March 28, 2023

In today’s video, I’m sharing my Topiramate, Migraines and Side Effects, Experience. Also, what I’m doing now and what side effects I’ve gone through. I’ve experienced hair loss and more. Topiramate / Topamax is not for everyone. The side effects can be harsh. I hope this can help you guys, if you’re experiencing some of these effects.

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel in today’s video i want to talk about something a little bit different and that’s going to be about migraines and how long i’ve been dealing with them what i’m doing about them and what’s been going on so if you’re new to my channel welcome my name is brenda i upload videos every week on lifestyle fashion health you name it

So if this is something you’d like to watch you’re interested in please subscribe to my channel and hit that notification bell so you’ll be notified of my videos every week okay so let’s go ahead and jump right into it okay so i’ve been dealing with migraines for i want to say 30 plus years i probably yeah since i was about 12 years old 10 to 12 years old and

It’s been an ongoing life journey on this from medications what work what works what doesn’t work from maybe something working to side effects of the medication so it’s just been going on and on so i’m going to start with the medication that i’m now taking and i’m slowly weaning off and i don’t know if i should or not um i’m just so on the fence about it but

I’ll let you know the side effects that i’m having so i started with topiramate which is the generic form of topamax back in december of 2019. um i started with that um because i was taken off of a different medication for my fibromyalgia and my migraines so it was like a pill for all in one pain looking back now i do see that that medication really did help

That medication was cymbalta and it helped with my back pain my chronic back pain my fibromyalgia and my migraines which i didn’t really think about it up until now you know the last few months that i’ve been really trying to i guess do timelines as to what medication i was on back when i’m talking timelines of two years ago what what what i was on what was

Working what wasn’t because i’m going through major migraines i’m talking like one every day if not twice a day and i’m just i’m going crazy with these headaches so going back to what i was saying i was taking off cymbalta back in october um and y’all may be wondering well why would i do that well the whole issue with that was because um i had gained i want to

Say a good 60 pounds um so i’ve gone to a new primary care doctor and he was like nope you need to get off that medication that’s what’s causing your weight gain and you’re on you know based on your weight your height etc you’re considered obese and i feel like i was i was it was horrible and if you want more on that i’ll link that video down below or up here

So i won’t go into specifics on that but anyway so i had to get off that so he slowly after i took myself off cymbalta he put me on a topamax for a topiramate for the preventative for the migraines and the another medication it’s called buprion i think that’s what it’s called i’m probably butchering the name but also and that is more like a pain uh preventative

Not a preventative just an ongoing medication for pain so those two in substitution for uh cymbalta you know it takes time to get used to medications you know side effects and with every side effect of the medication that i start on headaches are the number one always with me i guess that’s where my sensitivity is so i kept getting the migraines um so i didn’t

Know if it was because i was weaning off one medication starting another um i didn’t like the effect of the boprion so i started that in december i took it for a couple of months i didn’t like it so i stopped that so i still continued with the topamax uh or to peramate it’s it’s the same one so i’m sorry if i call it two different ones but i started with i still

Kept taking the topiramate and that is a preventative now for the acute migraine i take um sumatriptan which is the generic form to ematrex i’ve been taking that for 15 years plus that is the only medication that i’ve taken and i’ve tried that takes my migraine away um when i get attacked with a migraine that is the only one however i know within the last few

Years they’ve come up with new ones and i just have not gone to a neurologist to try different ones to see what might work what might work better i know i’ve seen on television a new one that you take once a month with that all being said i’m afraid to try anything different just because i’m so afraid of side effects for one which i’m sure y’all can relate to

And what if it doesn’t work and i get attacked with a migraine i don’t want to end up in the emergency room you know and then give me an injection for you know uh the pain and i’m asleep for two days because that’s what it used to be in the past when i couldn’t find a good medication to take you know the take care of the migraine attack so with the chaparamate

He started me off on 50 milligrams once a day and i was taking that right before bedtime and so it was going on so december january and the side effects of that that i was feeling were you know a little bit taste and you know the foods um but the main one was i started to notice was hair loss um so i noticed that a bit and i was like okay i gotta keep an eye

On that five years ago five to seven years ago i was on topamax i was taking it and that was one of the side effects i had forgotten but i remember when it started happening i remembered oh yeah remember that but it wasn’t nearly it wasn’t even half as bad as what i’m going through now with the tofu mac to pyramid so and i don’t remember too many side effects

Back when i do remember the taste of soda um i drank soda back you know back when i was take i was drinking soda and it just tasted flat you know it tasted almost like bubbly water so there was really no flavor um it was just weird the soda wasn’t soda so and that’s actually how i was able to we wean off soda is back in those days um and now i may have a soda

