March 24, 2023

Hey gang welcome back to my channel i hope you’re all doing well i actually am cleaned up a little bit today supposed to be getting some pictures taken with my kids this afternoon so i’m looking forward to that i hope you’re all doing well i’ve been getting lots of messages from you and i love the fact that we can come here and talk to each other which is fantastic

Because i think that we need to have support for each other please keep in mind that i am a normal everyday person just like you i’m not a doctor or a nurse or anything in the medical field i work in a small insurance office as a matter of fact so nothing to do medically so while i appreciate the questions and you i try to answer every one of them and if i

Missed you i’ll try to catch you soon but my biggest um suggestion to you all is that if you are on this medication the topiramate or topomax as it’s also known as and you are not feeling well please consult your physician as soon as you possibly can um this just may not be the medication for you they may be able to prescribe something different for you and

It depends on what you’re on it for i uh started on it for weight loss if you’ve been here for a hot minute you know that i dropped about 50 pounds and then i plateaued there and i’ve been at that for like a year and i want to reiterate i think i did a different video on it i’ve completely weaned myself off of the tapir mate and i’ve been off of it for close

To a month now and i have to say that mentally i’m still working on me i’m still working on why i think the things i do and why i do the things i do like we all do i think um trying to do a lot of journaling i i do therapy i was doing therapy every week and now i’ve backed it off to every other week which is also a great suggestion if you’ve never tried therapy

I really really suggest that you do that um but as far as the to pyramid itself um that was really messing with my mind uh i was extremely emotional extremely extra anxiety phil i have enough anxiety as it is but it made me even more anxious more emotional more um you know that i could cry at the drop of a hat or just any kind of emotional but that was that

Was a big thing or make me super anxious and for me i’ve weaned myself off i was on it for over a year and a half and i just couldn’t do it anymore now because whatever i do i’m not saying that you need to do that you need to do what is best in your best interest and that you have to have that conversation between you and your doctor and also from what i have

Read on it do not if you would choose to wean yourself off of this medication do not just stop cold turkey um from what i’ve read that can cause some dangerous side effects so you have to just like you titrated to get up to whatever level that you’re taking you need to kind of titrate in the reverse whatever the whatever the opposite word is for titrate in the

Reverse to slowly wean yourself off of it um i need to get going but i just wanted to pop in and let you all know that i’m thinking of all of you i think about you every day i i need to do more videos and i know that but i will probably do one a little bit more in depth about how i weaned myself off of the pyramid like how long i took and just know that for me

I’m feeling mentally so much better than i did when i was on it but again you need to consult your physician talk with he or she about that medication how it’s affecting you but don’t wait don’t put it off and don’t stop it abruptly with that i need to go but i pray that you’re healthy that you are happy that you are safe and i’m holding you with one hand so i

Have to do the heart with one hand and i pray that you have peace in your life until we meet again my friends have a fantastic rest of your weekend and i’ll catch on the flip side bye guys

Transcribed from video
Topiramate Update #31 | I’m Weaned Off 🥰 By Pia’s Life