June 1, 2023

Doctor’s Best Brain Magnesium update. I’m currently taking 50mg per day, but starting tomorrow I’ll be increasing to 100mg (2 capsules each night before bed) and will update any changes I notice.

Hey gang welcome back to my channel i’m trying to come up with a name for this series because i really want to continue to make a series my apologies for not coming back and being here sooner i’ve had a few things going on in my own personal life my boyfriend just had to go into the hospital for what’s called a cardioversion and for those of you who don’t know what

That is his heart is in afib which means his heartbeats irregular ly that’s a mouthful irregularly and so they attempted to shock him to try to bring his heart out of afib to get it into a regular rhythm it did that momentarily and that went back into afib so he will be going back to the doctor in the near future to see where we go from here so i’m just really

Thankful that he made it through the cardio version because i was concerned but he didn’t make it through that the night before that we went to a gary allen concert that is a country-western singer for those of you who are unfamiliar with him and we had a really nice time the there was a little gal that opened up the show her name is raquel cole and she’s out of

Canada so she played for about an hour and so that was just a really really nice time together so anyway we had a great weekend and i am back because as promised i wanted to talk to you about what i got in the mail which is this which is the doctors best brain magnesium and this came a while back i was going to film about it right away but what i decided to do

Was to take it for a while and i’m actually not taking the full recommended dose my apologies if you can hear a little skittering that would be the sounds of my dogs on my hardwood floor kind of skittering around so that’s what that song does but this is what they look like they’re just the little capsules which these are better because they’re the little as you

Can see the little soft capsules those will break down into your system because these are just like a little pliable little veggie cap and those will break down in your system better than like if they’re hard pill which i discussed in an earlier video their recommended dosage on here is 150 milligrams each one of those little veggie caps like what i showed you

Are just 50 milligrams so their recommended dosage are three of those a day so like they recommend you taking one in the morning and two in the evening what i’ve just been doing cuz i wasn’t quite sure you know how much magnesium i’m actually getting in my diet so i’ve just been taking one in the evening and now that i’ve been doing that for about a week or so

A little over a week maybe i think i’m going to maybe starting tomorrow boost that up to two in the evening and kind of go from there whether it’s helping me or not i don’t know that i can truly give up there assessment at this point just because in all fairness just because i feel as though i’ve been on an emotional roller coaster with him my boyfriend going

Through all of these things and so the reason if if you’re just here for the very first time welcome to my channel it’s i’ve been down a gamut of other things i’ve done reviews on beauty things i’ve done planner item reviews and unboxings and i’ve unbox tipsy of unboxed beauty box 5 i’ve unboxed just a host of other things and right now at this stage of my life

I’ve been taking topiramate and so in past videos if you want to go back and watch a few i’ve done three and i’m going to kind of type try to take you along on my journey to let you know how it goes i’m taking the topiramate as prescribed by my doctor in order to help me to try to lose weight in lieu of getting weight-loss surgery and i got divorced it was seven

Years ago the fourth of january this year and i had been battling with some anxiety and depression and i was on a medication for that and i slowly weaned myself off of that i had never been on any medication my entire life and because of being diagnosed with ptsd at the time of my divorce and going through therapy and and such i’d gone on a low dose of anti anxiety

Depression medication and i had been on it for quite some time and i had decided that i wanted to try and do a more natural method if i could so anyway i was doing some research my boyfriend had actually put a video out that he had found by a doctor on magnesium and i found out that that that there are different varying types of magnesium and so not every form of

Magnesium is how do i want to say this different types of magnesium do different things for the body and well i’m not going to go into a big tension on it go back and watch my other previous videos if you’re interested in that i kind of explain a little bit of that because i don’t want to drag this out i’m already 6 minutes in so anyway since october of 2018 i’ve

Lost roughly 30 and i’m i actually did not go on to the topi remain until excuse me until december third and today is i believe the 27th of january if you are in or near wisconsin or in the tri-state area of wisconsin iowa in illinois we are in for one hellacious snowstorm and bitter temperatures so if you are anywhere in the tri-state area i pray that you stay

Safe don’t be crazy don’t be out on the roads unless you absolutely have to i mean i know that people have to go to work and everything but just to go out for the fun of it if you don’t have to be out on the roads please don’t because if you get in the ditch it’s not only about you you’re putting other people in danger all of the rescue workers not only the people

That are gonna pull you out of the ditch law enforcement emts fire department all those things you’re putting more people in danger than just yourself so please just be safe and if you can if at all possible please stay home and we will write out this wave if you’re a true wisconsin eight it’s not that this is anything necessarily new but we typically don’t get

Threats of 55 to 60 below zero windchill threats for wisconsin it usually typically i mean we’ve had as low as probably 35 to 40 but when they’re threatening 55 to 60 below that is extremely extremely dangerous you can get frost bit you can die within a short amount of time so i’m gonna get off that pedestal i worry about people so that’s just a part of who i am

