December 8, 2022

Hey gang welcome back to my channel i am so happy to have you here and i apologize for being missing in action a little bit longer than what i should have been but i was so excited because i got home the reason why i kind of put off doing the video was because if you can tell the lighting is a bit better and it’s good i’m gonna have to tweak it a little bit but i

Bought myself a ring light you guys i’ve never had a ring light i’ve been doing youtube off and on for the last several years and i’ve never invested in a ring light because i just didn’t have the extra money i didn’t want to put that extra money into that and unexpectedly last week i got a gift certificate and i decided i’m gonna do it i’m gonna bite the bullet

And i’m gonna order myself a ring light and it came today and i i just i wanted to share that with you guys i decided to again like i said just bite the bullet and love on myself a little bit for a change and do something nice for myself and so i instead of doing another video you know a few days ago i just really wanted to wait and try my new setup and see how

It would go so hopefully the lighting is better hopefully the angle is a little bit better so you don’t have to look at all of my it’s all at once so we shall see how this goes but anyway that’s my big news my new ring light that’s my big news um we’ll set that aside for now as far as the topiramate i have to be painfully honest with you i’m always going to be

Honest with you i have not weighed myself probably two weeks so i have no idea where i am with the weight loss or if i gained weight or where exactly i am at i just got home unboxed the ring light put it together and bang here i am so i will be weighing myself i will do another video soon in the very near future maybe tomorrow night or the night after and i will

Give you an update on that my eating has been kind of so-so i mean typically what i’ve experienced on the topiramate has been that for the most part i’m kind of blase with the food you know i’m okay if i don’t if i do either if i don’t need and and still when i do eat i’m satisfied with less food but um i don’t know i don’t know we’ll see i was kind of feeling

Yesterday like you know i really do need to weigh myself cuz i feel like maybe i’ve lost a little bit more weight and then i’ll probably step on it and have found out that i gained weight or so i don’t know we’ll see but anyway i will give you an update on that so my apologies but i will be getting that out to you as well and i’m not gonna make this a really long

Video but i do want to touch on a couple different things one is finding your self-worth and two being burnt out and i can only talk from my own personal experience and i’m gonna share with you what i have been going through this winter which of course i have a little bit in other videos but i want to share a little bit more and i don’t know if it will resonate

With anyone else but i just want you to know that if you have been going through any kind of depression this winter please know that you’re not alone i have also been going through the kids exact and gone through the gigs because i have been struggling this winter has probably been the most depressing winter i have ever endured in my 50 years on this planet and

As i had said to some friends at a meeting last week i feel like the word for 2019 at least through the winter anyway is relentless because the winter has been relentless but i would like us to come back at the winter at the depression with a relentless drive to be better to snap out of this and to find joy and peace in our lives you know one out whenever i do

My outro i always say you know i pray that you’re happy healthy safe and i hope pray that you have peace in your life and i want us to have all those things all the time and part of for me i’ve had a conglomeration of different things going on i know one of you had written to me about going through a breakup with your boyfriend and girl i know i have been going

Through some things with my boyfriend he he deals with some depression and at times he just completely shuts me out and not only me but his entire family and he’ll barely talk to me and then i’m left sitting there second-guessing you know what he’s thinking about you know what’s going through his mind did i do something wrong did i say something wrong you know

Is there someone else you know what’s happening so i’m dealing with that i had some struggles at work for a while there this winter i’ve been going through some struggles at church because in all truth and honesty our numbers at church have dwindled down and i go and and i have helped with worship i’ve been saved for about 20 years and for most of those 20 years

I have been on the worship team and for a fair portion of that time been one of and i’m not seeing this as a as a haughty thing or anything so please don’t misconstrue what i’m saying but i’ve been one of the main people in the worship team as in a lot of times i’m the only one that shows up to sing that’s all i mean by that and i have watched over the years as

People passed away would you know that’s going to happen but then there’s been others who have left the church and i’ve written about this if you like to read blogs at all if you’re interested in that at all i do write a blog i was really active on it last year until last fall and then i just got really really busy with work and i kind of had to set it on a shelf

For a while and i went back out and i wrote a blog post today called burnt out and if you go to my main youtube channel right across the top it should show a link that you can click on to get to my blog post so you can just kind of read some things there but just kind of dealing with that dealing with coming home at night and you know i love my little dogs and my

Little guinea pig but or not i love them all but they’re not the same as coming home to have a person to come home to to talk about my day share my day here about his day so that gets depressing it’s just a multitude of thing so please know that you’re not alone please comment down below if you need to talk because as you can see from past videos you know that i will

Respond to you again i just want us to be a community of of friends who are here for one another and who support one another i just think that’s so important in this wild and crazy world of lunacy for lack of a better word i don’t think that we can have quite enough support and so that’s that’s just part of my premise for even doing this series on the topiramate

Is to create a group that you know we can just be here for one another so if you’re feeling down or if you’re you know need a word of encouragement don’t be afraid to you know comment down below say something one of us i will for sure reach out to you and if there’s others that read the comments and if you feel led to to reach out as well please do that please do

That because we need each other there’s no other way to put it and there is no shame about asking for help that’s the problem in our society there’s so many people that shame other people for reaching out for help that look down on them and look at it as some kind of a stigma or or look at it as that you’re weak or that you’re less than because you reach out to

Help well we’re only human i don’t care if it’s me if it’s you or who it might be in this world we were only human we all need help and please please please please reach out and ask for help i would be more than happy to talk to you i that’s you know that’s what we’re here for as a community i have one question though what i what i was considering doing what i’ve

Always wanted to do is carve vlogging and i wanted to know if any of you would be interested in that night if you’ve made it this far i would really like your input to know if you would be interested in hearing me car vlog because usually i’m gonna divulge to you i talked to myself in the car and it would be a whole lot nicer if i could talk to you while i’m in the

Car instead of just to myself because i find that a lot of i do a lot of my best thinking when i’m on the road don’t know why i think it’s just because it’s peaceful time and i you know with the scenery and everything and while i’m traveling i just i get some different revelations it mean that it’s probably not necessarily gonna be on topiramate it’s probably just

Gonna be on life and you know maybe what’s going on in my life maybe some ups and downs struggles happy sad you know just a conglomeration of everything so just give me a little feedback if you wouldn’t mind because i i’m considering doing some car blogs and maybe i’ll do one or two see if you like it or not if you don’t like it if it’s not something that really

Interests you then i can you know cut that out but cuz i i think of some really good nuggets when i’m out on the road and it’s like yeah i probably really should have been filming that and it wasn’t and so yeah i’d love to hear what you what you think about that so anyway with that i’m already 13 minutes in not that it’s long but i will be filming again soon but

I just was so excited i wanted to share with you about my new arena light the little things in life that make me happy that tickle me it does it seriously does not take much it doesn’t take much so pheasant korea’s are needing some attention so i need to go take care of them so with that i pray that you are healthy that you’re happy truly happy that you’re safe

And i pray that you have peace in your life until we meet again my friends have a fantastic rest of your week i will be weighing myself here in the next couple of days and i will be doing another video to let you know how i am doing weight wise with the topiramate feeling wise emotion-wise i’m doing about the same so if you have any questions concerns comments

Again please share them down below and i will catch you on the flip side guys

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Topiramate Update #7 ~ Ring Light By Pia’s Life