February 8, 2023

And here is the second part of the 1st Cycling Bulletin, which we start with the Tramadol ban by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) from January 1, 2024, and the statements of David Lappartient, president of the UCI, in the Quintana-Tramadol Case.

Good morning everyone and welcome to the second part of the first edition of the cycling bulletin in which we will talk about new rumors and a possible deal in the grand tours next year the recent ban of tramadol by the water we will announce the venues of future cycling world championships like the one in 2027 will give the latest news of some cyclists like bernal

Or bernard and we will finish with psycho cross remember that you have available in your channel the first part of this cycling bulletin with all the news of the market and teams you have to link in the description down below i’ll appreciate if you leave a like on the video and a subscription to the channel and let’s go with the news we start the second bulletin

With very relevant news the world antideoping agency wada announced after its meeting on the 23rd of september in sydney that tramadol would be considered a banned substance in only sports from the 1st of january 2024. this announcement was leaked two days ago by british newspaper the telegraph after spending a decade as part of juara’s monitoring program and the

Demands of groups such as the movement for agreeable cycling the opiate will finally be banned as it meets two of the three criteria established by the anti-doping code its potential to improve exporting performance and being a risk to the health of the consuming athlete as tramadol can generate serious addiction and physical dependence uci president david la portend

Uploaded water’s decision and said he was confident that the court of arbitration for a sport would at hold the uci’s disqualification of nairo from the tour it’s a statement where it is why to appeal the decision so i have no comment on that however we have been able to find tramadol in two different stages when you know the tramadol disappears very quickly then

It can’t be that it was only taken once nairo quintana claims he never took it but tramadol is not something you produce yourself and if you have tramadol it doesn’t come directly from your body currently the use of tramadol does not constitute a violation of the uci anti-doping program only a bridge of the medical regulations but that would most likely change soon

With this water announcement meanwhile nairal faces this sunday the road race in wollongong in which he himself confirmed that he will give his best to support his compatriot sergio agita leader of the colombian team thanks to his good form after walter in addition to all of this at the same meeting water decided to keep cannabis on the list of banned substance as

It goes against the spirit of the sport we start the individual cyclist section with a gun bernal who has brought forward his return to colombia to undergo the knee surgery he had planned as part of his rehabilitation the new operation took place on the 23rd of september roman pains a screw and a wire and was successfully completed thus bernal closes his 22 season

After winning five uci points in the copa sabatini and will not raise the tour of croatia and lombardia the two races he had planned we have two good news from two yumba riders the first one is from chisbaneur who after the accident he suffered while training in livino at the beginning of august is progressing in the recovery of his fracture cervical ventura benir

Will no longer have to wear the strong neck brace and will be able to use a softer one to sleep he was also able to get back on a mountain bike and take short rides in the street where he lives the other is milan vader who returned to competition in the next tour of croatia after a long recovery from the injuries caused by a terrible fall he suffered in the fifth

Stage of the itsullia for which he had to be put in an induced coma the cyclist went to bilbao hospital where he was treated and thanked the intensive care staff for their work as they saved his life we also have to highlight the stroke suffered by rodrigo don gravo on sunday 11th which forced her to withdraw her participation in the world championships initially

Many french media outlets and others accused the cyclist of laziness or not wanting to represent the french colors but audrey revealed on twitter on saturday the 17th what had happened to her the stroke was not detected in the initial test but a medical team is strongly advised her to have an mri scan and it was thanks to this that it was discovered cordon ruggle

And there had a statement by assuring that her season is over and that a hit comes a period of rest in which she will undergo an operation to solve her heart problem in terms of retirements we start with nikki terpstra the former winner of paris zooey and the tour of flanders declared that despite having some other offers for other teams he has preferred to end his

Time as a professional road cyclist at the age of 38. he might go on to gravel racing and his last competition as a professional will be the woman that scottsdale a six-day truck cycling event to be held between the 6th and 11th of december israel premier tech writer and the first israeli to compete in the tour de france declared that in this 2012 season his inner

Flame for cycling has been extinguished and that he will retire and we finish with tanja erath winner of the swift academy several years ago and now racing for ef education typical the reason for her retirement from professional cycling is that she has been struggling with her mental health since across at last year’s lacourse to the france we also have two news of

Retired cyclists the first one is daniel rick winner of the tour de france in 1997 and who since his retirement has gone through dark times being helped by lance armstrong among others the german legend announced that he will collaborate with amazon prime video on a four episode documentary to be released in 2023 in which he will tell his whole story his best and

Worst moments how he went from being a hunter to a target on the other is the italian legend francesco casagrande who after the celebration of the ram pickanero 2022 a mountain bike marathon in which he finished third was hospitalized due to heart problems fortunately his condition has since improved we start the races and calendar section with the tour de france

2023 and that is borachar’s statements after the world championship time trial the slovenian said that although even a police performance in the volta was very strong and intelligent the next step for the walter espana winner is to go to the tour de france will we see them both at the start in bilbao in the next tour or we live in a pool go to regiro with a free