Anyway back to the topiramate i’m still on it i’m still taking it one little update that i wanted to in kind of correlational it’s a cold kind of a segue back into the topiramate with the cold that i have noticed just in this past week is that i’d never noticed before is since i’ve been on this medication and when i’ve been out in the cold and i come back in to

Get warmed up the tips of my fingers go numb they get which i know that part some of the side effects which i talked in other videos sometimes other people talked about some of their extremities some of their limbs get tingly and fall asleep or what have you and that was a little bit of a complaint which i have had that which i had said in other videos of which i

Felt that in here when i was on the maximum dosage when i was titrating and trying to figure out where my happy medium was i at some points i even felt it through my face and down my neck which i did not like that at all now i don’t have any of this since i backed off of some of it and i’m down to two pills which is 50 milligrams a day which i take at night before

I go to bed i don’t really necessarily have this anymore but i do know most of them that numbing stuff for the most part has gone away i guess my body has acclimated to that what i do notice again though probably this last week we can have with the severe cold is that when i come inside again that my fingertips like when i come back to work are tingly numb funny

Feeling and it takes a little bit once i get warmed up i’m okay but i had never felt like that before where it was you know where it had done that to my fingertips before so if topiramate is something that you are thinking of getting on i’m just sharing with you some of the things that i’m going through it’s nothing that is what i want to say totally off-putting

Or nothing that makes me want to say oh no way i’m gonna get off of it because it’s just so temporary it’s just it’s a very small side effect for the fact that it’s helping me to lose weight so i do have to say though now this i’ve been on this for almost two full months excuse me it’s extremely drying here is my concern is if or when will it quit working for me

And because i don’t want it to but that’s that’s always a concern of mine and i’m gonna be completely honest and raw with you about what i go through how i’m feeling what what happens to me everything the full gamut of it because i want you to know what it’s like to be on topiramate if you’ve never been on it if you’re considering it initially if you’ve if you’ve

Just stumbled across this video and you don’t know about topiramate or its brand name is also called topamax it was actually prescribed to people for migraines they found out that a side effect is that people lose weight i had a gal comment on another video of mine that said she had lost 100 pounds and i thought that was absolutely fabulous so that gives me hope

And so to you thank you for sharing and i hope any of you that have are on or have been on to pyramid whatever kind of experiences that you’ve had good or bad whatever please comment down below i would love love love love to hear your experience as to because when you share with me it not only helps me but it helps anybody else that are reading the comments to

Know about your experiences as well as hearing mine in the videos i just felt that i wanted to do this i used to make videos on the regular all the time and i want to get back into making videos on the regular again getting into it even more regularly and i apologize again i had wanted to get this up even sooner but life kind of got in the way and i’ve decided that

I’m not going to beat myself up about that my channel is a tiny channel and i’m just here to report to you whoever what decides to listen my hair is kind of wonky tonight about what i’m going through anybody that wants to listen can and who doesn’t you can scroll on buying and it’s ok i i’m perfectly fine with that i just want to give people who are considering

Topiramate some information so that they are more aware because i know for myself i’ve gone out and i’ve looked up videos trying to find information to see you know what has everybody else are there other people that have gone on this what are they doing how are they feeling what are they experiencing and i really didn’t find much out there on it and so i really

Wanted to i wanted to do that i wanted to share what it is that i’m going through and i wanted somebody else to be able to have some videos like what i was looking for and yes i know i get a little bit chatty but i like to visit with you because when i’m not with my boyfriend and i’m at home by myself i’m just home here with my two little dogs so you know i just like

To visit with you guys and i miss being on youtube i miss visiting and sharing and i used to really try to share everything just so and be just perfect and not to say that you know someday i would like to get a macbook so that i can edit my videos more and make them a little bit jazzier but for right now i’m shooting them on my iphone 8 plus and i’m not editing

At all and i’m just directly uploading them to youtube and so because i just feel like it’s just for informational purposes at this point but maybe down the line if i can get my life together and get a few chuckles together and get a macbook that would that’s my next plan of action so i’m already sixteen minutes into this i do have a few topics of different things

That i kind of want to discuss but i want i will definitely be continuing on the my topiramate travels and maybe that’s what i will call this my topiramate travels i’ve been kind of trying to search out to decide on a name and maybe i’ll just write that down because five minutes from now i may forget about that you never know but anyway i need to go catch up on

My planner but i pray that you are healthy with my wild air i pray that you are healthy that you’re happy that you’re safe and i pray that you have peace in your life until we meet again my friends have a fantastic we this is sunday evening and stay warm if you are in the tri-state area stay dry stay safe please stay home if you don’t have to absolutely be out if

You’re gonna work from home that would be even better and i will catch you on the flip side with more of my to pyramid travels bye everybody

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