January 26, 2023

About: Come join this weight loss journey with me. I am taking the medication (diet pills) Topiramate/topamax 25 mg (2x day). See how I feel after taking this medication and watch my transformation. I am using this medication to assist with my journey because diet and exercise simply wasn’t enough.

Are you struggling with your weight have you tried many of the methods are you at the point where your doctor prescribed to pyrrha me well me to watch this video so we could talk about it miss motivation here meaning you where you are to get you where you want to be in the midst of a world of turmoil for matters of the pandemic to the fight for social justice it’s

Imperative that we never lose sight of our health like many of you i’ve tried numerous diets and exercise and the scale just won’t move in a way that’s good because the number isn’t increasing but for the effort that i put in i should see a decrease in the number somewhere my doctor prescribed so pyrrha me and i want to take you on this journey to see if it works

And witnessed my results so before we get into the basics if you’re new to my channel and you want to be kept informed about my journey be sure to hit that subscribe button and click the notification bell you know the drill i will have a weekly update every wednesday so we’re in this together accountability is key stop right there for this brief interruption you’re

Probably wondering why you are looking at a black screen it’s because i want you to put on your sneakers i decided to make this a two for one video if your doctor allows you to do so i would like you to put on your sneakers and grab your headphones and listen to me as you move if you are not able to move i would like you to put your computer beside you and grab

Some water bottles or some arm weights and move while you listen to me it is important that we not only take medications and monitor our diet which eating is definitely 80 percent of the contribution with us losing weight but it isn’t also important that we burn calories and move our muscles and our body as well so with that said grab your sneakers and/or some

Bottles of water some jump ropes anything you have of i will wait go ahead okay if you need longer you can pause and come back we got this again this is a journey you don’t know when you cut this video on if you’re gonna stay on this journey with me if you’re gonna see me standing before the video if you’re gonna see and hear me like today breathing hard as

We walk down the street you may see my feet you may see scenery you don’t know this is a journey you may see me at the beach you may see me flaunting my new bodies was the end of the journey hopeful thinking but seriously let’s get motivated okay if you don’t do anything else today remember you at least burn some calories with miss motivation okay now that you

Know there’s nothing to see but everything to hear put your phone in your pocket or the computer beside you and let’s get moving let’s go now let’s continue now please note that i am gonna show you the medication you did see it in a thumbnail and when i describe it a little bit later in the video for those of you that haven’t really seen the medication before at

That point when i described what the pill looks like as you can look at the screen but then after that put it back in your pocket or put this computer back next to you and keep moving okay and in the comments if you didn’t like this you can tell me and not like it because you didn’t want to move but not like it if you feel this is not what you signed up for okay

Remember open to your comments positive energy but we’re on a journey together thank you for watching let’s continue i encourage everyone to research this medication and its side effects and to speak with your medical provider before taking this or any other medication you do need a prescription for topiramate and dosages may vary per person as i’m not a medical

Provider i’m speaking from my own experience with the hopes of bringing you along my weight loss journey i plan to share what is working and what is not working and any symptoms that i may experience along the way i look for some videos online but only found a few so i thought i’d assist those in similar situations let’s get started so pyramid is a very small

Pill there are 60 tablets in this bottle and i’m required to take one tablet two times a day these are the 25 milligram tablets and i have to take one in the morning and one in the evening i took this medication without food to see how i would feel right now i’m about two hours in and i feel absolutely fine i feel energized not to the point of where i’m moving

Around where i can’t sit still but to the point where i’m willing to get up clean a little bit move around let’s say i’m normally at a level 6 i’m at a level ii at no point have i felt jittery thus far and actually today is my second day i didn’t want to get on exactly day one because i didn’t feel that would be fair and i started in the evening once i picked up

My prescription when i initially took it at night i went to sleep immediately so i didn’t have any trouble sleeping and then the following morning when i took it no problems at all you can take it with or without food but again i wanted to take it without food to see if my stomach could take it i am the type of person that could get nauseous easily and i think it

Would be easier to take crackers and see if i could tolerate with out food worse than with food so so far so good i must say that i am a little dehydrated i have to drink plenty of water which is also indicated on the instructions which is perfectly fine because as you know drinking water is very very important and we don’t want that to lack it anyway so please

Remember to drink your water because a tablet is so small all i had no problems ingesting that so for those of you that have problems taking large tablets in no way that should be a problem at all what else for those of you that have taken pens to me like myself in the past don’t worry about any jittery feelings again i have not had that problem at all so where

Do i stand right now i am a hundred and ninety eight pounds at five feet seven my goal is to reach a hundred and fifty pounds total by the end of the year so i did the calculation if i can steadily lose about two pounds a week which i feel is a healthy pace now give or take that would be weak well i’ll probably stand still a week where i might lose a little bit

More i would probably hit my goal now we will see if it works now some of you may be thinking topiramate how do you know what’s gonna work that’s the point of this you know we don’t know but remember my name i miss motivation i have to have the right mindset so let’s start this journey with a hopeful mind set the scale won’t lie my clothing won’t lie so i could be

As hopeful as i want but being realistic will clearly be the truth because the difference will show in my results again on the scale and then my clothing so those of you who are starting this journey with me please place a star in the comment those of you that have tried to pyramid before and are currently taking topiramate please tell us about your journey we

Would love to hear about what worked for you what you liked what you didn’t like would you recommend it lastly i want to know from everybody what brought you to this channel what specifically are you looking for we are a motivated family here on a journey together we are to help each other we can only do so by communicating with each other and holding each other

Accountable right i will respond to each and every comment so let’s be as in gay as possible my name should say it all but to specify anything other than motivating positive or encouraging words will not be tolerated okay i ask that you click like and subscribe to this channel i will upload every wednesday that again is the accountability piece i will let you know

If things works didn’t work and again answer any questions if i see a common theme of questions i will bring that to the forefront and address it in front of everyone so i look forward to seeing you next wednesday good luck on your journey you you

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Topiramate weight loss (topamax) #Weightlossjourney Days 1-2 By MsMotivation