June 1, 2023

This Cycle Feels Different | Frozen Embryo Transfer | Simply Tanika FET #5 I am experiencing a strange new feeling. Calm excitement. I feel very grounded. For the first time ever, I am excited about a cycle. Truly excited. I’m going to enjoy each moment, as it unfolds. Imagine the story I get to tell my child about their conception.

I’m nervous but i’m excited i have not been this excited for transfer before what’s up fertility let’s get these babies ladies the best rated embryo correct yes okay all right i will send that order to embryology right now and i’ll see you for the transfer okay and we’re transferring one right i know i just want to reconfirm okay thank you but this i feel good

About this cycle everything has been lining up so i this is i feel like this is the take home baby i think we both are feeling it so i hope that’s a positive sign yes i hope so too because there have been no hiccups it’s going smoothly i feel like the uh you know the early ovulation was assigned to do the lupron because we were kind of on the fence and that was

Like just tipped it in like yeah let’s go ahead and do that okay all right i will see you thursday okay all right all right thanks bye oh i was not expecting dr mcconnell um so she just said i’m just confirming for thursday that we’re all good letting the embryologist know we’re picking the best you see i asked about the two but i half ingest but i did just want

To ask we are today is monday it’s the 12th i wasn’t expecting her call i’m excited though i feel like this is the one she feels like it is too and she’s doing my transfer y’all it’s baby yeah so it’s going to be on the 15th well woman exam today and my physical out of the way i did the optometrist last week two more days till transfer hey fam i’m home i forgot

About y’all i um let me turn this off i didn’t get home until 7 30 i worked late really i was jaw jacking with somebody who’s on my project team so anyway i had my physical slash royal woman i did not she didn’t do a pap smear i’m over 50 so i don’t need one um it’s the ovarian cans we have to watch out for and we did screening i am not at risk or a gene carrier

For that so blood pressure was good it’s usually on the low side took a whole bunch of blood work so she’s gonna be calling me back with like how that all kind of sussed out and yeah it was a different practitioner it was a a d-o-o-d something like that i want to see her again because my normal general practitioner is on maternity leave so i saw her last in june

So anyway that’s over and done with i got another flu shot so i’m good on that she had suggested to do the latest covid vaccine but i just had one in june so she said it was too soon there’s one now that fights off the omnicron the omarion so had i known maybe i would have waited i don’t know i was told her i was concerned about taking too many um vaccines today

Anyway because i’m already immunocompromised because of all of the medication for the transfer because she also recommended shingles the shingles vaccine and we would just decided against it because it might be too much for my body or my body might have a reaction or god forbid i get a fever and then i can’t go into the or because of kobe like they don’t know that

It’s a fever from the shingles vaccine you know what i mean so did that she gave me a script for the mammogram which actually i need to look in the portal because i think it’s in there so yeah that was all done and uneventful um i’ll get my mammogram done next month probably and i was googling like can pregnant people get mammograms and apparently yes you can so

I’m gonna get that done and because i am at high risk for breast cancer because i have dense breast tissue yeah so that’s it i’m home luckily we did meal prep i’m gonna have so last night instead of having the cod wait i have the cod sunday wherever i had it you these videos will be out of order because i did the meal prep but i posted the meal prep before i posted

The transfer stuff just so i could stay on a delay um with transfer updates anyway i made the chipotle quinoa ball the chicken chipotle quinoa ball last night it was so good so the quinoa i did lime zest in there with cilantro it was so bomb so i had that again for lunch today and i didn’t put the black beans in there but i did do the quinoa i felt like it would

Be too heavy so i might do something later in the week i don’t know i gotta think of some oh but i have the chili beans too i don’t need the black beans this week we’ll figure it out that they’re refrigerant like they’re in like a seal pack or whatever instead of a can it’s like one of those soft packs and then they’re in the fridge anyway i’m gonna have the cod

For dinner tonight is what i’m trying to say and then i’m gonna lay it down so tomorrow is really like i guess the prep of the transfer tomorrow i go in for my blood work we’re gonna measure my progesterone then i should get a call tomorrow afternoon and it’ll let me know what time well obviously they’ll let me know what my production is but they’ll let me know

