June 1, 2023

Patient educational video for the drug Topiramate or Topomax as the trade name.

Hi i’m dr. volusia and you’re watching fight to calm your neurologist has prescribed the drug tokamaks a generic form of this drug is too pure me is this is an anti-seizure drug that is usually used to treat generalized tonic-clonic seizures these originate in their seizure focus across the brain on both hemispheres topamax can also be used to treat lennox-gastaut

Syndrome which is a seizure syndrome that starts before the age of four years old and is associated with intellectual disability this drug is also used in the treatment of pseudotumor cerebri a condition where there is increased pressure in the brain that leads to headaches other indications of topamax are migraines which are headaches that are thought to originate

From a vascular origin to find out more about indications of this medication please click on the video made by the people who make topamax to the right you may take this drug without any regard to meals tokamaks comes in tablet form which may be swallowed whole or crushed and mixed with a little water and taken immediately broken tablets may have a better taste it

Also comes in sprinkle capsules that can be swallowed whole or open and sprinkled contents on small amounts of soft foods such as applesauce or pudding you should swallow the sprinkle food mixture immediately the us food and drug administration lists topamax in the pregnancy category see this in the case that caution is advised but the benefits of the medication

May outweigh the potential risks there have been no well controlled studies in women but studies and animals have shown to harm the fetus the babies of women taking seizure medicines in general have a greater risk than usual in having side effects such as cleft lip and cleft palate defects like these occur in two to three percent of all pregnancies but effect four

To seven percent of the babies of women picking seizure medications whether this is true for tokamaks is not yet known there is limited information on how much topamax is passed to the best milk the potential for serious side effects in nursing infants is unknown mothers who are considering breastfeeding while taking topamax to discuss options with their doctor

See the package insert for more detail all women who are capable of becoming pregnant should take at least 0.4 milligrams of a vitamin called folic acid every day because it helps to prevent one type of birth defect known as spina bifida in which the spinal cord is not completely enclosed women at high risk such as those of the history of this kind of defect in

Previous pregnancy should take four thousand micrograms or four milligrams daily beginning before they become pregnant and general the risk of deficits for women is higher who are on seizure medications as you call your neurology clinic or primary care provider immediately if the following side effects occur while taking topamax number one is rash number two is

Weight loss three increasing the incidence of kidney stones can occur for signs and symptoms of glaucoma like blurred vision headache or eye pain the most common side effects from the medication is first started or the doses increased our sleepiness dizziness lethargy balance problems confusion nervousness memory difficulty language problems and sometimes totem

Actually caused a funny sensation in the skin such as tingling there may also be slow thinking problem sleeping and once again weight loss these effects should get better with time as the body adjust to the new medication if they’re severe persist or worsen please inform your physician and some children topamax can cause difficulty with concentration and attention

Memory and speech if this occurs inform your neurology clinic and the dose may be lower medication may be changed your neurologist and our pcp may order blood tests to monitor the levels of topamax some drug interactions that topamax is known for are dilantin otherwise known as phenytoin and tegretol otherwise known as cover mazikeen these medications can decrease

The effectiveness of total max total max can make oral contraceptives less effective so other forms of birth control should be used it is also important to remember that all anti epileptic drugs are thought to increase the risk of suicidal ideation so please inform your physician of any signs or symptoms of depression such as feeling guilty insomnia decreased

Overall energy apathy and an overall agitated state you

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Topiramate or Topomax patient instruction video By KneeTie GoRunGo