March 22, 2023

This is a case study of one of my patients who was diagnosed hypothyroid and had all the classic hypothyroid symptoms. She was prescribed Levothyroxine and showed absolutely no benefit or improvement from taking them.

Hello, i’m dr. puckette i want to share with you a case study about a patient of mine that came in weight gain the low energy the cold hands and feet mood swings all of that, but her doctors put her on thyroid meds and she got no benefit from them in another video i share with you about the six different pathways that hypothyroid my symptoms can show up she was a perfect

Example of this where she had multiple thyroid problems going on and so when they gave her the medications that didn’t give her the results because she had to have the other problems fixed, too so we went through and we did the lab testing to find out where was her metabolism breaking down we did the brain testing to find out where her brain was not doing its job helping her

Heal we did the structural work to help her get better connected this woman went through some dramatic changes and feels much better now. let me let her tell you her story. i was feeling a lot of four times a week at least having really bad headaches. i was just feeling generally sluggish and so those were kind of my symptoms when i came in so now you had been elsewhere? i

Had been to just a general my general practitioner. yeah i’d had them just regular tsh thyroid panel tests done and had a celiac test done because i kind of came up with my own thoughts that gluten might be a problem really so i had requested to have and that was just the are you are you celiac are you not right? i was not and i didn’t really believe it and i did for a while

Take a levothyroxine so i’m hypothyroid so i took levothyroxine for that and wasn’t experiencing any change at all in taking that and so then how did it go once you started? it went it went well, and you know, i’ve had some diet, cutting everything out adding one thing and it’s been a long road with that lots of feeling really good and then having one thing that my body

Doesn’t and feeling bad for a while but it’s been i mean, i’ve felt a lot better this year than i ever have that i can remember i ever have and how long has it been since you’ve felt this good? it’s been at least six or seven years i would say since i felt this good that i can remember in college i was i was okay, but i feel like it’s kind of been a steady decline. steady

Decline since then, right? okay and then once you started the foods, how long did it take before you started feeling better? not having gluten. i was immediately like i know that gluten is a problem for me. so right away. i started feeling a difference and i feel like it took a while to learn my safe diet. so to speak where i knew that and so i had several times of wanting

To try something new just to see how i would react to that and then have some but once i identified those i just cut them out again and would go back to the safe way of eating yeah, how severe was it at the beginning when you because you said, you know you had those symptoms but now you’ve got a lot of energy so i had pretty on a scale of 1 to 10 i came in with 10 being

The highest. i was at 9 or 10 of feeling just completely lack of energy tired headaches all of that and on most days now i’m more on the like to 2-3 and that that spectrum but i feel just so much better

Transcribed from video
Thyroid Medication Doesn't Always Work ~ Holistic Solutions ~ Levothyroxine By Dr. Steve Puckette