June 1, 2023

Ghanaian celebrities campaign against drug abuse

Let’s talk showbiz is brought to you by another quality product from casa perico it’s a beautiful tuesday this is a less talk show busy air on your favorite news channel jour use on multi tv it’s another beautiful day let’s take care of what’s beautiful i’ll be back with everything you need to hear in the world of entertainment stitching if you ever join me

You’re logged on to the joy news channel this is less stock show bears the biggest entertainment show on your television no two ways about that today we’re here to give you everything you need to hear in the world of entertainment and we’re starting with trauma doll we’ve realized that you guys out there i don’t know especially the ghetto youth get to you you

Guys are using trauma door and we have celebrities up here i spoke to them especially they advising you to stop using trauma doll it’s not good drug abuse obviously is no but we had stone boy over talking about the use of trauma doll don’t abuse it and we still have you know celebrities add in their voices said today we have a jt on our majeed michelle and prince

David or say adding their voice to the abuse of trauma doll and of course let’s talk entertainment we have it for you here it’s trauma de understand as a painkiller for acute pains and just like people take party turmoil and all but the main issue about trauma is that abuse the abuse of it the young lads coming up believe when they take such drugs it helps them

Enhances that sexual exploitation which is very bad so it’s not really about saying no to termidor it’s about say no to drug abuse you know trying to encourage their youth and let them understand they don’t need it they donate it i mean you know for now maybe gets in the resource are they getting in immediately but you should look at a long time you know there’s

So many people who starts like that and they don’t get anywhere in life the other cuts of their life or they’re handicapped in their way and so all the good things that we can dream of it’s cut short so you know better take care of yourself now avoid that and so that you can have longer life and a fulfilling life young people are dying every now and then and

Some of the causes are you know a piece of drugs and so they also think about it do they want cash of their life they’ve not let’s move away from trauma door use and talk about all over the place ladies don’t be all over the place don’t be all over the place i don’t know why people think that when you’re all over the place you can’t get a good man to marry so

I’m talking about ivana cora and kod you know bonta so i’ve been talking to ivana cora and she says that i mean she’s just sharing her opinion on social media she doesn’t have any bad blood with kod so if you know that you’re all over the place i don’t know this is for you she’s been explaining she’s not all over the place i mean i guess i think my post was is

Self-explanatory and i really want to want to go into it and i think that if anybody has any issue while everybody else your opinion and i’m entitled to mine and so his kildee and i have nothing but love and respect for him and he knows i’m your friend so yes like bad blood is no bad blood i’m gonna wash something when i leave he knows that yeah away from yvonne

Ocurro and all over the place comments let’s talk about yvonne nell seeing another yvonne in the building she’s so pretty yvonne congratulations on your baby again and everyone knows and has been talking about motherhood ivo you have never spoken about motherhood maybe because you have to but if oh nothing just you know gave us a beautiful baby girl and she’s

So excited she’s been sharing with us here how motherhood is like for her so cute he’s actually home with my mom and this is like my first mother’s day as a mother so i don’t know i don’t know what to say i don’t know what to everything is just so real you know everything is just happening so fast she’s growing out quickly she’s like six months already sometimes

I just i just stare a hair like you know and i just i just praise god because you just see yourself in here and it’s just it’s too much for me you know yeah it’s it’s such a beautiful thing tiring mother will change you in a way your celebrity they can wait you know i’m cool like that for nelson i mean it’s evil notes and you can wait has it changed you in any

Way it has it has no positive lee you know what i’m doing anything she comes first like absolute consider hair like i think about her before i even think about myself i said in one interview that i thought loving my mom was like the greatest of all like but now you know that kind of you yeah the kind of love i have for hair you kind of explain it like i don’t

Want to see her hurt i don’t want to see her cry i don’t want to you know like if i get close to someone who has a cold like i if you have a cool and he’d come close to me what i’ll do to you in this because of rain like i just don’t want her to go through any form of suffering and anything like that so you can’t explain it as a mother you know i don’t know how

People do it but for me i’m just – overprotective and i’m such a paranoid person how are we managing you know the whole thing are we still acting i’ve seen pictures of you on sets have you officially bounced back oh yeah i i actually started shooting when i had what i had written i think two months after i saw that one back on set so i’m still shooting i want to

Produce soon i’m still you know on edge i’m still here reality shows is still showing how how has the i’m waiting for it is about to it hasn’t started yet but it will show an iroko tv so people should watch out for that and heels and sneakers is on a roku tv and africa magic so you know for all of you who have been complaining it’s finally back on tv you i’ve

Seen the way you spoke about your baby and how you’re so much in love with her and how you wouldn’t want anything to hurt your baby i’m sure that she has the same love for you and i don’t know what she would think about you know things that people talk about you do you feel her do you think about that you know all the things that people writes about we don’t want

To go back and forth about what people write about you but when you see things that you think that are not you know you or you didn’t do that and it’s online media social media people coming out are you we don’t want to go back and forth what what do you understand you know cuz going up i’ll let her know that hey this is the the kind of job your mother does and

You know people random people with comet air so you need to you know get used to where don’t dwell on negativity because i don’t i don’t all the negativity so i would explain things to her and i i know that should be proud of me you know cuz i’m a fighter you know i don’t i don’t listen to all the negativity out there so i believe she’d do the same once again

Congratulations to you yvonne nell saying i’m definitely learning from you giving us you know the rest of the team here and less talk show based i’ll give you a baby girl hopefully we will not call her ryan we might want to call her ella maybe i don’t know but let’s say another big congratulations to taraji peahen since you got engaged and we’re so excited for her

Check out the ring taraji p henson got a great mother’s day present a marriage proposal the empire actress announced that her athlete boyfriend kevin hayden got down on one knee and proposed after giving her a cartier love bracelet after only confirming that she’s been dating kevin for two years during an episode of essences podcast yes girl in december taraji

Shared tiny details of her relationship with emus in january sharing why she decided to confirm her relationship the 47 year old said it wasn’t even about talking about my life he just asked me if i was happy and i said i’m very happy all right on that beautiful notes we endless auction is here on your favorite news channel join us on tv you know i swear

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