December 8, 2022

“Citalopram Blues was one of the last songs written for the album. The initial napkin-sketch version of the song was put together in a single afternoon, during the rehearsal period before we began recording. With time working against us and a full arsenal of songs that we hadn’t yet learned to play (or in many cases, even finished), the notion of taking on any more new material seemed ill-advised. After running the song twice, though, we had all fallen in love.” The Making of Until Tomorrow (booklet)

The taliban blues take four telecoms companies telling you to talk while they’re profiting off your health to bank a quick buck while you’re trying to make sense of your low opinion of yourself why don’t you take a day of work to lay on the couch convince yourself it’s not that you can tell cbd they say those things are good for me yes that’s all right

Go outside stretch your legs and exercise facial things face the facts not another heart attack you black out though i forget how to breathe and then you guzzle play it off like i was drinking a mess tonight before i was lying over thinking dying on the kitchen floor quit the drink quit the smokes montana they don’t help me put on my poker face so they don’t up

My dose i’m taking these nothing at all some people think i’ve got my together if i’m honest i could be so much is the morning i’m taking these there’s nothing at it can all you

Transcribed from video
The Wilderness // Citalopram Blues (Live at the Bathouse) By The Wilderness