March 24, 2023

Top five cheapest diabetes medications in India for type-2 diabetes

Hello this is dr deep dutta i’m an endocrinologist based in dwarka new delhi today we are going to discuss about the top 5 cheapest and highly effective generic anti-diabetes medications which are available for use in india so let’s start with the first medicine it belongs to the class of sulfonylureas these are medicines which promote insulin release from our

Pancreas and are highly effective in type 2 diabetes so the first medicine is the tablet glipizide it’s a generic medicine it comes at five milligrams tablet the dose per day is decided by your endocrinologist which can range from five to 25 milligrams per day and the cost of a single tablet is less than one rupee it’s around 70 to 80 peso per tablet so even if

I am taking say 15 milligrams of glyphosate per day my daily cost of therapy would be less than three rupees and then we can calculate the monthly cost of therapy would would be around 100 indian rupees or less the second cheapest medicine in this line would be another sulfonylurea which is glibengly this is a very old medicine in use for last 30 years it’s a

Very potent medicine it also promotes insulin release from pancreas again let your endocrinologist decide that those the daily dose can vary between 5 to 15 milligrams per day and a single tablet of gluban chlamyd which is also known as glyburide cost around one rupee 10 peso in india so if i am taking 10 milligrams of glibe in a day my daily cost of therapy

Would be only around 2 rupees and my monthly cost of therapy would be hardly around 60 to 65 indian rupees per month the third medicine among the top five cheapest medicine would be metformin now metformin is the first line agent for the treatment of diabetes recommended by all guidelines across the world including the indian diabetes guidelines the daily dose

Of metformin as decided by your endocrinologist would vary anywhere between 500 milligrams per day to 2 grams per day now the cost of a single tablet of metformin of thousand milligrams or 1 gram is ranges between 2 to 3 indian rupees so if i am taking around 2 000 milligrams of metformin which is the full dose of metformin my daily cost of therapy would be

Less than around six rupees per day so the monthly cost of therapy comes to only around 180 indian rupees in a month the fourth medicine among the top five cheapest medicine is pio greater zone now this is another very old a very effective anti-diabetes medication it makes the insulin which forms in our body naturally work better it’s an insulin sensitizer the

Recommended doses in the indian population and best decided for you by your endocrinologist would be 15 to 30 milligrams per day a single tablet of pioglitazone 15 milligrams cost around 5 to 6 indian rupees so if i am taking 30 milligrams of fiber zone in a day my daily cost of therapy would be around 10 indian rupees which comes to around 300 indian rupees

Per month and the fifth and the last most cheapest anti-diabetic medications among so many available uh for clinical use in the indian market would be the generic welding lifting yes now build up airplane has gone off patent and that we have generic build that lifting available from different manufacturers a cost of a 50 milligram tablet comes around five indian

Rupees so if i am taking the full dose of buildup lipton which is 100 milligrams per day that would come around 10 indian rupees per day again 300 indian rupees in a month so i have just discussed with you five of very effective and the most cheapest anti-diabetes medications available in the indian market they are all serious drug so sit down and discuss with

Your endocrinologist and let your doctor decide what is best for you take care

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Top 5 Cheapest Diabetes Medications in India (Dr Deep Dutta Endocrinologist) By Deep Dutta