February 1, 2023

Topiramate is a medicine used to treat epilepsy. It can also be taken to prevent migraine and has recently been trending to help with weight loss.

We have a real doozy today and you’re gonna know a ton more about topiramate than you did just a few minutes ago so let’s jump into it in 1979 a pharmacologist by the name of bruce marinov along with his team discovered the compounds of topiramate while doing research work at mcneil pharmaceuticals but it wasn’t until 1996 when topiramate actually became available

For commercial use now topirmate actually has two uses the first being epilepsy which we usually discuss on this channel but it’s also used for migraines i had a headache this big now in terms of seizures topiramate is a broad spectrum anti-seizure medication meaning it is helpful in treating patients with both partial and generalized seizures topiramate can only

Be taken by mouth and is approved for adults and children aged 2 years and over also its half-life is relatively long so most patients only have to take it once daily brand names for tapiramate are topomax qdexyxr toperogen and trokendxr side effects now i’ve got to be honest with you there are so many side effects to this drug that i’m going to throw up a list

Here and you can pause it just to take it all in mechanism of action topiramate’s mechanism of action has long been unclear however recent studies suggest that it reduces seizures in two ways by first blocking sodium channels and secondly enhancing gaba transmission now don’t let me lose you just yet because we’re going to go over each step one by one what you’re

Seeing now is a normal passing of an electrical signal in an unmedicated neuron this is a sodium channel and this is sodium when sodium passes through the sodium channel it allows the electrical signal to pass through as well and just like in all sodium channel blockers topiramate binds to and closes the sodium channels this blocks the sodium from going through

And therefore blocking the electrical signal deep breath we’re almost done all right now for the next step there’s three characteristics play here gaba gaba receptors and chloride and this is gaba gaba is a neurotransmitter in the brain that binds to the gaba receptor and this is the gaba receptor gaba receptors allow chloride to pass through the neuron this is

Chloride and chloride is simple it simply stops electrical signals from passing through alright now gabal will bind to the gaba receptor periodically opening and closing it and when it’s open chloride passes through and temporarily stops the electrical signal when it’s closed electrical signals are able to pass through remember that topiramate binds to the sodium

Channels well when it does it also binds to the gaba receptors and keeps them open for a longer period of time this allows chloride to pass through more frequently and what happens when the chloride is passing through that’s right the electrical signal is stopped we did it we’re done hey before you go don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment down below it’s

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Topamax – A complete breakdown (Topiramate) By Epilepsy Explained – Gil Solano R. EEG T.