February 1, 2023

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Well mathematics made easy my name is true today we will be talking about susannah mean also known as zanna flex so it is for back spasms between not just back the spasm muscle spasms in general muscle spasticity is the official title for it it is the alpha-2 agonist again i don’t want to get into the details of all that but how does it work so it works by

Whatever your muscles are spasming that means there’s increased firing in the neurons but this does this slows down the firing of it and so hence less firing meaning less azamat action going on so that’s that’s how it works really good medication what i consider it to be super strong with anything no it’s kind of oh no consider like in the middle tier of spasm

Medications let’s see here the big caveat with this medication again i will go over dosages or how many times a day take it because every doctor seems to be different i like to stuff on their feet but you don’t think that several times a day it’s more on the shorter acting cycle and the big thing here is about whether you have food in your stomach or not so the

Medicine absorbs quicker on an empty stomach so again your time to peak which which means what’s the maximum effect you feel the medication if you don’t have any stomach and now right real quick if you have lunch dinner breakfast whatever you’ve eaten it takes about three or four hours for it to hit the max effect in your body a duration of action again depends

On the food or anything like that but you’re looking at you know three to six hours is the duration of action so again if you don’t have anything there stomach it comes on quicker and leaves quicker right which is why you generally get a dose several times a day let’s say your pregnancy class c which means ladies if you talk it through with your doctor but weigh

The risks good to take it breast milk officially there is no there there’s no literature saying whether this thing is safe for breast milk or not i did some different deeping diving deeper into a hit and the medicinal chemistry of it is that it is a lipid soluble molecule and so lipid soluble means it can cross the tissue so it looks like potentially can’t cross

Into fresco so again but you should be having these conversations with your doctor if you need to be on this medication while i’m breastfeeding and so beyond that i put a list of side effects here the big things are going to watch out for things like hypotension which means like a low blood pressure dizziness dry mouth ischemia which is like a lack of energy you

Just you just you feel on the ground watch out for things like that if you have liver issues this one is generally like a red flag medication don’t don’t take this when you have liver issues but again i don’t know your full picture you should talk through this with your doctors make sure everyone’s on the same page because a lot of people use different doctors

For different things they treat it all on the same page as far as renal function goes this is you can take this medication if you don’t have anything if you if you have anything other than severe renal issues of it’s mild to moderate you’re generally funny to take this medication if you do have some severe renal issues we need crab and clearances really low then

This making should probably not preferred for you to take but again you get at this conversations to talk guys in a spirit of metal you see i think this kind of covered everything i wanted to talk about you have your questions concerns leave them down below debray medications sheep so doesn’t break the bank so i tend to really like this medication when people

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