June 4, 2023

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Hey everybody welcome back to my channel so today i’m doing an update i am late on this update so i was supposed to do around may 31st my five-month update on spur on a lactone and i totally forgot do it june 22nd as of today and we’re closer to the six-month update so we’ll do the six-month update today i have to tell you guys i’m starting to break out okay i’m

Not gonna say i’m breaking out because sorento lock tones not working anymore cuz i know that’s not the case i just haven’t been taking good care of my skin i’m just gonna be honest i get super lazy sometimes i’ll only use a makeup wipe at night i know that’s probably so gross because what i had really bad acne i could not could not go to bed without washing

My face but now i just i i’m honestly just really lazy so but that’s just me being honest and completely transparent because i’m just freakin tired after my day and i just want to take a makeup wipe and wipe my makeup off and not have to go into the bathroom and tie my hair back and wash my face for like two minutes straight and i’m just lazy okay by the way

It’s not like posh tools or anything it’s just like texture like under the skin bumps not cysts but like white and blackheads i wash my face now in the morning with my sulfur cleanser that hasn’t changed i have added some new things into my skincare routine so i started using the ordinary alpha are butan and hyaluronic acid serum and that’s supposed to help with

Hyperpigmentation you guys can be the judge if the hyperpigmentation has faded on my cheeks i also use the nice and a mine in sink but i think i’ve mentioned that before the serum by the ordinary and i actually got the peeling solution that blood-red mask that everybody uses but i haven’t used that yet because i had been self-tanning for a little bit and i didn’t

Want to exfoliate my face because i didn’t want the color to fade because i do put self tanner on my face i wanted to mention that i think was contributing to it also is that i haven’t gotten a facial in months like three months like before the pandemic started and i’m not sure if they’re open yet i know my dermatologist office is open but i don’t know about the

Medi-spa because i go to the many spa at my dermatologists office to get my facials done i get microdermabrasion i used to get it around every three to four weeks i think i’m about to go for my fourth one whenever i decide to reschedule when they open up i’ll stop yapping now and i will zoom in so i think you guys can kind of see what i’m talking about so i have

Like this is a bump this isn’t under the skin bump like i’m just not i’m just not taking care of my skin like i should be and that’s obviously that means that’s not sirona lactones fault so i can’t blame it on that and my forehead is clear i could just give myself an at-home facial and i could extract most of these i mean i’ve done extractions myself and you

Just have to ice it and it pretty much goes away by the next day any redness or swelling but i use actually i use a clothes steamer to see my face um because it works just as good as the facial steamer you just have to be careful about how like how close you put it to your face but i don’t have a facial steamer so i didn’t want to have to like spend money but

Anywho not much has changed i’m still in the same dose haven’t been back to my dermatologist but yeah that’s it i will see you guys next month for the seven month updates so crazy thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll see you next month

Transcribed from video
this update is different……….. 6 months on spironolactone By Kerrie McGarty