March 22, 2023

Topiramate is a medication prescribed off-label for weight loss. It is FDA approved to control seizures and migraines. You should talk with your healthcare provider before starting any medication. Along with dietary changes and exercise, topiramate may boost your weight loss by controlling your cravings, reducing your appetite, and taste disturbances. Topiramate should be taken consistently and not “as needed”. Remember, there is no “miracle pill”, but anything will work, if you work it.

Hi everybody what’s going on welcome to jay and kenya’s weight loss journey this is episode 15 and today we’re going to be talking about to paramate for weight loss i decided to start to paramate and jay decided no i wasn’t doing that i won’t do no medication okay so just a little bit about tapiramate tapiramate it was originally a medication that was

Prescribed or could be prescribed for seizures it’s an anti-seizure medication used on high dosing on low dosing is also fda approved for migraine prevention in a weight loss arena we use it to help with several things it can be used for controlling of cravings it’s often paired up with a medication called phentermine called quissemia and which is going to

Help with cravings and portion control so let me go ahead and give you this disclosure please seek medical advice from your healthcare provider when starting any medication um we’re starting any medication okay with that being said i’ve decided not to give um information about of what i’m specific information about what i’m doing on my journey personal journey

Because this is real life for me um and you guys know i like to share a lot about what i’m doing on my journey but when it comes to the medications i’m not as compliant as i should be with my medication even though i am a healthcare provider and i sometimes start things and stop things and it is not advised as a healthcare provider we do not advise you to um not

Be consistent we want you to be consistent on taking the medication as prescribed and not oftentimes starting and stopping and sometimes i do those things so i’m just going to be a little vague about when i take medication or i’m not taking medication okay to pyramid so i started it last was it friday and um it was during that um time going off the cycle week

I removed a lot of fluid it was really beneficial for definitely fluid um it helped control my cravings um reduce my appetite immediately lost weight in my way our way in date you know we saw my weight last week but i had lost like two even two more pounds that same day or that next day yeah it was really beneficial when uh as far as the cravings going and the

Reduction of my appetite and i still continue to eat you know but it was it was good with keeping me really in my calorie range throughout the week one of the side effects um i will say with the to paramate i noticed um sleepiness uh mental fogginess yeah i kind of if you recognize that video i was kind of scatterbrained um on that video because it will cause

A little bit like loss of words i’m just memory loss um so yeah with the fatigue um i did to wind up on thursday taking a b12 injection with fat burner to help give me some energy because i was really tired every day every day um after taking it usually what i tell clients with the tapiramate those side effects will go away with consistent use so let’s go ahead

And jump right into our five objectives for weight loss good j dietary behaviors oh i sucked in dietary babies i drunk my sweet tea i had sodas i had different other forms of sugars as far as eating i ate out a lot not a lot of meal prep um just dietary ain’t trackman i won’t try and attract didn’t take a picture the first some of the foods are foods that i eat

On a regular basis so all right yeah i always have pictures of them because it’s the same meal so looking to incorporate my dad a little bit better as far as getting back on track um trying to just stay focused think you said this on the last video you said you weren’t tracking it’s the same meals so if you’re doing the same thing over and over again and you’re

Expecting a different result that’s what it’s called insanity so um are you trying to change them up well i ain’t tracked last week the sandy park was drinking the sweet teas and the sugars and sodas which i have not been drinking you did that last week too right no i ate out a lot last week if i recall in that video i took a line because i i did the editing

And you said i had that much i had my sugar i had a candy ball as a peanut m m as cookies a chocolate chip cookie chocolate chip cookie important to me too yeah it means whole lot to me important had a bag of doritos i was craving some doritos had to have okay you had cookies you had candy you had doritos you had yeah okay but i also included extra stuff this

Week as far as sodas sweet tea and the rest of the things so i did not uh uh you know as far as my food like my regular meals not my snacks not inside like drinks and stuff like that i had sodas and sweet tea with my meals okay instead of watering my meals that’s the only point i’m trying okay okay so for my dietary behaviors this week so with the medication

It did what i’ve realized it helped me do was definitely stay in my caloric range i averaged 1500 calories per day 80 to 90 grams of carbohydrates and um it was um it definitely kept me from snacking late at night uh i just did not have the desire for anything to um as far as snacking is concerned and that was really great for me because it was like oh my

Gosh it was like oh you know i always tell people there’s no miracle filled but it was really nice just not to have the cravings um and i just ate my meals as planned i had my meals prepped all week so it was nice eating my meals and i had a snack but it was definitely everything was in the range for the day physical activity oh my exercise was good um over

9 500 steps again increased my active time by two minutes to like 107 minutes a day um i did most i didn’t break my exercise into two times a day i did kind of like once in the evening instead of one story lunch and then once in the evening so i thought i just need to split my workouts out a little bit better and incorporate some weight training this past

Week um into my normal walk or ride my bike routine so i think uh adding the weights adding i’m looking to try to do some bear crawls or some mountain climbers just some different things as far as core exercises we try to help burn a few more calories and maybe that’ll help uh some overall exercise this week coming up okay so for this week i averaged like

