June 4, 2023

The sale of Tramadol on the open market is sometimes five times higher than the recommended dosage. Health experts caution that its abuse has serious health implications. Even though there has been some caution about its use and abuse, doctors say, it is necessary to continue raising the red flag about Tramadol.

The dosage of tramadol on the open market is sometimes 5 times higher than the recommended dosage of 5,200 milligram health experts caution that it’s abuse has serious health implications even though there has been some caution about its use and abuse doctors say it is necessary to continue raising the red flag about tramadol tramadol belongs to a class of drugs

That take your pain away for some time tramadol works by changing how your brain senses pain therefore making you think that the pain is no more tramadol is used for moderate to severe pain for cancer patients sickle cell patients and persons who have undergone major surgery tramadol may cause drowsiness high blood pressure slows or stops a person’s breaths it can

Also result in seizures though regular users of tramadol may think it gives them extra sprints doctors say it is rather harming them slowly because tramadol must not be used daily before you are issued a medicine like ramadan we should be able to explain the expected effects how it works i mean there should be a whole information guide as to why you are being

Prescribed a medication what should you expect because if something does go wrong what you’ve got to do immediately about it you know unfortunately all this it’s not has not been happening tramadol is not an over-the-counter drug dr. c it is a prescription drug because of how it works however that drug is being abused and doctors are worried it’s not the kind

Of medicine that should be in the wrong hands and should be used in the wrong way at all taking one tablet then you realize that your body needs two tablets then your body needs three tablets and as you increase the dose you increase the side effects that might happen another dangerous thing that is also happening is that when you stop taking it for whatever

Reason either you can’t buy it or it’s not available externally your body then goes into what we call withdrawal and the things that then happen if it has lowered your blood pressure then your blood pressure suddenly shoots up so it’s not every hypertension every high blood pressure that’s really had blood pressure tramadol is usually expensive but due to its

Proliferation at the salt for one or two cities on the open market dock time for your code for stringent law enforcement and regulations with regards to drugs sold on the market we have laws that already regulates and control medications or substances in this country let’s apply our laws and enforce our laws plus then those who are outside of these laws should be

Arrested and prosecuted sadly it has become so rampant that now we have to ask almost like on a routine basis anybody who comes to hospital or who is having whatever that possibility of use of tomorrow we are in a difficult situation and of course the drug is now very cheap here it’s one cd two cd you can get tomorrow to buy but the treatment getting off it it’s

Not cheap in early april this year the food and drugs authority fda clamped down on about twenty-one over-the-counter tramadol sellers in kumasi than in march on the floor of parliament the health of ghana cautioned the general public about its proliferation health experts hope that the ban on tramadol will be respected to save lives

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