in a rat mouse poison at less than 1/10 of 1% these all these lot this labels they have a whole long list of keep away from pets and children and danger toxic poison poison it says right on the labels folks the ingredients i’m seeing here actually it looks like something in

Probably should be pretty good why don’t we take this stuff that may not look like the taste of canary seed and millet as being the the other ingredients but it’s got vitamin d in it and not a whole lot maybe we should be taking that sounds like good but no there’s all kinds of poison warnings on there keep away from pets and children and all the trolls of course

The troll would probably already pissed off and down they’re trolling me right now all i’ve shown you is cholecalciferol the poison you want argue with me when i tell me dr. so-and-so says this and this book says that and somebody else so maybe they’re trying to sell you something maybe there’s on the lecture circuit maybe they’re selling you a product if they’re

Selling dvds or books or maybe they’re just shells try to keep you ignorant people down i don’t know i’ve just shown you can i get call the show a lot i just shown you that this this pipe this cholecalciferol kills mice and rodents don’t care if you’ll agree with that or like it or not it’s absolute proof you can prove for yourself so that’s all i’ve shown in

This video i’ve proven to you that d3 is a poison to the rodents okay take that what you will i don’t take personally i do not take vitamin d3 i don’t add it to my products i keep it off for instance my products i don’t add vitamin c either to my products my products i add something called rose hips rose hips is a natural substance that has high vitamin c in it

Naturally has all the cofactors your body knows what to do with that it’s a lot higher vitamin c content than any of the citrus in fact by many hundreds of percent but i don’t put vitamin c on my label because vitamin c is recognized as being on a score bait a chemical so be careful of the supplements you’re taking because there could be a whole lot more to the

Story of what you’re taking please thanks everybody for watching and listening crank up for forbidden knowledge not info

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The Vitamin D deception; Cholecalciferol as Vitamin D3 By ForbiddTV