Time trials it is likely to have if you ask quickstep boss lefevre even paul will focus on the giron next year but we’ll see how the plans develop for the 2023 to the france route we should also mention a couple rumors a state that will climb the coldella laws will have a mountain finish at the altiport the crucible and another that will finish either in morsin or

In the sky resort of our yas and could have a profile like the one you are seeing the screen we also have a couple of voltaspana rumors to comment on internet 3 it will be 40 years since the first arrival of the volta at the lagos de cabadonga and the town council of kangas denis is doing everything possible to make it a stage finish and to make the town the start

Of the next stage moreover it seems increasingly clear that the mythical anglilu will be the last great climb and the final judge of the next voltaspana and we finish with the zero and a new rumor steve moravito a former professional cyclist is said to have designed this stage to be held on a 10th of may which could be a mountain finish in the sky resort of krans

Montana a well-known climb in the tour de roman day let’s go now to the 191 uci congress where the most important news for the future of cycling was announced the new uci anthem now out of jokes the venues of the future world championships of the different cycling disciplines were unveiled we have to highlight two new venues montreal which will host the road and

Time trial world championships in 2026 i will mark the return to north america from richmond 2015 under how to savoy department in france which will gather in 2027 the 19 uci cycling disciplines in the second super world championship the first one being next year in glasgow scotland according to david la porteand we have to expand a 2027 world cup for the gc riders

And climbers so the route chosen should be a little more demanding than the 1980 world cup held in hot savoy itself which revolt around dakota domansi and was won by bernardino let’s go now to the racing and calendar section and start with felipoganas our record attempt on saturday the 8th of october at 8pm central european summer time in rincon or dan bigam but

Campanard’s record a while ago while ghana’s attempt was originally scheduled for the 23rd or 24th of august he decided to postpone it until after the world championships and while this should be a cause for celebration for the entire cycling community rcs support the organizer of lombardia criticized the chosen date of the 8th of october as it coincides with the

Lombardia but actually the time class would not go beyond the chosen day as the record attempt will take place several hours after a lombardia has already finished we continue with the uci itself have been published numerous calendars for the 2023 season of which we must highlight the presence of the volta femenina the former theratic challenge by la volta which

Will be held between the first and 7th of may and will have seven stages and another piece of good news is the return of the volta san juan which after two years of absence due to the pandemic will return to the uci pro series calendar in 2023 and will celebrate its 39th edition between the 22nd and the 29th of january we will see who succeeds when a pool as the

Winner of the race we close this cycling bulletin with the news of psycho cross the official calendar of this season’s world cup has been announced which will have 14 races distributed among eight countries the absence of london which had been rumored is confirmed now and it will be replaced with dublin although talks are still ongoing with the english capital for

The 223 2024 season meanwhile mash michelin and gaveri will replace which will not be there due to financial problems and the x2o but cameras trophy calendar has also been presented which will consist of eight rounds starting on november the 1st with a copenberg cross we have some news regarding to nards it may be that the letter soul he tested positive 4 in

January was sourced from a recovery shake it was taken to the cologne laboratory in june for analysis but this did not start until early august and a different procedure was used to the diet of the living laboratory while the uci continues to drag out the case unnecessarily arts continuous training was since supporting his brother ties in crevete and has not cut

His hair since the news of his positive test because if the uci asks for further investigation and all her sample and its analysis could be the key the korean fritza team was presented on the 17th of september its writers will ride in a green and white jersey and will have learning swag as the men’s team leader accompanied by imelda stringer and jeremy surrey the

Women’s team will include yara casteline mario norver river roll and sonic and among other the latter has extended her contract for two more years while saruban cine belgian junior champion will join the team on the 1st of january 2023 the day before the opposite accounting cycle course project for this season was presented which will are quinter herman’s to

The roster from the 1st of january the goal of the ruth brothers is clear to return to being a top team capable of fighting totuto with power sounds and bengal and velocity lions after a difficult 2021-22 season a stiff tillford foundation racing has announced its new kid a lineup for the new psycho cross season court is white really nas and lithi gonzalez are

The team’s free riders we must also talk about the other streak twin brother of lawrence who after running out of contract at the end of last season has found a private sponsor in cavera a company of kitchens and accessories with this move he joins jen’s adams as a private writer and we finish with the fact that in addition to the femban emperor’s stretch from

Powerhouse and bingo to jumbo wisma as of the 1st of january 2023 lauren mollingrath third of the fireable junior world championships last season will ride for torma psychicross this season and here ends the second part of the first cyclin bulletin in which we have unveiled all the rest of news of the last week in the world of cycling and psycho cross in the next

One or two videos we will give an update on the battle for the uci points most likely starting with movie star loto and israel you will have both of them available on the channel next week if you like the video remember that a like and a subscription are always welcome see you in a few days

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