December 8, 2022


How many of you raise your hand so i can see them have ever been prescribed a medication in order to manage the side effects of another medication that you’re on there are way too many hands up in the air right now and that’s why today i want to talk to you about topical pain relief things that you can apply to your skin directly to the joint that hurts and bypass

All the harmful side effects that can happen within the gi tract and the liver when we take pills orally now there’s a bit of nuance to really getting a topical pain formula right depending upon the type of pain that you might have so if you’re someone who’s in pain make sure you grab a paper or a pen or your laptop to take some notes and this might be a video that

You need to stop and replay a few times to catch everything that we’re about to toss out at you but before you go get everything you need to sit down and become my student for the next 10 minutes i want you to go ahead and hit that subscribe button and you’re guaranteed to have at least 50 more years of good health and good fortune i’m dr brandi rose lipscombe

I’m a naturopathic doctor and a pain relief specialist i see patients three days a week here at my beautiful clinic in arlington washington at essentia wellness i also run an online program where i get the blessed opportunity to work with clients all over the united states in an online program called my pain eraser in rapid recovery where i teach my clients

How to help stimulate their body’s ability to heal themselves from home using space-age medical technology called dynamic neuromodulation and one of the tools that i use most frequently from my toolbox for pain relief is topical compounded pain relief formulas that’s right we call it the compounding pharmacies and i tell them exactly what medications and at

What strengths i want them to put into creams or gels so that my clients can use those topical pain relief formulas to get some relief in between treatments in order to figure out the best pain prescription for someone we need to think about what type of pain are they dealing with there are three types of pain that we’re going to talk about today the first one is

Peripheral or nociceptive pain peripheral pain is commonly like arthritis or where there’s inflammation in the body or there’s been an injury so surgical post-surgical pain trauma injuries those are all considered peripheral pain and it is the most common type of pain out there then we have centralized pain centralized pain is when the brain is not processing the

Pain signals properly we see that more often in diagnosis like fibromyalgia irritable bowel interstitial cystitis and some temporomandibular disorders then the third type of pain that we’re going to talk a little bit about is neuropathic pain neuropathic pain means that there’s a problem with the nerve itself and that could be something like multiple sclerosis uh

Posterpedic neuralgia from shingles or different types of neuralgia pains like diabetic neuropathy or the worst idiopathic neuropathy meaning you have this nerve pain and we have no idea what to do for you but knowing that type of pain peripheral central or neuropathic is really important when we’re going to design a topical pain relief formula for example someone

With peripheral pain like a common arthritic pain i might be looking mostly at the class of nsaids non-steroidal anti-inflammatories those are the drugs that when taken orally in high doses can cause gastric ulcers and gi bleeding definitely not a good sign diclofenac is one of the most common incense used topically you can even find it in a an over-the-counter

Cream or gel called volterran um voltaren is a one percent diclofenac cream or gel and typically when i call compounding pharmacy to use diclofenac in a prescription cream i’m using something um a lot higher more like a three percent concentration of of that particular drug and one of my most favorite insets to use in topical pain relief was probably ketoprofen

There’s a few studies that show that comparing all the different topical nsaids ketoprofen was associated with the most benefit and the most well tolerated the people simply liked it the most i often use 20 kidoprofin in combination with one percent peroxicam peroxicam is another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and those two work really well together kind of

Like peas and carrots to provide a really great local anti-inflammatory effect without any of the harmful effects to the gi tract or the liver now if someone has that arthritis but they also have uh muscle spasms or really tight muscles a lot of muscle tension i might add cyclobenzaprine to that ketoprofen peroxicam blend one percent cyclobenzaprine can act as

A skeletal muscle relaxant it works at the level of the brainstem and it helps those muscles to relax more effectively so that’s a really good combo the cyclobenzaprine with the ketoprofen peroxicam if someone has arthritis and they’re really tight or tense then we dive into what we consider combination pain or central neuropathic types of pain for those types

Of pain we get into some different classes of drugs and one of the ones that is really effective that we that i commonly use is amitriptyline amitriptyline is considered a tricyclic antidepressant or tca and studies have shown that amitriptyline topically can have a really lovely effect on different types of neuropathic and central pain along those same lines is

Another tca or tricyclic antidepressant called doxa pin now doxa pen is often used for chronic itching like atopic dermatitis or lichen simplex chronicus we can we also find that the doxa pen works well to relieve certain types of neuropathic pain and when used in combination with capsaicin it has an even faster effect of rapidly reducing the painful condition

Capsaicin is derived from your cayenne pepper and is well known for inhibiting or depleting substance p substance p i like to call it substance pain capsicum will cause depletion of substance p because it rapidly fires substance p and it basically wears out the body’s ability to uh make enough substance p to mount an effective pain response capsaicin cream is

Really commonly used with diabetic neuropathy people who have that annoying tingling sensation in their feet often report a lot of benefit and relief when they use capsaicin cream another drug that i like to think of for topical use when we’re talking about central or neuropathic pain is baclofen baclofen is a muscle relaxer that works at the level of the spinal

Column instead of the brain stem remember cyclobenzaprine works at the level of the brain stem baclofen works at the level of the spinal column so for someone who’s had a spinal cord injury and there’s some spasticity or things are kind of locked up or cramped up baclofen can be a really great medication to consider in a topical formula to get an anti-spasmodic

More relaxed effect and the final drug on my list of great topicals for central neuropathic pain is topical gabapentin gabapentin is an anti-convulsant and the mechanisms aren’t completely known but it is commonly used for different types of nerve pain i see patients on it all the time and the side effects of gabapentin can be pretty severe including confusion

Daytime sleepiness fatigue dizziness and then also nausea vomiting and diarrhea we can bypass all of those nasty side effects of gabapentin when we’re using it topically for a local nerve pain there’s also some interesting research coming out on topical ketamine for pain relief and then if your prescriber or compounding pharmacy has a a more natural inclination

We can also add things like dmso edta topical magnesium emu oil frankincense essential oil or salicylic acid or even cbd oil and depending upon the nature of the pain there are also times when drugs from the kane family can be really helpful at numbing the local area so bupivacaine tetracaine and lidocaine are all commonly found in topical pain relief preparations

Have you ever used a topical pain relief cream let us know in the comments below about your experience i would love to hear about it i should mention that all of these different formulas while they can really help relieve pain which is super important to someone who is suffering with pain they are basically all really nice band-aids these formulas are not going to

Have a really healing effect or get to the root cause of the pain they’re simply going to reduce the inflammation reduce the pain release relieve the muscle spasm temporarily and give someone relief so if you’re looking for more than a band-aid approach to your pain problem you probably owe it to yourself to look in the description below and click on the link and

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Program you can click on this video next and after you’re done watching that you gotta check out this quick little testimonial video here it always makes me smile every time i watch it as always we thank you guys for watching let me know if there’s anything else that you want to hear about on this channel that is devoted to pain relief and optimal health

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