June 4, 2023

Need tips on getting clear skin? In this highly requested skin update, you will learn about my spironolactone for hormonal acne update, clindamycin for acne, and what my skin looks like now. I also go into some beauty treatments to help with acne scars as well as some other things you can do to help your skin look healthy and clear. SUBSCRIBE to my channel ➟

What’s up people friends and welcome back to my channel if you are new here welcome my name is miriam i’m a new york city based actor and content creator sharing my journey in those two worlds here on youtube through vlogs but i also share a lot of lifestyle content beauty style curly hair personal development and my fave skin care so as you can probably tell from

The thumbnail and the title of this video this is a skincare update and so i want to give a huge shout out and a thank you to a subscriber for asking this question and recommending this video and i hope i’m saying your name correctly so thank you to kyrie for asking this question and if you guys have any questions or video recommendations that you would like

Me to do then just leave that for me in the comments and i will try my best to do that for you let’s get into the disclaimers because we have to i’m not a licensed professional i am just a skincare enthusiast and i’m sharing my journey dealing with acne and hormonal acne what was prescribed to me what products i’m using what i’m not using what i like what i don’t

Like as always i highly encourage you guys to do your own research and seek the help of a medical professional if you absolutely need it let’s get into the video if you’re new here i have very acne prone skin i was dealing with mask knee from having to wear a mask due to covid and then you know hormonal acne on top of that had been dealing with that on and off

For like a couple of years but i think the combination of dealing with mast knee last summer my skin just like took a hit and i couldn’t take it anymore so i finally went to the dermatologist and they prescribed for me three things 100 milligrams of spiranoloctone a one percent clindamycin gel and a five percent benzoyl peroxide cleanser i have been using those

Three products along with some of my other favs for about nine months now and so i’m going to show you guys the before and the after of how my skin is looking like right now you guys will get to see how these products have been working for me let me get into what spirana lactone is very briefly in case you guys don’t know it is traditionally used to treat high

Blood pressure it is a diuretic aka water pill so it does make you go to the bathroom quite a bit which is totally fine because i have an overactive bladder anyway so i’m used to it so i do go to the restroom quite a bit but then it was discovered that it was actually quite helpful in helping to treat hormonal acne primarily in women by blocking the activity of

Androgens and the reason why it’s prescribed to women and not men is because it can cause breast augmentation which explains quite a bit that’s a overly simplistic general explanation of what spironolactone is definitely do your own research so 100 milligrams two pills a day i was taking one pill in the morning and one pill in the afternoon or evening but up until

Recently i started taking both of them at the same time either in the morning or mid afternoon like lunchtime because i found that i was forgetting to take my second pill and i didn’t want to forget to take my second pill i’ve also been asked questions about the side effects there are a lot of side effects to this pill when you google it you’ll see what they are

I don’t experience any of the severe things that some people have that cause them to stop using it the only thing that i know that i need to do when taking this pill is to take it with food or else i get very nauseous and very dizzy but other than that i’m totally fine and i’ve been really really liking how it’s working on my skin depending on how severe your

Acne is you can usually see improvements in your skin in about three months but again everyone is different and so all of our results will be different in terms of the clindamycin that is not a new ingredient to me i used clindamycin lotion years ago and this time they gave it to me in the form of a gel pretty much almost out of this one i need to get a new

One the clindamycin comes in a little tube like this the gel a little bit goes a long way it spreads very nicely and evenly into the skin it absorbs quickly i really like it i honestly don’t have any complaints with it i can use other products with it and it doesn’t cause any pilling or anything like that and clintomycin is a topical antibiotic that is used

To treat inflammatory acne so it’s going to help with your acne but it’s also going to help with the inflammation and the redness so yeah i’ve been i’ve been loving clindamycin and then the benzoyl peroxide cleanser this is what my benzoproxide cleanser looks like that they prescribed to me but you guys can find benzoyl peroxide as an ingredient in cleansers at

The drugstore you don’t need to get a prescription one but they just gave me one so i just thought i’d let you guys know that you can definitely find i think panaxel is like a five percent benzoyl peroxide cleanser those were the things that were prescribed to me and what i’ve been using i did a video back in october talking about my one month journey on sporadic

Lactone so in that video i went through my skincare routine and the products that i’m using so i will put the thumbnail to that video right here so you guys can look for it and watch it after this video but essentially when it comes to my routines everything is pretty much the same that i mentioned in that video i keep my daytime routine super super simple if i’m

