March 24, 2023

Hi everyone my name is pyrrha welcome to this youtube tutorial in this session we are going to be looking at the pharmacology and we are continuing with the anti-seizure drugs in today’s drug of choice i will talk about is a so pyramid or also known as topamax in this section we are going to look at that mechanism action of this drug before ma cockeyed ethics

And then some of the side effects in with this drug so there i’ve got to jump into the topic of let us begin with the mechanical action of this drug we know that in a seizures when somebody’s having a seizure usually is the repetitive firing of the neurons in the brain so this leads to that uncontrolled movements that can involve down the muscles can can be like

Obsessions and usually it’s due to the leakage for them excessive firing of enough impulses in the brain and sodium is one of the main important iron that initiates poor that helps the propagation of these impulses so therefore the mechanism of action of this drug is a the pyramid is going to block the sodium channels so this regime channels are blocked so no more

Firing will be seen as it is in this state status ecliptic us or giving us seizures so therefore this drug is very good in managing partial seizures and also some of the general chronic general 20 chronic seizures it is also say that a pyramid can bind to what we call the glutamate receptors which are a mpa receptors so ampere receptors this is the air alpha amino

3 hydroxyl 5 metal for isis also propionic receptors that’s what a mpa means so therefore this when superman binds to receptors you know that glutamate is an excitatory receptor so when somebody’s having a seizure this excitation of these neurons these cells so glutamate is the neurotransmitter that leads to the excitation so therefore when the pyramid bind to

These receptors it is going to block brutally from binding of the receptor so therefore we shall not see the repetitive firing sync in seizures so there are four these are the true proposed mechanism action topiramate so there are four to jump into the pharmacokinetics of this drug to begin with absorption so chukerman is absorbed actually desert and i’m about 90

To 95 percent absorption and bioavailability and distribution this drug is really has the loop protein bound binding capacity no protein binding and above here have the structure of the pyramid you can see that is is a derivative of a monosaccharide so so pyramid is a sulfur made monosaccharide derived from the structure of fructose so to jump into the beta build

Of this drug this drug is metabolized in the liver with the cytochrome p450 3 nf o i so enzymes so this is enzymes that are so common as if you’ve been following my youtube materials about the anti-seizure drugs that we discussing this is the prime are enzymes that metabolize muscle anti-seizure drugs are discussed so therefore when you give this drug together

With another anti-seizure like calm as if in phenytoin and britten’s your when this drug is going to be eliminated eliminated more also going to be metabolized more than the other anti-seizure drugs because they induce this enzyme so if this is a metabolizes to cure me so therefore when you give it together with that phenobarbital all phenytoin or carbamazepine

We are going to see a reduction in the concentration of this drug in plan and therefore it’s better to do adjustment together in texas drugs that induce this type of types of enzyme and also the elimination of this drug usually is limited inner healing and if you do not have a set of three p450 this 3fo usually this drug can be eliminated and it changes like 40

To 45 percent in absence of the other individual drugs that can quickly commit whatever reason so another thing you have to note about this drug test itself a drug so therefore most of the surfer drugs tend to cause kidney stones in the kidney so therefore is very it’s better to tell a patient to take on two furies we take a little water when you taking this drug

Basically this that’s the pharmacokinetics of this drug so let us have a jump into that side effects of this drug so we shall see that since this truck is can cross the the protein sorry the brain barrier so most of the side effects we will see centrally located so the first one is a somnolence or excessive slickness so these excessive sweetness and check this

Chart and also these dizziness and drowsiness and also we shall see there’s a problem in speech blood speech slang sir it’s land speech and what you have to note is that this drug is a software drug so therefore is very better is contraindicated with patients that how they that allergic to sulfa so therefore basically does all i had for you as far as topiramate

Is concerned so there are four thank you very much see you next time as we discuss more in text region drugs bye for now

Transcribed from video
Topiramate Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics By Peter de-chemist Galif