What time my appointment is for my transfer on thursday and then that’ll be it and then i’m gonna go to acupuncture and come home and relax thursday morning what i’m gonna do because i took the day off i’m off thursday and friday i am going to get up at my regular time you know do my low knocks and then i’m going to wash my the robe and stuff that i got and put on

Fresh bed linens so that when i come back from transfer i just here’s this it’s so apy and warm so i’m going to wash that in it’s cozy wash that wash the pajamas so when i come home i am going to just get in those pajamas put that robe on and sit in my room and sleep because i’ll have the volume and then just kind of you know do a princess day as they say like i’m

Not doing complete bed rest but i’m not doing any work or anything related to work i might read i might do something just chillax i have acupuncture tomorrow night i was going to do acupuncture after the transfer because i you can do it the day before the day of and the day after or two times in there either like right before let me just you before and after is the

Recommendation how far before and how far after it can be a day before or day of right before or right after or the day after i’m just gonna do the one because i’m trying to protect my mental state and i just figure it’s downtown i would have to come home first all the way back to harlem right because the clinic is in midtown i have to come up to harlem to 113.

Rest relax whatever and then get back up get dressed go downtown and it’s i think the last apartment is like at 5 or 5 30. i would be in with the commuter so it would be packed because more people are going back to work so you see what i’m saying like it’s already just thinking about it’s giving me anxiety like i don’t want to do that i think whatever benefit i

Would obtain from doing acupuncture would be lost just from the hecticness of like trying to get way downtown and back on the train and honestly tomorrow is my first day going down and back on the train to acupuncture because if you remember when i came back to new york from california i was only doing ubers like that whole first year of the pandemic i did not ride

Actually like a year and a half i don’t think i started riding the subway until earlier this year so i mean i’m okay on it now but but it’s also not been everybody going back to work so i’ve only been on a crowded subway once and i was very uncomfortable so i just wanna you know what i mean i’m just thinking about all those things like what’s gonna help me feel

Supported and just be in a good space so i think staying home after the transfer is what’s good for me not spiking my adrenals just riding it out with the valium and resting i think is what makes sense for me getting up having fresh bed linens you know changing everything out fluffing the pillows up washing the pajamas oh i need to find some fuzzy socks i need to

Wash all my socks well not all my socks oh my god i have a you don’t even want to know i need to wash the fuzzy socks because i want to have those on and then what did i do with the little booty it might be too warm for the booties and i’m thinking i’m going to pull out the weighted blanket because weighted the weighted blanket helps with sleep so i think that

Yeah i will um i’ll look for it tomorrow which is wednesday so i have it and then i won’t put it on the bed until thursday like when i remake the bed so yeah i feel good about that i’ve got my lavender diffuser i’ve got my diffuser ready with lavender oil i’ve got the candles like i just want to chill meditate vibrate higher you know all the fun things um i

See a box oh it’s my target box over there i just came in and like dumped all my stuff yeah so i have a lidocaine myself up i’m gonna do my progesterone and oil as soon as the timer goes off um i set it for 15 minutes to lidocaine and then take my pm meds i am taking my prednisone in the daytime now the second one and then the evening pills are just the estradiol

The second estradiol and the second hydrochloride hydroquinone hydrochloroquine hydroxychloroquine oh my god i keep mixing it up with hydroquinone the face cream that’s not what i mean hydroxychloroquine or plaquinol so i’m going to take those and then i’m going to eat my dinner and i’m gonna go to bed because i got to get up early to get my progesterone and i

Want to get into the office earlier oh my god when i say i was bumping my gums i was bumping my gums like an hour and a half i could have been doing work and we were over there yeah so but it was good it’s good bonding like he’s new to the company and it’s like you know forming storming norming anyway i’m nervous but i’m excited i have not been this excited for

Transfer before and it’s happening really really fast now i posted on instagram that i’m going in two week delay so you guys are seeing this two weeks later but also that just helped i’m glad i had the reset because i think i’m for many reasons i’m glad i had the reset but mainly obviously the protocol changed the lupron but like not feeling pressured to be in

