March 24, 2023

this video discusses the future of the channel and my drug recovery

What is going on everybody today is what is the date today don’t even know i think it’s the second of december so today’s video we’re going to be discussing is oh first update real quick sorry i haven’t been able to do videos lately i do like i like fantasy sports i’m very involved in that industry but i also like to tell about my past and i’m gonna continue to

Branch out try to do maybe a couple videos a week i know i first decided i was gonna try to do them daily life caught up though so i’m gonna try to do it i’m gonna try to now manage it to where i’m to where i can get a balance between sports work and my recovery and don’t worry i’m going to go and come out with it now i’ve had no slips or anything i’m still free

Free of tramadol so that’s great to know um but the reason why i’m starting this back up again is just because i think it’s i think it’s crucial to at least revisit recovery in regards to talking about it openly with others who are going through it or who have been through it or like me um to sustain not only a recovery but a more full life if you might say um

So yeah that’s we’re going to continue to work on this channel so if you see i know it’s confusing i know sometimes you see like probably fantasy sports videos dfs daily fantasy sports videos that’s one of my other hobbies in the channel in the future i’ll probably separate the two channels and have two um but for right now i am only doing it on one i don’t have

The really the editing equipment or right now the extra time although i i can make the time if i really want to so right now i’m going to focus on at least two videos a week for recovery um so let’s go ahead and start by saying i know i had a video this was um let me look real quick okay so i know i had my uh withdrawal video a while back um and i know there’s

People i’ve gotten i’ve gotten a little bit of mixed reviews both ways some people think you know because of some people think that the idea of using kratom is a drug in it and i’m sure the next question is are you still using kratom um and the answer to this is yes i am um as i’ve said i’ve never went up in dose i’m not using it abusing it by any means but

It’s something it’s a tool i still use to this day it really does help me um stay not only focused but also humble i i would much rather in my opinion and this is just me i would rather be using and this is me everyone’s different a plant which i’ve been using now for multiple years plants with an s i’ve got no problem with cannabis either i partake in it

Here and there but i don’t like too much because i do consider it mind altering than synthetic drugs and i know some people go well heroin cocaine natural big difference that can kill you but really to each his own one reason for me that a.a i have tried but i could never in my opinion succeed in it and i’d always end up going back and relapsing is the idea

That it’s no no substances at all compared to you know something for example not even something that’s natural i know people not even that it’s a natural substance because i know people who are successful in um in a slash aaa that use things like methadone suboxone and that was a rat i could have went down and tried however i watched a lot of videos i’ve done a

Lot of research on the topic and in my opinion i’ve i just found that for me and this is being hypocritical to an extent i understand it and i’m sure somebody will shoot that comment back which is fine for me it’s that you’re replacing one thing for another that can lead to possibly even worse withdrawal and just a longer process of quitting and let me explain

For example i use when i use kratom i go i can go days without it and have no issues i might be a little irritable kind of and i’m not even compared to caffeine or anything um but yeah i can feel a little irritable but i’m not gonna be shaking i can still get stuff done i might be a little bit more tired um it might be kind of like having a minor minor cold i’ve

Seen videos by some people out here which kind of drives me crazy like there’s one guy i think it’s um i’m not gonna say his name but i think it’s something industries eric something and he made a whole video of how he took kratom and then how he said there’s you know green and white were okay for him and red he had severe withdrawals in me video videos of it

And that and once again that that is his experience however how i see it is keep in mind he’s not just using kratom he advertises a lot of trying different things and that’s fine cannabis other um things as well edibles um and but he also the thing that that i found concerning about that video is he is well on top of that he blamed his withdrawal and kratom but

He’s also taking adderall and prn xanax okay i have never advert i have never said nor in general that i’ve ever mixed the substances together i think when you’re quitting something if you’re tapering off whatever it is whatever pain medicine you want to use kratom as well and that kind of way it helps you get off that’s fine but when he makes when he’s making

These videos about these severe withdrawals he had from kratom first off we need to understand we need to research the brand of kratom he was partaking in is it properly tested because there have been certain types of kratom that have been linked to having tramadol in them um so yes and that’s that was a scary thing at first that i had to accept was the fact of

When i take this is it tested will there be tram at all in it which i did my research i have my own vendor who sends lab results they are test it is tested kratom no molds bacterias on it and i’ve never had a reaction from it now i’m not saying his was tainted or anything but there’s a lot of other factors that he’s not discussing in those videos of his withdrawal

He’s just saying i’ll create them with they’re all so bad so bad i mean you know could some of it be kratom maybe maybe everyone’s different however when you’re taking substances with it could it possibly cause an effect of if you’re taking keep in mind he’s taking a stimulant possible he’s taking a stimulant and a downer and then kratom is there a possibility

That it’s not kratom that’s causing him but he took kratom and then he’s also taking his other medications which could cause a little bit more of an effect of when he’s getting off of it um when he was when he’s quitting the kratom maybe but at the same time we don’t know did he has he had any changes in his medications um does he you know i mean there’s just a

Lot so i don’t i don’t i think that is a in my opinion a piss-poor example um once again i know i say that being hypocritical i don’t i don’t find i don’t find how do i say this i do have an issue with the video but if that is true his experience okay but my point being to this video is i have personally witnessed it for myself from a physical standpoint and even

Just an internal standpoint how much the plant has helped me it’s quite remarkable um so anyone hating against it you can hate all you want um and i’m okay with you not taking it but that was my big thing on why i could not do a or n a because i found for me it made me relapse multiple times um now the last thing i want to talk about where we’re going with this