30 minutes pretty much most days of the week um it did decrease from last week i did more physical activity last week but this week i included strengthening i inclined my the treadmill when i was walking on it and i incorporated weights so um i can definitely see where my weight went down initially at the beginning of the week i think that was more the fluid

Weight but um it did start to climb back up a little bit more um that could have been the including weights i i don’t know but to me i think i felt like i could tell in my body where i was getting stronger and i’m slimming up um so yeah you know that one week you do weights you feel like you just like skin tea and everything that was me mental behaviors for

Me um mentally i just want you know to work on finding um just some a better well-being in in areas of work and home and um right now i really would just like to work on getting the outdoors area you know i want to be able to work outdoors or even exercise outdoors but i want a porch or screened in porch and i’ve been wanting it for a year so you’re gonna

Get that for me well i guess you’re not gonna have a good piece of well-being or uh peace of mind either if my well-being is not good your well-being is not good so we’re just gonna go ahead and skip on to the next one i know that because i know my well-being modifications see well-being mental stress all over the place you you want to go ahead and share

Your you know your no i just no slate um well-being off so i think i need to get that back on track my well-being my spirits are both out of whack so okay i might need to get that porch um all right behavioral modifications um like i said i did really good with creeping stretch i did i did good with the um keep it on track with um my foods taking photos um

So yeah that’s my behavioral modification i’m keep doing as long as i keep on track with that it’s all i always do better following what i should do y’all heard me screw up the first one so yeah i ain’t gonna talk about poor behaviors i just had them all all over the pool so um for my spiritual behavior pretty much it you know it went like this okay god oh i

Opened the bible and i said where do i begin okay let me just pray so i prayed and i opened up my bible app and then it was like i went to like ephesians and then the lord gave me what i needed like exactly what i needed for the whole week and it it’s you know i meditated on that say that chapter for the whole week and it was really what i needed it was yeah

You know one of those moments like you in tears because you know he is like reading you and writing you right there and then yeah he’s like god check me he checked me put me in check and that’s what i needed you know um did i have to have a different scripture every day of the week to say no no just that chapter that i needed that for what i was going through

So thank you god now it’s time for the couple’s challenge he’s always so excited about this he’s you know he’s just boiling up inside y’all can’t really tell he’s like yeah i’m blowing up and said he you know he’s he’s not good with showing his emotions um so all right last week well let’s go ahead and bring the money i gotta do i mean i can go ahead and take

The pot now and you can take a pot you can’t take but you you don’t lose too many weeks in a row doesn’t matter whoever by july whenever six months from the date we start so yeah january 9th was the first time we just start well we started the whole journey we started the couples down we’ll figure all that out we’ll let you guys know when we actually look at

The pot all right so we put money in the pot all right last week j go ahead okay last week jay’s weight was 297.6 this week’s jay’s weight was 298.2 j gained 0.6 pounds which was 0.2 percent of his body weight would you like to say anything for the folks this time nope nothing to say it is what it is i will do something uh as far as going back through my

Clothes and try to motivate myself to get smaller work on getting better that’s about it that’s i gotta just work hard that’s all get right frame of mind get right spiritually so i can focus on everything else i need to do and that’s about it just keep working just don’t get discouraged just keep working you know even though you don’t meet your goal uh still

Gotta push and fight through it and you know all right my weight last week was 169.4 this week my weight was 167.8 i lost 1.6 pounds which is 0.9 of my body weight so all right penalty no no no no no no no y’all understand pray for me that’s the best i could take all right the rewards okay let’s see what the pot is guys we got 100 200 2 4 6 eight ten

Three hundred two four six eight ten four hundred two four hundred and thirty dollars so final thoughts um i’m just gonna share what i think with the tapering to paramate you know teparamate is a great medication option for people who um it may qualify for it’s not for everyone there are side effects with any medication that you may choose for me um you know

What it helps it has helped me realize some things yes i i know i’m a snacker i do have to make some modifications i can’t snack as often as i want to or i’ll have to figure out my how to shuffle my calories around within a day um you know also i noticed yeah i did more strengthening this week which was beneficial for me i do notice that does help me a lot and

So you know it’s i just got to kind of i’m still figuring it out you know sometimes it may take medication for a person to help them figure it out but you can’t just take a medication and not do all the other components of trying to figure yourself out write down the calories and carbs um write down what you’re doing so you’ll know what is working for you okay

Yo i’ve been doing this thing for four months all right trying to constantly find the motivation to drive to keep working and keep eating right and not following the bad habits is is what my struggles is this is what three weeks in a row i’m under 300 first time in a long time i’ve been under 300 so now i just got to set that goal to get under 290 and then i

Could keep you know making a little small goals from there so uh gotta make some changes back uh as far as getting back on track things that worked in the last couple of a month or so um and improve on that and try to increase my activity um to help burn some more calories and do some other things so just stay motivated find your motivation find something that

Drives you and pushes you um you know continue to walk with god and keep moving and as far as me taking medication for the upcoming week i don’t think i’ll be taking it but i’ll let you know for the next episode bye guys don’t forget to like share and comment and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button to get the updates on the next episode bye just keep

Keep looking and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button to stay up to get the and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button you

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