March 24, 2023

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Now let’s talk about antidepressants and tinnitus i’ll give you a quick simple rule that you can go by to always know what you should and shouldn’t take hey what’s going on this is liam from lambchops tinnitus and this video we’re going to talk about tinnitus and antidepressants now a quick back story when i was 20 years old of a diagnosis with tinnitus from

Noise traumas from drums and i spent the next year of my life from 2021 crying all the time had waited with ten out of ten tinnitus i could hear it ringing all the time throughout the day trying to sleep even playing drums i had to stop playing drums now what i did was did a research on doctors because previously in the last well five years before that i cured

My alterative colitis which is diarrhea all the time through diet whereas doctors tried to put me in salleh fox so i thought doctors don’t know everything so i researched doctors okay and a research firm realized that in their whole entire medical training in australia uk and america unless i become a phd specialist they get two weeks training and nutrition and two

Hours training on sleep which is crazy because those two things are very very crucial and important for health you don’t get enough sleep you die if i don’t get enough nutrition you die so why aren’t they getting enough training on those two things i realized what was happening was drug companies own universities and what they do is they donate millions and millions

And tens of millions of dollars to universities on the condition that drug companies are allowed to put one of their representatives on their board of directors and decide what goes into class curriculum they’re gonna force the doctors the doctors in their classes to learn about drugs give people drugs okay this makes you sick so that brings us to antidepressant

Never go back to my story before when all over the world beliefs see i went to romania i went to asia i went to chiang mai i’m in chiang mai right now candy bali but all over the world trying to figure this stuff out cold showers called dibs cold ice baths in romania that’s rough and i’ve i’ve got rid of my tinnitus 100% and i’m not just ignoring i’m not being

Happy and habituating i personally think that’s not how you do it a hundred percent sure it might help but it’s not how you do it a hundred percent there’s always a chemical corporate to tinnitus now let’s talk about antidepressants and tinnitus i’ll give you a quick simple rule that you can go by to always know what you should and shouldn’t take first of all i

Think most drugs shouldn’t be taken is not pointing to have proper nutrition second of all just remember the simple right if it has fluoride or bromine run and hide okay now why is that a little bit of a lesson so your thyroid gland which is twice as bigger than women by the way controls your hormones it helps you regulate your hormones now one of those hormones

Is your adrenal glands okay your secretion of cortisol which are located both adrenal glands located above your kidneys okay now your thyroids job okay is to moderate is to regulate all that make sure it’s working properly not working an overdrive and make sure it can turn off and on the sympathetic parasympathetic nervous system a caddis would happen now it’s

Going to give you a really simple analogy okay to make this really simple first of all most antidepressants and a lot of things like we’re accutane subforms are accutane can actually contain bromide and fluoride why is this a problem first of all take a look in the halogen table okay we’re gonna bring that up now everything in there is toxic except iodine you need

Iodine the function the government took i don’t out of our diet the seventies and put in bromide okay and why they put in bromide and not fluoride because bromine has two closest chemical compound to iodine so the body thinks that bromide is iodide so as i said your thyroid is used to regulate your hormones okay let’s just focus simply on the adrenal glands it has

To regulate your sympathetic nervous system and make sure your parasympathetic nervous system is working to keep you a fight-or-flight mechanism in check otherwise you’ll always be freaking out stressed out you’ll secrete more cortisol your nervous system is going to go into fatigue you won’t sleep so your melatonin won’t work it’s a whole complicated system but

Basically know that fluid and bromine bromine sorry will cause you’re serious poppers imagine it’s like this so i died in your thyroid is kind of like a kids soccer team and you’ve got this awesome coach which is iodine tell you each kid where to go and each kid represents a hormone melatonin testosterone cortisol right it’s telling everything where to go do this

Do that do that it’s all working in harmony perfectly the way it’s supposed to work now when you get rid of iodine there’s government to doubt if i diet in the 70s and you put in bromine to come and put it into our diet in the 70s and fluoride in tap water what happens is that’s like getting that awesome coach and replacing it with a parakeet in a cage all right

Guys we’re gonna pay attention to this parakeet now okay the kids go okay and it’s helped squawking our kids have no clue what to do and they’re running around and nothing’s happening it would be better if the bromine was in there it’ll have they had no coach does that make sense so when you take iodine out of your diet and you bring bromine and fluoride in which

Is an anti depressants you cause a state in your body so there’s a way that can track that the first thing is to never get on antidepressants if you’re on them that’s okay talk to a doctor about weaning off them also if your doctor was all right when they recommended you take them by your doctor secondly this is lugol’s iodine solution okay all you’re going to

Do sometimes gonna spill this and you can see now here’s the interesting thing you can’t patent iodine so drug companies can’t make money off either so while they tell you to take it and while they tell your doctors have told you to take it very simple don’t take antidepressants and if you’re on them get off them don’t take antidepressants

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Tinnitus And Antidepressants By Liam Stops Tinnitus