May 29, 2023

This is a follow up video from my original post on coming off of Citalopram after 16 years.

Hi guys hope you’re all doing well um i thought i’d quickly give you an update so it’s been about five weeks now since i came off my medication so from those people who haven’t watched my previous video i basically i was on 20 milligrams of citripan uh or central open we’re still getting it wrong um i’ve been on there for 16 years and i decided to come off them

And then i thought i’d just document to you all um all the withdrawal symptoms feelings and everything else that comes with kind of tapering yourself off for the medication so yeah so i’ve been i’ve been off for five weeks now i was kind of hoping that it’s going to be quite easy but the reality is if it’s not been that easy um i’m still getting brain zaps five

Weeks on um but i’m getting this thing now where um when i go to bed is my head feels very funny um and i get this any way i can describe it is that um you know when you’re in a car and you’re driving down a hill and you gave it all right along the road you gave it a hunt right bridge little bridge and your stomach drops i get that in my brain when i go to bed

Um and every time it does it i get stressed that i’m gonna have a fit um and that’s causing me anxiety and yeah stress so that every time it gets to about 11 o’clock at night i’m getting a bit i’m getting stressed getting going to bed and then i’m literally go to bed and i’m lying there and it comes on and so most of the time we’re just getting back up again so

My sleep over the last five weeks has been atrocious or the last three weeks has been atrocious um but yeah i’m gonna stick with it as i said before in my previous videos that um i’m not currently working because i’ve got me redundant for my job so i’m using this opportunity to kind of see if i can come up on medication so that’s that yeah not there’s no way i

Could i could do this i’m working the same time it’s really really hard but um i really want to kind of feel again because it’s for the last 16 years i’ve not believed felt much emotionally wise quite still um although five weeks on i’ve still not still not recovered that emotion i was hoping it would come back um i watched sad films and since things have happened

To me in the last couple of weeks and i’ve not reacted at all to them you know i’ve not felt happy or sad it’s kind of like you get bad news or you get set back to disappointments and to me it’s no different from someone asked me if i want a cup of tea or do i do like a cup of tea so uh just like a standard size of a walk for there i’m currently looking after my

Mum’s pet setting so afford to come and enjoy the garden so um yeah i said the update is really is i’m still struggling with the with side effects from coming off the medication um although i’m still i’m off it and um thank you all for the messages you sent it’s nice to see that people are watching the video um it’d be great if you could hit the um like button

So that i know that people are watching it and hopefully taken out of the video what the video is intended to be which is kind of support for people and helping people to kind of be open with with their mental health i’m going to do a couple of other videos as well on it because i’ve got i’ll tell you what i have literally have a platter or a buffet of issues in

My life in regards to alcohol um like this kind of thing that they call imposter syndrome uh loneliness the lot i’ve got it all so i’m gonna talk about it i think it’s quite nice to talk about it and then hopefully it could and of course uh like a little togetherness of people to be able to be open about their emotions and stuff like that and kind of appreciate

The fact that they’re not on their own and there’s other people out there that are kind of going through similar things and hopefully when you watch these videos and i’ll talk to you and i say let me know if you if you want me to continue to do this um then yeah you can kind of recognize some things and i don’t know it’s the thing is when you’re struggling with

Things if you know that it’s not unique to you i think sometimes there’s a bit of a comforter even though that sounds a little weird thing to say because it’s not nice to struggle but when you know that other people are struggling with the same thing then you know it’s a condition rather than a kind of isolated incident just for you i think that’s that is kind

Of a comforter but yeah it’s just an update really keep with the comments hit the subscribe button with the likes so that i know that people are watching and hopefully getting some positiveness out of these videos and i’ll give you an update soon all right take care see you all later bye-bye

Transcribed from video
THIS IS HARD – Citalopram withdrawal, my 5 week update By DistractingDom