Going to work out in the morning indoors i don’t wash my face with the benzoyl peroxide cleanser i just splash water on my face and then dry it pat dry you should know to pat dry your face and then just do my workout and then do my skincare routine after whenever i watch people’s vlogs here on youtube and they go through all of their morning steps for their skin

Care and then they’re like let’s go work out i’m just like what why would you do that it’s such a waste of product so i don’t do my skincare routine until after i’ve done my workout if i’m going to go outside for like a walk or a jog i pretty much do the same thing with the exception of put on a moisturizer and sunscreen because you have to protect your skin from

The sun super important the sunscreen that i’ve been using is this one from clinique i put this on top of my moisturizer before i go out on my long walks or jogs the other one that i like to use is the one from different that is a moisturizer and sunscreen in one which is my preference i like the two and one better but you know every now and then i’ll just plop

This one on this is just what i’ve been grabbing because it’s literally right in front of my face my daytime routine is very very simple with the exception of those two things i wash my face with a benzoyle peroxide cleanser and i go in with an eye cream and the eye cream that i’ve been using is this one by oli henriksen this is a banana bright eye cream if you

Guys saw my birthday vlog i picked this up in a kit with the serum and the moisturizer and i’ve been using both of them after my eye cream then i will go in with my clindamycin gel you always want to go in with your prescribed medication first before anything else you want to make sure that gets absorbed into your skin so once that is fully absorbed then i will

Go in with my vitamin c serum and the vitamin c serum that i’ve been using is this one but ola henriksen this is the truth serum this is an og fave i’ve been using this serum for years the only other one i have ever tried is the one from cerave i like to have drugstore alternatives to some of my more expensive you know faves like just in case sometimes i can’t

Always get my truth serum so i just wanted to try something else and see how i liked it so the one from survey i actually like a lot and i think it’s a really good starter serum if you’re just beginning to use any type of serum but especially a vitamin c serum but those are the only two i’ve ever tried so i really can’t speak on anything else and then once that is

Fully absorbed then i go in with a moisturizer and i have like so many freaking moisturizers but i pretty much stick to the ones that i always have so my one from cerave serving also has a really good moisturizer and brush for extreme spf in one that is really good a daytime one it’s very lightweight absorbs into the skin it doesn’t irritate it’s not oily nothing

Like that i also like the one from clinique i also have the pca rebalance you guys have seen that in previous vlogs but also the oleg henriksen c rush brightening cream i’ve been using this one as well i’ve also been using the murad clarifying water gel it just depends on like what i feel in the moment and then also i have this little mini from fresh this is the

Rose deep hydration face cream this was also part of all the many things that i got in my birthday vlog from sephora when it comes to products that have rose in it i’m pretty picky because my skin does not like it but this one doesn’t bother me whatsoever no irritation i actually really like this one and i’m out of it i’m completely out of it so i definitely

Would get this one in a bigger size i just love how it feels on my skin it’s so hydrating and my skin feels so soft but when it comes to moisturizers i rotate between whatever i have on hand my favorites are stay pretty much the same now for my nighttime routine is when i go in with my more active ingredients my acids you know the treatments all of that stuff

And that’s pretty much the same from my previous video as well but also if you guys watch my skincare collection video i am still using all of the same things the only things that are new two products that i got from micro hair aesthetics these were gifted to me i actually really like them so once i’m out i will buy these as well so the first thing is this age

Defying recovery serum this has vitamin a and chamomile in here and i’ve really been liking this product it’s super good for acne prone skin helps to heal the skin hyperpigmentation all of that i’ve been obsessed with this one i basically use it every other night the other product that they sent was this four in one lensing oil you know this isn’t really for

Treating acne i’m including it because it’s something that i use occasionally you know i can use this as a moisturizer i can use this as a cleansing oil put it on my cuticles i think you could even put it in your hair it said but this has just been a really nice addition like if i feel need a little bit more moisture i will layer this after my moisturizer at night

Let me just share with you guys some ingredients that i look for in products to help me not only treat my acne prevent it heal it but also to help even out my skin tone to help with those dark spots the hyperpigmentation the overall look appearance of my skin fine lines wrinkles all of that stuff and also exfoliation because it’s really really important you

Can either have a chemical exfoliator or a physical one some of the ingredients i look for are lactic acid like holic acid salicylic acid some type of retinol kojic acid is also really good azelaic acid is another one i like niacinamides ceramides i’ve been using for years my skin absolutely loves it it’s really important to protect your skin barrier so you want