Channel i just had to get that off my chest because i’ve just been i’ve read so much i’ve done so much research on research on kratom and i’ve actually taken in my in my well now my fiance has taken botany classes and has were from kansas and has a professor who is actually very interested in kratom because a lot of people keep mine a long time ago and even to

This day native americans it also as well indians indians meaning india they you like to use a lot of natural alternatives that have helped them and they surprisingly live a lot of times a lot longer than americans because they’re they stay away from trans fats um substances that are not natural they stay away from your sugars um so so yeah i mean it it that

That was i’ve been reading a lot just even more i already had basic knowledge on kratom because i’ve done research i research everything that i put in my body um post post because before that i didn’t give a post post uh the post my post the beginning of my recovery sorry i sometimes will stutter here and there before my recovery now i take anything um so my

Point to this is being that this channel from here on out when it comes to the drug to just natural substances drugs etc mental health recovery i’m going to be focusing and doing more videos and i know there are some other youtubers out there who have made videos in regards to or have have channels specifically about different drugs they’ve taken in their past or

Just educational segments on different drugs and their effects from nat from kratom to uh meth for example and i know you can find these out there but i kind of want to open this up to a more of a broad audience to where people can relate not just from a recovery aspect but also from an aspect of specifically what they were taking or they are taking so if there

Are any people that watch this that are actively using methamphetamines um heroin marijuana heck even kratom for that matter even though i still take kratom on you know just a educational segment that’s what we’re gonna focus this on more open-minded um and i will when i do the creating video i will i’m not just going to puff up kratom to where it’s 100 the g

You know the godsend i’m going to go into the side effects from it and specifically what can happen if you mix it with other substances which isn’t alway which isn’t always bad but there are instances where it can be so that’s how i’m going to kind of focus so we can get if we get more people into the channel and i will eventually branch it off into a completely

Different channel which i’ll let everyone know when that’ll happen um but i just want to open this up to everyone and also um if you like if you do like the video please do like it but i’m not i just am doing this for for the people i’m trying to be as open and as honest as i can and i don’t i’m just going to tell you that right now this isn’t a bullshitting

Channel i’m sure i’ll get comments of people saying stuff that just saying it to say it sorry one second everyone but this is a no channel from my end and this is meant as kind of a new year’s resolution treat to just continue to give the gift to keep on giving giving knowledge hope love everything that that’s what that’s what the purpose is is how can we

Become better humans during these times i’m not even going to talk about covet in these channel in this vid in these videos because we get so much of it in the media and everything it just it’ll make it’ll make me go insane this is all about kind of a getting away from the world exploring and seeing what positive and negative impacts you are making internally

To yourself and externally to others so stay tuned for further videos i’ll probably have one out in the next couple days as well sorry there’s no editing this is all just me talking i don’t do any editing with it or anything and once again the channel right now is as it is dfs sports and randomness with adam it will eventually have a new name which i will let

Everyone know when it branches off to where it’s going as i said more mental health um not just mental health and recovery but also more of an education section on how as human beings um we on well as we as hunter as human beings understand what substances we’re taking what the uh side effects are eventually i’ll start doing interviews with people i know um or

Even maybe take somebody in the comments who has a good who can tell us about what about their personal recovery we’re not even recovery just about their take as long as it’s not attacking the other person their take on drugs because here’s the thing if i can have an educational conversation with somebody with my opposing with my opposing with my with views

That are conflicted with me even if i don’t agree with it it’s still knowledge to be gained because you learn more from from the people around you um so that’s the point of this i don’t really i don’t want anyone attacking anyone on on um in the comments if you have different views okay say that but just don’t attack anyone if you feel like kratom or whatever

We’re talking about for the day is the worst thing in the world you can state that but just don’t attack anyone during these times everyone is going through so much it’s the last thing we need this supposed to be an escape channel so stay tuned i think the next video i’m actually going to focus on just so everyone knows it should be out hope in the next 24 to 48

Hours because i’m gonna probably film it tonight um or tomorrow morning we’re gonna be discussing it’s not gonna be kratom for the first one it’s gonna be really discussing um a variety of different opiates and opioids discussing the difference between the two the synthetic non-synthetic and kind of go over a brief history on actually how it how you know the

Opioid opiate opioid uh war as i say started and there’s currently of actually um there’s currently actually a big lawsuit with purdue uh pharma right now over this so that’s gonna be the first that’s gonna be the first one and how they personally affected me since i can relate to this um so yeah just if you like the video please like it if you feel the urge to

Subscribe you can subscribe um no pressure at all if you want to comment comment but at the end of the day i just want to help help people that’s all this is dfs sports and randomness with adam and let’s get this channel rolling and i hope this can help somebody in some way um that they don’t even that they don’t even really know at this point where they watch

A video and they’re like uh i don’t that was whatever didn’t really do anything to me but they can look back at it and say man that was that helped me in some way um to sum up i love you all and you are worth it whoever is watching this you are worth it don’t let anyone tell you otherwise we all we all are in this together at the end of the day regardless of

Political views i love you all i will have another video soon actually in the next couple days sorry i’m babbling and rambling now love you all have a good night and let’s get this going and let’s let’s make a difference

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Tramadol/Kratom Withdrawal and BIG UPDATE to CHANNEL By The Daily Dose of Mental Health