November 29, 2022

Currently taking 100 mg of the drug Topamax also known as Topiramate. My review is 100 hundred percent honest, I was not paid or sponsored. Please not this is my experience only and everyone experience is different.

Hello hello hello my name is nikita this is my very first youtube video and i am here today to give you a review on the drug topamax and this is the bottle this is what it looks like it’s this little itty bitty teeny tiny little pill so sorry my phone doesn’t focus right but you get the idea hopefully yeah it doesn’t want to focus but it’s this little itty

Bitty teeny tiny little pill so i think that’s probably as good as it’s gonna get um but just a little bit of background um i started getting migraines probably early 2017 and they kind of just started out of nowhere i don’t know why i started getting them and they started maybe once every maybe like once every three months i would get just like a really

Bad i thought they were headaches just like you know just a really bad headache and then it would go from like once every three months to like once a month and then it became like once a week and then it be slowly progressed to like once every um like like every single day so originally i know it’s bad but i started taking like tylenol every single day and

Then i started taking taking excedrin and it got so bad to where i was taking excedrin every single day i know that’s terrible but that was the only medication that would help my migraines to where i could function so i knew it was bad to take excedrin um every single day so i went to go see my doctor and um i don’t remember exactly what medication but topamax

Was not the first medication that i actually started it was another medication that i started i think it might have been propopenol and i’ll do another review on propropanol but um anyway there’s just a little bit of background story about my migraines so um but yeah today we’re going to talk about supermax and uh originally i started on 25 milligrams and that

Worked for probably about six months and then recently when i say recent i’m talking like two weeks ago it went um from working to not working so now we’re at 100 milligrams and i have not noticed any major side effects dealing with topamax other than probably um tingling like in the hands and in the feet and it’s really sporadic like it’s just random like

I could just be talking to you talking to my friend and then all of a sudden i’ll get like this really like tingling sensation and it doesn’t last long maybe like 10 15 seconds it’ll last and then it’s gone uh i have noticed some acne and you guys can probably see like right here that’s a big one like right here and then also like right in here and i don’t know

100 if it’s from top of max because i also have somewhat of a stressful job situation right now so it could be do that as well um but other than that oh and also people like topo max too because supposedly this is really good for weight loss um but i can’t say that it’s worked for me because i had weight loss surgery a couple years ago and we’ll save that for

Another video um so it has helped i guess maybe maintain that but i’m already skinny as it is so i can’t say that that’s helped either but all in all i think it’s a pretty good drug um i could say other than the tingling hands in the feet and other than maybe or maybe not with dealing with the acne i haven’t noticed any bad side effects um dealing with this drug

Um so if i had to rate it on a scale of one to ten i’ll probably give it probably give it maybe eight point five now and i won’t give it a ten just because again with the acne and um i’m kind of self-conscious about that and i think most women are you know we care about our parents we care about um you know how we look but my dosage again is 100 milligrams

And uh take one tablet and a half two times a day and from what i read i follow a group on facebook like for migraine sufferers that’s nothing there’s people who take 300 500 milligrams a day so it all depends on your dosage again everybody’s different i’m not saying this is you know the cure all this is you know you know the bible or anything like that um of

Of you know law when it comes to to this drug this is just my personal experience dealing with this but um so far so good um so hopefully that helps somebody if you have any questions feel free to leave them down in the comments i will be doing more reviews when it comes to to medications because i’ve taken quite a few um and some of them have worked some of

Them have not worked there is one in particular that i really want to dive into that from for me personally i would never tick again just never never check again um but anyway that’s that i don’t want to keep rambling on so topa max 8 out of 10 8.5 out of 10 8 out of 10. so give it a go thanks talk to you soon

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Topamax (Topiramate) Review! By Unbeknownst2me