To look for ceramides those are just a couple of the ingredients that i look for and the products that i am purchasing to help me with my skin concerns in terms of beauty treatments that i have done lately is getting more facials getting facials with extractions i like to go to skin spa i see ava i absolutely love ava and i highly recommend her if you guys are

In the new york city area and you decide to go to skin spa try to get an appointment with ava which is super hard because she’s always booked but she’s amazing so getting facials more frequently has definitely been helping me the other thing that i started doing was getting chemical peels i got my first peel in april and i did vlog that for you guys i’ll include

The thumbnail right over here so you guys can watch that one after this video but basically i get a pca peel and the strength of the peel is dependent on how many layers that you get so my first peel i only got one layer because that’s all that i can handle and then my second peel that i got in may late may i got two layers so my goal is to slowly increase my

Tolerance so that i can get more layers and you know really see the effects but even with the one and two layers i still saw an improvement in my skin it was glowy i did peel but not a ton it just looked like dry skin i peeled in the same areas around my nostrils my temples a little bit on my lower jaw and chin area the other thing that i really want to get is a

Professional derma planning and micro needling i do have at home versions of these but the at home versions is nothing nothing compared to what they do at like a med spa or a place like skin spa or even the dermatologist office and i’m sure you guys have seen those videos on instagram of people that are getting derma planning done it’s like the little scalpel you

See it like go across the skin and all that dead skin is like curling up and it’s gross but oddly satisfying at the same time you know what i’m talking about but yeah that’s the next thing that i definitely want to get done and skin spot does it so i’m excited i’m looking forward to that one and when i do decide to do that you guys already know i will be documenting

It and sharing that experience with you guys and just letting you know you know what i think about it just a couple of other things to keep in mind when it comes to dealing with acne you can have the cleanest diet you can drink all the water in the world you can use all-natural cruelty-free quesadilla whatever makeup and you can still break out i hate when people

Make very overly simplistic dismissive comments online like you got to clean up your diet you got to go vegan you got to go plant-based stop wearing makeup drink more water you can do all of those things and still break out and if you have acne prone skin then you know what i’m talking about you understand the struggle and you know how annoying those freaking

Comments are do all of those things help absolutely does it mean that you’re gonna have beautiful clear skin 24 7 365 forever no but does it help of course does it help to cut back on sugar of course does it help to cut back on dairy of course should i increase my water intake duh if you have acne prone skin then silk and 100 cotton masks are the best for your

Skin because they’re softer it won’t have as much friction because masculinity is real and i have a whole video on my mask knee routine i’ll link that for you in the description box another thing it will help is just not wearing makeup under a mask if you can avoid it avoid it if you are going to be wearing makeup you could do this also without makeup you can do

A little solution of like tea tree oil and water and put it in like a little spray bottle and spray the inside of your mask so this is just some extra little things that i’ve been doing girly girls you know what’s up you got to put on your set and buy it before you go to bed protect your curls but also protect your face you don’t want to go to bed with your hair

Full of products on your pillowcase and then you know you’re like sleeping you got all that nastiness on your face but also just use a satin pillowcase you know little things little changes that you can do to help so now i will show you guys a before of my skin would it look like before i went to the dermatologist redness huge cystic acne a lot of scarring and

Then what my skin looks like now it’s been about nine months using the spirana lactone clindamycin the benzoy peroxide cleanser everything together i really really love i do see a huge improvement in my skin i do get a texture every now and then as you can see like on my forehead and chin area but i don’t worry about that too much pretty much goes away in a couple

Of days i don’t have any major breakouts i have a lot of content here on youtube talking about other beauty stuff and skincare so i’ll make sure to link the beauty playlist for you guys but also i have a lot of content on my blog and i’ll put that link in the description box for you guys but i did an entire skincare week i went into toners cleansers exfoliants

Moisturizers masks i love charcoal masks i even have a video on that there’s gonna be a ton of information and links in the description box so make sure that you go there and always you guys you can subscribe to my newsletter it is completely free and i share a lot of things there with my subscribers before i even share it with anyone else in the world even here

On youtube or other social media so definitely sign up for my newsletter for more information posts exclusive content and also the 411 and anything going on in my acting life before i even share it with anyone will be there as well if you enjoyed this video which i hope that you did make sure that you like it share it and subscribe and turn on your notifications

So that you never miss an upload any questions comments recommendations leave it for me down below and i’ll get back to you guys thank you so much for watching and i will catch you in the next one

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Tips on Getting CLEAR SKIN: spironolactone for hormonal acne update, skincare products + routine By Miriam Morales