Real time because i was struggling with that a little bit like i was some stuff was a week out and then i was doing lives and we were talking about the current and because i was like hesitant about it or not like assured about it i wanted to really talk to you guys and i want to talk to you now which is why i’m recording this but i can’t do the real-time feedback

Loop because i think sometimes people mean well but they say something a little off can you guys even see me let me turn this other light on oh my god and i’ve been gone all day the girls are like where have you been um okay ah is that better it’s a little better so anyway yeah i’m nervous but nervous excited um cheyenne is like everything just kind of lined

Up and i almost have to pinch myself that the transfer is happening this week but it doesn’t feel like too soon it doesn’t feel too late it just feels like just right so yeah i gotta figure out what socks i’m wearing to transfer which i think i’m gonna do my rainbow socks it’s got to be long socks because they give you the booty before they take you into that

Operating room anyway those little blue booties there’s the timer stop all right i don’t know what these are pre-transfer batteries but that’s i’m gonna go do lidocaine myself and get my dinner and get myself to bed i gotta wash my face and all that and tie my hair back but um i did this is my homemade flaxseed gel that i’ve been using our flaxseed custard i

Like it i might put some more in there tonight to give it a day of wear and then i don’t have to do it tomorrow we’ll see but yeah i have all the feels and i’ve been watching i think it’s fertility journals or fertility diary i’ll put a link to her channel down below but she just had a little boy she did ivf own eggs at 44. if you type that in you’ll find her so

Therapeutic oh my god it’s like she’s talking to me i love it i love it yeah and she had 12 she had 12. um ivf transfers or i don’t know if it’s all transferred it says 12 ivf i i’m not sure if they were i think some of them were transfers and then there was a couple of retrievals and she talks through that process and yeah it’s just really real and raw and not um

Not all glitzy you know what i mean i don’t know if that makes sense it’s therapeutic so thank you sis for making those videos because i swear they were made just for me that’s what it feels like i mean you guys watch them too because you might have that connection but she vlogged the the ttc part and then she vlogged the pregnancy as well and um there’s a couple

Things she said that resonated with me of like you know with ivf it’s the take-home baby you got to get to the take-home baby but then also and there were times um like she tested early well i don’t know if it’s probably four days past five day transfer which is like a nine dpo kind of early but then you know she was just saw herself i’ve done everything i can do

It’s up to god and that is just so freeing and it’s so true so i’m just like i have done everything that i could do especially the cycle which is why i’m saying like i’m glad that we had to restart especially the cycle i’ve eaten really well i’ve slept i’ve meditated um i’ve done yoga in the morning i’ve done dry brushing just so i keep my lymph moving right do

A little lymphatic drainage i’ve been doing the gua shaw like i don’t have any regrets i don’t have any second guesses for myself i shoulda coulda woulda which in that last one if you go back and look at it i was like second guessing myself not saying i should have or that i had a reason to second guess myself i’m just saying like as a fact i was second guessing

Myself and i don’t have that doubt this time because i know i put my best foot forward so it’s going to be what it’s going to be but i believe in god i trust you know from the very beginning i’ve always said may his will be done and so i trust that he has heard my prayers heard my heart selected my child heard their heart heard their prayers and is going to join

Us or reunite us as the case may be together earth side so because that is the thing the earth side baby is is the goal right that take home baby ah anyway let me go do my shot i will talk to you guys in the morning when we do the uh progesterone no vaginal thank god we’re just doing progesterone so one one day closer all right talk to you later are you guys

Wondering who i’m talking to are you just waiting your turn do you want me to talk to you now oh where are you going justice you okay where are you going liberty liberty ouch what is going on over there hi justice are you guys gonna get a bath tomorrow you’re gonna take a bath you made a brush you do you want to get brushed i’m gonna brush your hair no reaction

Justice you want your hair brushed you okay oh you guys missed me you’re not even running you missed me i missed you guys too sorry i was gone so long okay come on come on come on you gonna get up here come on okay oh my goodness oh you were scared to jump okay you coming to justice okay come on come on oh what’s the matter you want me to get you okay here i come foreign

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