Every once in a blue moon um but yeah not like i did back then anyway um so yeah so i’m noticing you know the hair fall um in the shower when i brush my hair i started noticing that with that the migraines were more often than when i was taking the cymbalta in the in the fall i was taking it for two years prior before he took me off of it so i was not having

Any migraines i was not having any migraines nowhere near like now i i think i was going long stretches in between every migraine so with sumatriptan which is the generic form of immatrix you’re only prescribed your insurance only prescribes you so many pills per month some of them it could be eight some of the insurances can cover maybe 10 a month so my dose

Is eight so i was able to go like two months maybe for my next refill if that you know i was going long periods well up to date now i am going through those pills within maybe two weeks and i’m ready for my next bill and insurance will not cover it so i am pretty scared now at this point because i don’t know what’s going on um i’m thinking okay the two pyramid

Isn’t working but if i back up a little bit so back in march i believe i had an appointment with him and i told him i said i’m still having my migraines they’re not they’re more frequent and i’m getting concerned so he wanted to up the dose from 50 to 100 so basically 50 milligrams twice a day i said i don’t think i want to do that i’m experiencing hair loss and

I don’t want to do that and he’s like well that’s not one of the side effects we’re going to have to do some blood work to see what else may be going on well i know that it’s from that because i i don’t know you just know you know your hair you know your body and um yeah i was like well okay you know maybe he’s right give him the benefit of the doubt i started

The 100 milligrams daily i think i was able to start it april 1st i believe so april may june i was full force at 100 and finally i was like no i can’t do this i’m talking gobs of hair in the shower on the brush everywhere in my house everywhere every time we sweep just tons of hair um when i’m brushing my hair on the back of my shirt you know if i’m wearing a

White top it’s just all back there it’s just everywhere everywhere but my main concern is when i’m washing my hair the drain is topped with a bunch of hair and i mean i had to take a picture so i can show my doctor and i thought about showing you guys but it’s yeah it’s gross i don’t want to do that but it’s a lot it is a lot so that is my main concern is why i’m

Losing so much hair is it the to pyramid um is it i don’t know is it stress from everything that’s going on which i i don’t know i’ve gone through a lot of stress in my life and i have never lost that much hair so the blood work came back in the normal range for the thyroid issue because he thought maybe it could be hormones thyroid whatever um is here i was within

Range but way over here so i was not satisfied with that i told him no i don’t i i don’t like that considering what i’m going through with my migraines tons of hair loss um i i want to see um an endocrinologist or and then i thought maybe go to my gynecologist to see maybe you know i’m about to be 47 here in a few months you know it could be um hormonal it could

Be that i’m just out of whack um it could be i don’t think i’m going through menopause just yet i haven’t had the you know the hot flashes the i mean i’m sure i’m going through something but could it be the hormones out of whack could it be that i’m losing my hair because of the topiramate which i really think that’s what it is could it be um that the pyramid

Uh maybe some some of the count compounds have changed in it to where it’s not effective anymore like it was back when i don’t know there’s just so many things going on with it so at this point i feel like i need to wean myself off of it start from scratch and find out what i can take again maybe i should get back on the cymbalta and start at the lowest dose

Maybe at the time it was the fact that it was right before after my hysterectomy that he took me off of the cymbalta maybe all that prior was having to do with the hysterectomy issues as far as everything that was going on feminine wise i don’t know so i feel like i have to start from scratch and start over because these migraines guys are out of control so

I don’t know what experience y’all have had with topa max to pyramid um if y’all have had the same side effects as far as like maybe it not working for you or tons of hair loss but i’m at that point where i don’t think it’s working for me anymore because i’m at this point i’m willing to you know i’m open to suggestions um i met my witson with these migraines

They’re they’re debilitating they really are my migraines are compounded these days the hair loss um and then i was doing more research on the side effects of the two pyramid and it talked about weight loss that one of the side effects can be weight loss so then i’m thinking okay i’ve been working my tail off on eating healthy my weight loss and all that so i’m

Thinking did that cause my weight loss because i’ve been eating healthy since before i was put on it for a couple of months i had already lost eight pounds from the time he took me off to uh before he put me on it so something was working and i’m weaning off so if that was one of the side effects then i’m gonna gain weight right back which i doubt because i’ve

Never been one to um you know be overweight but there’s just so many side effects i don’t know if y’all can tell me in the comments below what side effects if you have taken to pyramid before what side effects you all have had um i just thought i’d come on here and um share this with you guys because this is what’s been going on nerve wracking and yeah i hope

You all have a great week i’ll see you soon and i’ll see you later bye bye you

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