March 28, 2023

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These breakthrough discovery may be the key to reverse kidney disease just by supplementing 400 milligrams of beef mineral daily patients are completely reversing kidney disease catherine here i’ll be working with people suffering from kidney problems for almost 10 years now and if there is one thing that every single patient absolutely needs to restore and protect

Kidney function is to keep their minerals in balance fact keeping certain minerals in balance is key to protect your heart your bones your vessels and it’s also 100 needed to protect the kidneys from the dangers associated with the progression of ckd most people with kidney problems suffer from mineral and bone disorder a serious complication of cad that’s also a

Cause of kidney damage guys there are five key facts five mineral hacks that can make a huge difference with ckd let’s see what they are starting with one of the most underrated minerals on earth there is ster kidney function recent study link this mineral both to a rapid increase in gfr and also to a whole being 13 decrease in creatinine that was obtained in just

Six weeks number five selenium selenium is an essential mineral with an incredibly underrated kidney repairing benefit researchers were able to prove a link between low serum levels of these essential mineral and impaired renal function what this also means is that supplementing this chemical may be a strategy to repair the kidneys according to recent research selino

May improve kidney function by directly lowering inflammation and oxidative stress selenium is a powerful mineral that is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies it plays a critical role in metabolism and for thyroid function but many people have low levels of heat because modern farming techniques are depleting the soil from this mineral here’s a simple

Hack to use selenium to improve kidney health regularly take a selenium supplement with a coq10 supplement the positive effect these two molecules can have when combined together is terrific selenium is a powerful antioxidant and you will notice a difference if you supplement it but pairing it with kakitan may be one of the best things you can do for your kidneys

This is what recent sunny found out kidney disease patients who supplemented 100 micrograms of selenium and 200 milligrams of calcutan were able to enjoy a rapid increase in gfr and also a hoping 13 decreasing creatinine levels that was obtained in just 6 weeks okay guys what not many people know is that selenium can also be used to greatly improve thyroid function

Never underestimate this benefit if you have ckd your thyroid is very likely not working at 100 percent and this can make kidney disease progress faster according to studies but there is one mineral hack that has been proven even more effective than supplementing selenium in terms of improved thyroid function number four iodine iodine is an essential mineral the

Thyroid basically runs on iodine never underestimate the importance of your thyroid if it doesn’t work well symptoms may seriously affect your kidneys and many other parts of your body symptoms of serious iodine deficiency include enlargement of the thyroid gland causing a bulge in the neck or guider but also fatigue constipation sensitivity to cold temperatures

And in some cases unexplained weight gain now what you may not know about iodine is that table salt which is usually enriched with iodine is where most people get most of this mineral now how much table salt do you have in your diet if your answer is not at all consider this according to studies iodine deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies

Affecting nearly a third of the world’s population so here’s a simple hack that may have a huge positive impact on your kidney function there is a strong correlation between thyroid function and kidney function the good news it’s very easy to improve kidney function by normalizing thyroid function to achieve this first of all consider adding one superfood to your

Diet we coming we come is one of the major types of edible seaweed dc vegetable is widely used in asian dishes it’s so dry and after soaking we come you can easily replace leafy greens in your favorite salads this seaweed is not just a great source of iodine it has an impressive nutritional profile actually and also get checked regularly for a thyroid function and

Take steps to improve it if it needed researchers have been studying the correlation between kidney and thyroid function in depth and it appears clear that almost every single cigarette patient has an underactive thyroid gland this is a direct cause of kidney damage good news is that improving thyroid function is a way to improve kidney function according to several

Studies and guys this is amazing it’s a proven fact that renal function improves with the treatment of hypothyroidism what this means is that for many patients just adding more iodine rich foods and maybe taking a thyroid medication may be a way to improve their kidney function okay let’s talk about phosphorus managing phosphorus is one of the hardest parts of the

Kidney diet but it’s also something you must do if you want to restore kidney health phosphorus is the reason why dairy is restricted milk cheese butter yogurt contain too much phosphorus to be healthy when this mineral accumulates the body will put out calcium from the bones high phosphorus levels are also associated with a faster declining kidney function and higher

Chance of death but today we will see how to stop worrying about this dangerous mineral once and for all number three phosphorus hack to manage phosphorus in people with kidney problems restricting certain foods will always be the first step but you know a diet that takes an excessive toll on the mind of the patients is seldom a good diet and while prescription potassium

Binders are an option there is a less known home remedy for phosphorus levels that can seriously help you improve your kidney health this is calcium carbonate sold either a supplement or as antacid tablets by toms and many other brands calcium carbonate sticks to the phosphorus in the foods you eat the phosphorus is then removed through the bowel effectively stopping

Your body from taking extra phosphorusin according to a recent study effects on blood levels and kidney health may be visible in just three weeks the interesting part here is that calcium carbonate not only is just as effective as many prescriptions phosphorus binders it may even have less side effects and it’s obviously a lot cheaper and if you think this tip was

Interesting i have two even better tips to restore your kidney function and balance your minerals in particular don’t miss our number one as it’s an incredible way to restore a kidney function thanks to just one mirror now before that how to turn the extra calcium you’re getting from these antacids into actual bones and prevent vessel calcification number two take

Vitamin k2 for calcium calcium deficiency is a common and serious problem for people suffering from ckd if levels of calcium are low each skin bone pain and brittleness weak immune system but also heart problems are common while one of the best ways to avoid these problem is being very careful with phosphorus intake and supplementing some calcium there is more to

This issue than surface because this extra calcium needs to go in the bones and not in the arteries how to do this vitamin k2 can help this little known vitamin can be a serious help to restore kidney health studies confirm that unincreased intake of this nutrient can prevent cardiovascular related death in people bikini problems this is because the function of

Vitamin k2 is to regulate calcium deposition vitamin k2 works in tandem with vitamin d3 to deposit calcium in the bones and not in the veins and kidneys according to many experts these could lead to a serious improvement in kidney health studies use doses between 100 micrograms and 400 micrograms per day the safest route is always to start with the lower dosage 100

Micrograms and to consult a doctor as i was saying to get the benefits from vitamin k2 you also need vitamin d3 if you want to know more about how to supplement vitamin d3 please watch this video up here now guys time to see the number one most useful mineral when it comes to restoring kidney function there’s been a recent development in the treatment of mineral

And bone disorder that may seriously help you improving your kidney function researchers have found a way to supplement a mineral that’s crucial to the body’s function just like for essential vitamins you cannot live without enough of it it helps keep blood pressure normal both strong in the heart rhythm study unfortunately a deficiency in this mineral is very

Common among people with kidney problems especially those taking diuretics and in diabetics and it may cause poor sleep high blood pressure inflammation and high uric acid levels i’m talking about magnesium oxide supplements while it was believed that increasing magnesium levels through oral supplementation wasn’t possible today researchers we have found a way

And this can have a dramatic effect on your kidney health and creatinine levels what recent studiosity patients found out is that supplementing magnesium carbonate or citrate won’t raise zero magnesium levels researchers believe that magnesium oxide is the best option in a study on hypertension in kidney disease participants took between 240 and 160 milligrams

Of magnesium oxide each day to lower their blood pressure the researchers found out that taking 300 to 400 milligrams of magnesium supplements daily was the best dosage taking magnesium with vitamin b6 has also shown to improve absorption significantly and if you want to learn more about what vitamins and minerals are key for a better kidney function and what foods

You need to eat to get them this video appears for you and this is all for today thank you for watching god bless

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