March 28, 2023

Tramadol is one of the most common prescriptions that is given to treat moderate pain. One of the reasons that it is so commonly prescribed is that it is believed that it is more safe and less prone to addiction. There is some truth to that but it can lead to a false sense of security. We are going to go over some of the most common side effects and issues that you need to watch for if you are to safely take this medication.

Tramadol is one of the most commonly prescribed  medications for pain in the united states.   oxycodone or any of the other  keep watching to find out a little more about  hi, i?m dr. erik richardson a board  i?d like to welcome you to familymed, a channel  that focuses giving you practical and accurate   medical information

To help you and your family.  if you think this would be something that is   helpful to you make sure you subscribe, hit that  notification button and follow along with us.  so today, we are going to be talking about the  pain medication tramadol. this is a medication   was first patented in europe in the 1960?s but  

Wasn?t approved in the united states until the mid  1990?s. it?s main indication is to treat moderate   to moderately severe pain that isn?t controlled  by other medications like ibuprofen or tylenol.  it?s actually a very commonly prescribed. in 2019,  it was the 29th most prescribed medication in the   united states. one of the

Main reasons why it  has become so popular is due to the belief that   as some of the other narcotic medications.   now pain is one of the hardest things we treat in  medicine and there isn?t a lot of great options   out there that are proven to work and don?t have  a lot of baggage and problems with them. so ,the  

Thought of having something that may help but  won?t cause the same problems of some of the   to many doctors. the problem with this,   security and that can get patients in trouble.  tramadol is a narcotic pain medication that does  block the receptors in the brain that help disrupt   how your body perceives pain. tramadol

Is a little  bit different though because not only does it work   control, it also has effect on increasing your   brain. this can have some advantages when you   are trying to treat pain but it also brings some  challenges that we will talk about in a minute.  hydrocodone or oxycodone. it?s going to be  more similar to

Medications like codeine.   one of the advantages is that because it is   than the stronger medications ,but the danger of  that thinking, is that you are still at risk for   dependency, addiction and abuse by taking it.  because of that, it is a schedule iv controlled   substance in the united states. that means that 

It a doctor can give refills of the medication   but you cannot get more than 5 refills and the  original prescription expires after 6 months.  and 100mg and and extended release tablet of  100, 200 and 300mg. the immediate release version   hours as needed for pain. the extended release   ok, so let?s talk about some of the

Issues   the most common ,more mild side effects that  you may see, are similar to what you can find   with other pain medications. it can cause some  dizziness and drowsiness, nausea and vomiting,   most of these symptoms tend to be mild  and by being careful how you take them,   example, to avoid the nausea and

Vomiting, taking   them with food can oftentimes make a difference.  it can make you sleepy, so certainly taking it   at night or being aware and avoiding driving or  other dangerous activities are very important.   the most concerning of side effects. any pain   medication can cause similar symptoms so most  of us

Are familiar with these kinds of effects.   they aren?t necessarily harmful, just bothersome  where we need to focus most of our time though is  in some of the more concerning effects that can be   one of our biggest concerns with any of the pain   medications is dependency and abuse. when used  properly the risk of this with

Tramadol is lower   but it still can be an issue. it?s very important  that you work closely with your doctor, you don?t   take more than prescribed and you take them as  little as possible to control your symptoms.   if you are on them chronically then your body will  likely become dependant on them over time. this  

Doesn?t mean that you are addicted but you don?t  want to just stop them abruptly. if you notice   that you are needing more and more to be able to  control the pain, this is a big warning sign that   if you already have had a history of addiction   or even a family history of the same, you need to  make your doctor aware and take

Extra precautions.  can make it easier for you to have seizures.   one of the things that it can do is lower what we  call your seizure threshold. so things that may   normally not kick off a seizure may while on this  medication. those most at risk are those who have   an underlying seizure disorder or are taking other 

Medications that can also decrease this risk. for   who had been on tramadol and bupropion-a common   antidepressant medication which also can decrease  this threshold, after suffering a seizure.   this isn?t common but it is possible, so make  sure you are reviewing all your medications with   now speaking of medications,

Other medications   together are your other antidepressants.   combining these medications can increase your  risk of developing a condition called serotonin   syndrome. this is a condition where your body  gets too much serotonin. this is very rare but can   present with symptoms like agitation, confusion,  rapid

Heart rate and high blood pressure,   muscle rigidity, diarrhea and heavy sweating.   if you think this is happening to you, get into  your doctor or the emergency room right away.   there are quite a few interactions that tramadol  can have with other medications so again,   another area that you need to be careful 

With while taking this medication relates to   how narcotic type medications can affect your  breathing. narcotics can suppress your reflex   to breathe and tramadol is no different. watching  for issues with shortness of breath or just slowed   breathing are very important and you should stop  the medication and contact your

Doctor if you do.   such as asthma, copd, or any other state   really be careful and likely avoid tramadol   because of the way it works finally you need   to strictly avoid taking this medication with  any other medication or substance that causes   sedation. this means any other types of narcotics  or sedative

Medications like your benzodiazepines   or sleep aids and even alcohol really need   risk of overdose. although it may not be as  significant as with your stronger narcotics,   combine it with the substances i just mentioned.   having symptoms such as smaller pupils,   difficulty breathing, slow or shallow breathing, 

Extreme drowsiness or sleepiness, unable to   weakness or cold and clammy skin, you need to   so that?s an overview of some of the most   important things you need to know about taking  tramadol. it can be an effective medication for   majority of people do just fine with taking.   need to watch out for can help you be

A little   more safe if you need to take this medication.  if you work closely with your doctor and take   the medication as prescribed, you will have the  best chance of having this medication control   well, i hope you found this to be helpful,   if you did, please take the time to give this  video a like and share

It with your friends. it   helps our channel to grow and reach other people  that may need this in their life. if you haven?t   and hitting that notification button so you   so until next time, this is familymed with dr.   body because it?s the only one you have.

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TRAMADOL | Is it SAFE to treat your PAIN? By Erik Richardson D.O.